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Best Instagram Analytics Tools in 2020

Many people run their business on Instagram and want to know about their performance by identifying their business insights. Earlier, people also criticized Insta for not providing any analytics tools that describe the performance and optimize their posts. Then, over time, Instagram launched IG Insights for the people who run their business. However, this has not changed the development of other private applications and online help that these tools provide for the known influences & brands.

Estimating Customer Lifetime Value via Cohort Retention

Estimating Customer Lifetime Value via Cohort Retention: CLV or LTV as they call it. This is Part I of the two-part series dedicated to estimating customer lifetime value.

Running A Digital Marketing Agency

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview [Abdelkader Bachr](, also known as Abdoobachr. Abdelkader is the founder of various firms that assists businesses with a variety of...