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Data Scientists to Help Women-led Startups Soar in WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future

Data Scientists to Help Women-led Startups Soar in WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future. We want to nurture our startups and future tech with these values. If you believe that the future of data and AI is sustainable, join us to build it together.

Data is Always Dirty

Data is Always Dirty. Its ability to tell a story is only as good as your ability to clean it.

The Fable of the Little Chickadee

As I walked along the park on a crisp winter day I spotted a most curious sight. A small bird perched upon a stone bench, pecking away at its laptop, with an equally small cup of coffee next to it. You must think this is not that unusual, birds must earn a living after all.

What I learnt from giving 120+ Data Science Presentations

6 points to help navigate the world and daily technical practices to become better data communicators. So, here are six points that I think are valuable and some resources I have used when considering presenting my projects.

Why I left an internship only after 5 days of joining it.

It all began when my college informed us that they want an Internship certificate. So my reaction is What? I don’t want to do that tedious stuff, rather than I should do a startup.

Gauge & Bullet Charts

Why & How, Storytelling with Gauges. Two traditional graphics used to display KPIs on dashboards are Gauge Charts and Bullet Charts.

Tell Stories using Data — Top 10 strategies to follow

Learn how to make your stories more engaging. So a Data Analyst role is not to make attractive visuals; a graphic designer could do that.

‘Drawing’ the inner world of a story using GauGAN in a real environment.

Avner Peled and I are sharing lessons learned during the development phase of Marrow. This post looks at how we worked with GauGan in real-time within a 360 environment.

Getting into data science without a graduate degree

How I landed one of the most coveted jobs with just a bachelor’s. If you look at any data scientist job posting today, most if not all of them are looking for candidates with a MS or PhD in data science. Not to mention the laundry list of technical skill requirements.

How to Craft an Engaging Data Story

Crafting a story around data may seem like an unnecessary, time consuming effort. The insights may seem sufficient to stand on their own but this is a flawed point of view.

Searching for the Unknown: The Chamber of Wisdom - Part III

The search for knowledge has put our protagonist in many different situations and brought forth many new discoveries that were previously unknown to him.

Mekko Charts

Why & How. There are different types of variable width bar charts but two are the most popular: 1) Bar Mekko chart; 2) Marimekko chart.

Reproducibility in Data Science

It means more than you think: I think Reproducibility in data science is less well understood than Reproducibility in more established fields of science.

The top 5 lessons I’ve learned as a Latina in Tech

Today was a not so good day at work.I’ve had better days. The issue itself isn’t even regarding my day-to-day work with clients or my immediate team. The issue is regarding how one of the largest technology companies in the world fails to understand and account for my personal living situation, during COVID-19. But that’s a whole different story, for another time.

When AI Meets the Fairytale Ending: The Future of Storytelling Disney

When AI Meets the Fairytale Ending: The Future of Storytelling Disney. For years, the Mickey Mouse company has been investing heavily in AI to improve its storytelling. Deep Story AI is the inevitable next step.

Key insights obtained by mining Gender Equality data using Tidyverse

Key insights obtained by mining Gender Equality data using Tidyverse: Identifying KPIs to assess the women’s contribution to decision making at the country and global level.

Lollipop Charts: Why & How, Storytelling with Lollipops

Why & How, Storytelling with Lollipops. WHY: a lollipop chart (LC) is a handy variation of a bar chart where the bar is replaced with a line and a dot at the end.

Searching For the Unknown - The Curse of Eternity

After walking down the path of fire, captain Smith decided to visit the Earth realm and continue his exploration of the universe. The doorway he entered lead down a path that was seemingly endless.

Labor productivity and other adventures

Labor productivity is one of the most important indicators of a country’s well-being. Let’s figure out how things are with it in the world.