Structured Query Language is a language for querying databases.


Python Backend script for Graphic User Interface (GUI) - SQL Functions

In this video I demonstrate how to create functions for all GUI buttons (real world example). This is simple SQL type functions and requests to Python database.

Querying Your In-Memory-Data-Grid

In this tutorial, we'll learn why and how to effectively query your in-memory data grid using Hazelcast with a hybrid Java and Python use case. It's nothing special. Why is it used by so many professionals? Read this article to the end and you will understand.

How to Read Very Big Files With SQL and Pandas in Python

Tired of getting Memory Errors while trying to read very big (more than 1 GB) CSV files to Python? This is a common case when you download a very rich datase...

First 5 steps to take in the company as a data analyst

In this article, I will try to help those confused data analysts and describe the steps they need to take to structure their workflow and deal with the situation described above. I often call this “building momentum” at work. Of course, the steps and their order are mostly product specific and may not be appropriate for your situation, so these are the steps that I find necessary in most cases.

SQL FLOAT: Avoid Weird Math Errors with These Top 3 Points

Article explains how to avoid weird math errors when working with SQL FLOAT data type. Follow our easy examples! SQL FLOAT: Avoid Weird Math Errors with These Top 3 Points.

SQL Server and Hyperconvergence

SQL Server and hyperconvergence. To be efficient and save money, many organizations are looking at hyperconverged infrastructures for SQL Server. In this article, Robert Sheldon explains what to consider for SQL Server and hyperconvergence.

T-SQL Stuff Command on Practical Examples

T-SQL Stuff Command. Article demonstrates both simple and complex examples of the T-SQL STUFF command and lists a few use cases for which STUFF can be applicable.

Write Faster and More Efficient SQL Queries

This article explores the best strategies for SQL query optimization, including indexing, SELECT statements, wildcards, and EXPLAIN query analysis. If you are still wondering about it then this article is for you.

MERGE Statement in SQL Server to Insert, Update, Delete Records

MERGE Statement in SQL Server to Insert, Update, Delete Records. In a single transaction (MERGE Statement) we can perform Insert, Update and Delete records on a existing table based on the result comparison between important columns with another table.

JPA Specification: A Generic Search

In this tutorial, we'll learn JPA Specification: A Generic Search.

How To Find Origin And Context of JPA For Issued SQL Statements

How To Find Origin And Context of JPA For Issued SQL Statements. ORM frameworks like Hibernate and other JPA implementors can significantly simplify development of persistence layer. Introducing entity abstraction level helps to model clean business domain and to hide underlying SQL statements used to achieve persistence of the domain. Such approach is especially useful in large domains, since developer no longer needs to create and maintain all SQL statements used by application.

SQL Full Course | SQL Tutorial For Beginners | 🔥Learn SQL In 8 Hours | SQL Training

This SQL full course video covers everything to master structure query language using MySQL, PostgreSQL as well as SQL server. You will get an idea about built-in SQL functions, joins, subqueries, stored procedures and see the top SQL interview questions that are frequently asked in the interviews.

How to Create User Account in SQL Server Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I will teach you How You can make a User to Connect SQL. These few simple steps to create an Account. First of All, you need to Open SQL Server and Connect the SQL Windows Authentication Mode. After that Go to Left Side Right Click to DB Yellow and Green Icon in the Front.

Use Helm Charts from Windows Client Machine to Deploy SQL Server 2019

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes itself. Learn with Amit Khandelwal on Data Exposed how you can use Helm from your Windows machine to deploy SQL Server 2019 containers on Kubernetes all in less than 5 minutes.

Most Common Data Science SQL Interview Question from DoorDash [window functions & partitions]

This is the most common data science SQL interview question from DoorDash, a food delivery company. This question tests your ability to split your data into percentiles using window functions. I’ll walk you through solving the question like we’re in an interview and give you some tips on how to approach the solution.

An Introduction to Data Persistance with Python

An Introduction to Data Persistance with Python. Python in Database Management

SQL Basics Cheatsheet | Subqueries

SQL Basics Cheatsheet | Subqueries

How to run SQL on S3 files with AWS Athena

How to run SQL on S3 files with AWS Athena. Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data directly in S3 using SQL. In this tutorial, we will show how to connect Athena with S3 and start using SQL for analyzing the files.

Using PostgreSQL as a Data Warehouse

Using PostgreSQL as a Data Warehouse. Postgres can make a great data warehouse if properly configured. This describes how to properly set up Postgres for data analytics.

.NET Core 3.1 + AWS Lambda - Deploy a .NET Core API and SQL Server DB to Lambda and RDS

How to setup an AWS environment from scratch and deploy a .NET Core 3.1 API to AWS Lambda that connects to a SQL Server database running on AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) and sends email using AWS SES (Amazon Simple Email Service).