Customizable E-commerce Illustration from Draftik

Draftik offers 12 Crafted and Fully Customizable E-commerce Illustration Kit for Startup, Website, Mobile Apps or Projects etc. Check Out Here

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Customizable E-commerce Illustration from Draftik

Best Udemy Clone Script In 2021

Purchase our advanced feature-rich Udemy clone software to enhance your e-learning business. Our Udemy clone script is available in the web panel, Admin panel, Flutter Android, and iOS apps.

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Best Udemy Clone Script In 2021

Top SEO/Digital Marketing Services Providing Company In India

Scale-up your business brand to greater heights by hiring our expert digital marketing team. Our expert will use the latest Google algorithm techniques to rank your keywords and promote your brand.

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Top SEO/Digital Marketing Services Providing Company In India

Enrich Your Online Food Ordering Business With Our FoodStar

RebuEats provides the best in class online food ordering and Delivery solutions to entrepreneurs and startup companies. We design our UberEats module is to provide ease in the business flow as it streamlines your operation without investing your time.

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Enrich Your Online Food Ordering Business With Our FoodStar

Right time to get 50% offer on our Uber clone script

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Right time to get 50% offer on our Uber clone script
Reggie  Hudson

Reggie Hudson


Easiest How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11 (In 1 Minutes)

Learn how to quickly disable or enable what programs startup in Windows 11.

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Easiest How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11 (In 1 Minutes)

Deepfake For Marketing: This Israeli Startup Sells Synthetic Characters Of Real People

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home while working three different jobs, in three different locations, and all at the same time. Sounds a little confusing? It is possible with Hour One. The Tel-Aviv-based video transformation company is now inviting people to buy the deepfake copy of their faces.


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Deepfake For Marketing: This Israeli Startup Sells Synthetic Characters Of Real People
Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain


How To Start Your Own Taxi Business?

If you are planning to start your own taxi business. This blog will guide you to complete information that you should follow before starting your own taxi business.

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How To Start Your Own Taxi Business?

Neuroscience Startup BrainSightAI Raises USD750,000 In Seed Round

Bengaluru-based, BrainSightAI – a deep-tech neuroscience start-up, has raised USD750,000 in a seed round led by Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs India, with participation from Entrepreneur First, Info Edge Ventures, and IKP Knowledge Park. 


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Neuroscience Startup BrainSightAI Raises USD750,000 In Seed Round
Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain


Best Software Ideas for Startups

Here Are Some of the Best Software Ideas for Startups These Awesome Software Ideas Can Give Your Business a Boost and Competitive Advantages. #software #mobileappdevelopment #startup #softwareIdeasforstartups #fooddeliveryapp #elearningdevelopment #appdevelopment #grepix #softwaredevelopment

Best Software Ideas for Startups

How The Bengaluru Based Healthcare Startup HealthPlix Is Leveraging AI and ML

Founded in 2016, HealthPlix Technologies is a Bengaluru-based healthtech startup. Co-founded by Sandeep Gudibanda, Prasad Basavaraj and Raghuraj Sunder Raju, HealthPlix provides digital tools to doctors to practice online and improve patient outcomes.


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How The Bengaluru Based Healthcare Startup HealthPlix Is Leveraging AI and ML

The Rise And Rise Of Autonomous Vehicles Startups In India

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) startups in India, including Swaayatt Robots, Ati Motors, Netradyne, have raised substantial funding recently. 


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The Rise And Rise Of Autonomous Vehicles Startups In India

How This Hyderabad-based Startup Is Leveraging AI And ML To Smoothen Customer Experience

Modern businesses face challenges in integrating multi-channel communications on a single platform, managing security concerns and providing seamless customer experiences.

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How This Hyderabad-based Startup Is Leveraging AI And ML To Smoothen Customer Experience
Maksym Babych

Maksym Babych


How to Outsource Web Design [for a Superb Website] | SpdLoad

Are you finding it difficult to hire quality designers? Is your web design technology obsolete with no budget to buy new?

If yes, then it is time to think differently. These questions elaborate on the scenario of most of the startups these days. So, what’s the situation here?

You should try outsourcing web design work! It can resolve all these worries and can also reduce your website design and development efforts. Moreover, working with an external partner is all the rage these days.

You may be working in a small office in downtown Ontario, while the agency you decide to outsource website design is in a big city far away in Eastern Europe. It is most beneficial for startups who need web designers on a one-time or even continuous basis.

Some may still say, “Why should I outsource website design?” To clear the air, here are a few eye-opening statistics:

As many as 78% of businesses feel optimistic about outsourcing.
24% of businesses believe that outsourcing helped them handle their projects better.
The global outsourcing market grew to 92.7 billion dollars in 2019.
Let’s move ahead and know more about outsourcing web design work.

Some Quick Benefits of Outsourcing Web Design Work
Outsourcing web design work serves many purposes. Below are some of the reasons an external partner can prove beneficial for your business.

