Growing a Fintech Unicorn: Alex Tonelli's Anthology of Lessons Learned

Growing a Fintech Unicorn: Alex Tonelli's Anthology of Lessons Learned. During our conversation, he shared the lessons he learned as a young founder navigating the hurdles of building a fintech startup. As well as actionable tips on product, funding and hiring.

How to Compete against Tech Goliaths like Apple, Google, and Microsoft

The big tech companies aren’t invincible. The tech giants — Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook — have advantages that they don't hesitate to wield against competitors.

Why I left an internship only after 5 days of joining it.

It all began when my college informed us that they want an Internship certificate. So my reaction is What? I don’t want to do that tedious stuff, rather than I should do a startup.

The Novice's Guide To Side-Hustles

I don’t know about you but in my view, work culture seems to have taken a 360- degree turn since the time I got into the workforce in 2012. For years before that, I saw people stay in the same job for years.

What Startup Founders Can Learn from Neil Patel

He’s kind of a big deal, you know. Neil Patel has been a constant in digital marketing and e-commerce space for a long time now — sharing advice to the world on what it takes to achieve online success.

My College Startup Failed; This is What I Learned

College is a great place, you make new friends, try new things, and have no shortage of homework. During my freshman year at Iowa State, aside from doing normal college things, I spent my time learning as much as possible about how people have made technology solve problems for society and everything that goes into making these ideas a reality

5 lessons I learned from building a SaaS product from scratch

AA few months ago, I had an idea for a SaaS product while on vacation. As soon as I got back, I made a list of to-dos and started going through it to bring my vision to life. This article outlines some of the issues I faced and the lessons I learned.Needless to say, developers enjoy writing code — and being a typical developer, I jumped straight to just that. Within a day or two, I had a super basic MVP. But there was a problem, the API I was using to power my core service tracked usage costs in fractional dollars and my payment back-end used cents (arguably a more ergonomic way to handle money and better at avoiding rounding errors).

10 Crazy Things I Did to Bootstrap My First Company

10 things I did to get Digital Press off the ground (eventually growing to 20 full-time employees, 60+ clients, and 7-figures in revenue).

Code is a Liability

Ifyou’ve been programming for longer than a hot minute, you know the fun of going deep into a new project. You get to start from scratch, with no dead weight or legacy code.

When the Sea Parts — Knowing When to Go All in With Your Product & Company

all of these things are important to a successful business, but they are not what makes a company successful. What is it?

A CRUD App in 11 Lines of Code.

Not another React tutorial, but a Manifesto on Code Reusability. “After a few months, it became apparent to both of us (Marc Andreessen) that AOL saw itself as more of a media company than a technology company.”

Ryan Hoover on Startups, Success and Staying Curious

*This interview first appeared in my newsletter here. Sign up to be the first to read all my interviews here.* Ryan Hoover is the founder and CEO of Product Hunt.

How (Not) To Mismanage Artificial Intelligence In A Startup

How (Not) To Mismanage Artificial Intelligence In A Startup. My learnings from the trenches of machine learning and early stage startups.

Advice From a Developer, Industry Executive, and Startup CTO

Summary from an Ask Me Anything session from a section leader in Stanford’s Code In Place program. I recently had the pleasure to serve as a section leader.

"AI Shouldn't Have the Final Word in Recruitment Yet" - Jamie Beaumont

Less than a decade ago, we could only dream of being able to spend five minutes on a job that required 10 hours to complete. All we could hope for was a magic wand. Cargo dancing with tambourines could also help, but there was no guarantee (pun intended). 

The Three Questions about AI that Startups Need to Ask

The first is: Are you sure you need AI? Top lessons from Google UX Experts and other helpful tips for your next AI venture

The Entrepreneur’s Unsung Superpower: Forwardable Emails

An end-to-end guide on the power of Forwardable Emails, with strategy, rationale, and examples to help build your unfair advantage. Let's dive into The Entrepreneur’s Unsung Superpower: Forwardable Emails

There is such a thing as too much money

Docker was (and still is) a fantastic developer productivity tool, probably the most momentous change after the introduction of Linux. Then VCs came and gave them $300M: it truly was the beginning of the end.

Building Data Team At Startup

Building a Data Team in a Startup. What is a data team, when does a company need it, how I formed a data team, and recommendations to form the team.

COVID-19’s Impact on Early Stage Venture Capital

This may actually be one of the best times in history to raise early-stage capital.