Firebase Authentication and keeping users logged in with Provider in Flutter.

Why be at loggerheads with SQL queries for authentication and data management, when Google’s NoSQL Firebase comes to the rescue and is

How to Manage React State with useReducer() and Context API

Libraries like Redux, MobX are built around React to handle the state but they can be intimidating to learn for a new and upcoming developer. In this article I am going to explain how you can manage a state using React’s inbuilt Context API and Hooks. Once you master the concepts of State Management using React’s inbuilt features, it will save you a lot of pain when you learn Redux. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Manage React State with useReducer() and Context API

Storing local data with Apollo Client

In the beginning, I found many articles that explained the topic using deprecated local resolvers API that only increased my confusion. This article was born after a few days of my attempts to put local state management pieces together in the correct way.

Change Notifier & Selector In Provider

Today we are going to talk about Provider inherited widget that is Selector furthermore we will also look into changenotifierprovider

Let’s create a Mini Spotify with Flutter and Riverpod

Creating a beautiful mini Spotify using Flutter and Riverpod. So I thought why not create an article to show a use case of riverpod with Flutter. So in today’s article, we’ll be creating a Mini Spotify using Flutter and riverpod. Let’s get started!

Two Ways of Managing State in a Functional React Form

In a registration form, using useState hooks for each input versus using a user object and a single useState hook. In this article we will explore two ways of tracking state using a simple registration form.

Integrating Immer.js With use-global-hook

Pleasant React state management in 2020, combining two of my favorite libs. Immer.js is the winner of the “Breakthrough of the year” React open source award and “Most impactful contribution” JavaScript open source award in 2019. Combine it with use-global-hook and we have the most pleasant way to manage complex states I ever tried.

State Management: React’s Context API vs Redux !

Passing data to deeply nested child components can be cumbersome, especially when dealing with child components several levels down a component tree. Without React Context or Redux, we resort to a technique called “prop drilling” where we pass data down components even though some of those components don’t need that specific data. State Management: React’s Context API vs Redux !

The Boring React State Management Guide

What is State? I’ll like to talk about how to understand state in a way that helps you make more informed decisions about managing it.

State Management in Flutter using Provider

Using MVVM in Flutter. Declarative programing focuses on what the program should accomplish rather than how that is accomplished.

React Hooks and the Evolution of State Management

In this post, I would like to share a brief history of ReactJS and its solutions to state management. You may probably know these already.

Gatsby’s Global State Management With React’s Context

Discussing possible options for state management in Gatsby and why do you want to use React’s context. Gatsby is a framework based on React to generate a website faster. So as you can imagine, a lot of problems can be handled in a “React” way. In this article, we'll discuss about how to deal with Gatsby’s state management with React’s context.

Provider Tutorial in 30 minutes | Flutter State Management | ChangeNotifierProvder | Part

The Growing Developer website is out !! In this video, we will discuss everything about #Flutter #Provider and will the apply...

React State Management: Class vs Hooks Components

In React, state is the relationship between data, rules you’ve given to the app, and what shows on the page. It can be broken down into five categories: model state, view/UI state, session, communication and location state.

Upgrading from ChangeNotifier

Using ChangeNotifier to architect your apps? Here’s how you can upgrade.Enter StateNotifier, a new way to architect your Provider apps. Well, technically no, but you'll see what I mean. ChangeNotifier might be the ...

Cubit State Management Flutter

In flutter, state management is like a life support system where the whole App depends on, there are different state management techniques like Redux, MobX, bloc, flutter bloc, provider, and cubit. Actually Cubit is a cocktail of Flutter Bloc and Provider where we use some features of both techniques and In this article

Create a multi-step form in React

I will write about how to do a multi-step form in React. It is a sign-up form. In the first step, I will collect the user’s organization information; and then on the second step, I will collect the user’s personal information. And once it is all done, it will show you a success(or failed) message.

BLoC for flutter -Part 1

One more time about BLoC pattern with a classic counter app example for Flutter. Reading some articles ...

Provider State Management

Let’s dive into the journey on how an app typically gets developed ! So usually, apps start off with a very sophisticated product design