  1. Saves Time
    Building a web design team takes ample time. Finding an expert willing to work with you is another hurdle. Outsourcing website designing saves time you would otherwise spend hiring and building a good team.

  2. Saves Budget
    Again, when you decide against hiring, you save money usually spent on recruitment, training, payroll, tools, and software. When you take an outsourcing agency on board, all these expenditures get mitigated.

  3. Let You Focus
    While you outsource website design work to others, it leaves you with sufficient time to focus on other essential business operations. You can leverage this time to get more clients, marketing, and grow your business.

For instance, Intel, the largest supplier of computer chips worldwide, is in talks with Samsung and TSMC to outsource some of the manufacturing work to the ace chip builders. The decision is expected to help the company improve delays they have suffered for years.

  1. Global Access
    Irrespective of your location, finding an outsourcing agency that delivers quality web design work within your budget is possible. With digitization, endless opportunities around the world are waiting to be explored.

  2. Connects You with Pros
    When you outsource your website development and design work to an external team, the latter works under strict deadlines and feels obligated to deliver on time. Moreover, they would help you any time if the need arises.

  3. High-Quality Work
    75% of users consider design as the credibility factor of a website. Hence, it is a good idea to hire an offshore company since most external partners work dedicatedly to deliver designs without any mistake.

They are aware of the fact that even a single fault can damage the work’s scope and their relationship with the client. This automatically enhances the quality of the work.

  1. Access to Cutting Edge Design
    External web designers and companies invest in technology to serve their clients with the best in the business. From new methods in designing to new tools and technology, they have it all handy.

By outsourcing your web design, you get access to all of the best tech in the niche.

  1. Customer Support
    All popular and reputable outsourcing companies for web design and development have a dedicated team for supporting customers. If you choose to outsource web design work to such companies, they will ensure that everything runs swiftly and smoothly.

Outsourcing web design work is very beneficial for startup founders and product managers. And there is a quick recap why.
How to Outsource Website or Web App Design?
Carefully examine your requirements, budget, workforce, and technology. If you lack resources or manpower or are not confident about the quality of the in-house work, outsource web design and development work to an offshore company or agent.

Thereafter, you must seek answers to the vital questions below:

Where to look for outsourcing?
How to choose the outsource agent?
Let’s find out the detailed answers to both.

Where to Look for Outsourcing?
Considering the benefits highlighted above, outsourcing website design work may seem like a silver lining. But where would you find the designers? Are the sources trustworthy? What are the parameters for selecting such partners?

These and many more questions may be prodding your mind.

Let’s answer all your questions one-by-one via these methods for outsourcing!

Where? Description
Google To outsource your web design work is no easy feat. If you think Google can help, it surely will, but you have to be smart.
Consider this, the keyword “best web design outsourcing company” has more than 6 million results.

However, there are no filters, and you will have to check each potential company in the search results.

It is suggested that you make a list of keywords on the basis of the skills you require to outsource website design.

This strategy can help you land some of the most relevant results. Shortlist the results and select the most relevant ones using parameters such as online reviews.

Listings Another good place to perform your search for an external partner is the listings.
Clutch is a business listing site that lists 1,50,000 + verified global businesses. You can search as per your requirements. The businesses are categorized based on the services they offer and the countries they are based in.

You can also check other listing sites such as:

VenturePact and more.
Scan these places for required skills.

Social media Businesses continually use the “Marketplaces” section of Facebook and Instagram to list their companies and services.
You can leverage this opportunity and find a suitable partner to outsource web design.

You can also ask for recommendations on other social platforms such as Quora, Linkedin, or Facebook Groups.

Referrals Many companies rely on word-of-mouth marketing. Chances are your professional connections or colleagues may either have used or heard about them.
Talk to them. You may find an appropriate outsourcing partner for your web design work.

However, just be careful. The company may or may not have the expertise you need for the job. What worked for your industry colleague may not work for you. So just wait until you take the final call.

If you are thinking about outsource web design to save money and maximize ROI you need understand where to look for reliable teams.

Read more about web designing outsource.

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How to Outsource Web Design [for a Superb Website] | SpdLoad

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NFT Growth Remains Strong says NFT analyst

Many analysts after doing so much of research, have come to a conclusion and delivered a report regarding NFTs.

Let explore what they say.

Investment management firm’s analyst Frank Downing, citing Messari data says Opensea like a familiar NFT marketplace sees tremendous trade volume and hit about $150 M in June and in of course concluded that it should have a consistent growth in improving the trade volume.

As per their observations, Opensea has beat it’s the previous record of $148 million — hit in March.

Apart from the stats many NFT games like “CryptoPunks”, have a huge hype for starting a business in NFT Marketplace.

Never worry, there is a perfect solution for starting any kind of business in NFT. You can approach OpenSea like NFT Development Company and get launched!

Talk to experts!
Call/Whatsapp (+91 8015204845)
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NFT Growth Remains Strong says NFT analyst