Flutter Authentication Flow with Supabase (Opensource Firebase Alternative)

Supabase is a opensource Firebase Alternative which provides Authentication, Relational(Postgres) database integrated with APIS/Realtime APIS. Flutter Authentication Flow with Supabase (Opensource Firebase Alternative) In this article we gonna build a simple user Register/Login app (from scratch!) using Supabase Authentication and Flutter.

Building a Full Stack App with Supabase, React, Next.js and TailwindCSS

Learn how to build full stack serverless apps with Supabase and Next.js. We'll be using a modern stack including React, Next.js, and TailwindCSS. When you create a project Supabase automatically gives you a Postgres SQL database, user authentication, and API

Is Supabase Legit? Firebase Alternative Breakdown

Supabase is a new open-source "Firebase Alternative". Let's compare features, pricing, and the developer experience to see how Supabase stacks up to Firebase

Storage with Angular and Supabase

Storage with Angular and Supabase. In this tutorial I present, in a very succinct way, a project in Angular 11 for uploading files integrating the Supabase Storage service. It is increasingly clear that Supabase can become an alternative to Firebase.

Supabase - The OS Firebase Alternative

Supabase calls itself the Open Source Firebase Alternative. Today we will talk about the similarities and differences between the two BaaS solutions and check which one might be the better choice for your next backend!

Build a CRUD with Angular and Supabase

I will present a tutorial exploring the main operations of a CRUD using an application written in Angular in version 11 and Supabase.

Firebase vs. Supabase: Which is Better?

Learn everything you need to know about Firebase and Supabase. Compare Firebase vs. Supabase and discover which is best for your project. In this tutorial, we’ll focus on Firebase and the open-source alternative, Supabase. We’ll start by exploring each platform individually, then we’ll compare Firebase vs. Supabase and offer some tips on how to choose the best tool for your project.

Supabase — The Open-source Firebase Alternative

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you’ll notice that I am a huge fan of Firebase.