Quantum Computing Marks New Breakthrough, Is 100 Trillion Times More Efficient

Chinese researchers suggest having achieved quantum supremacy with the capability of performing calculations 100 trillion times faster.

India’s Supercomputer Now Ranked Among World’s Most Powerful.

PARAM Siddhi has been ranked 63 among the Top 500 supercomputers of the world, also making it India's largest and fastest supercomputer.

Can NVIDIA’s A100 80GB GPU Extend Its Lead On MLPerf Benchmark?

In an attempt to further unlock the immense potential of AI for supercomputing, NVIDIA launched an 80GB version of A100 GPU.

IIT Mandi Partners With The C-DAC To Establish Supercomputing Facilities

IIT Mandi has signed an MoU with the C-DAC to establish ₹17 crores worth of supercomputing facility for research and development activities.

India Is Working To Develop A Supercomputer To Facilitate AI Framework

India is working to develop a framework to help different walks of life in the longer-term in order to become an AI superpower.

Are We Seeing A Deluge Of Supercomputers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently acquired the supercomputing leader Cray, following which it has introduced the HPE Cray supercomputing line that can perform data-centric AI workloads with exceptionally high speed.

Are We Seeing A Deluge Of Supercomputers

These and many more instances suggest that there is a flooding in the number of supercomputers across the globe

Can NEC Compete With NVIDIA To Build AI Supercomputers?

Can NEC Compete With NVIDIA To Build AI Supercomputers? Japanese IT giant, NEC has developed SX-Aurora TSUBASA, AI platform to allow NEC’s vector processors applicable for AI and ML workloads.

How This Startup Is Building Affordable Supercomputers For Companies

Q Blocks is aiming to build the future of computing by connecting all the idle sources of computing in the world.

AI Model Mimics Brain Neurons to Reduce Energy Costs

Artificial intelligence models continue to grow in sophistication and complexity, to continue to power them, we need changes to computation costs.

Intel x86 vs. ARM: Architecture and All Key Differences Explained

The war on which we’ll learn who the superior of the two is about to start really soon, here’s everything you might need to know about X86 vs ARM.

Microsoft Launches Supercomputer To Train Large AI Models, In Partnership With OpenAI

Microsoft has recently announced that it has built one of the top five publicly disclosed supercomputers in the world to train extremely large artificial intelligence models, in partnership with OpenAI.  The company has announced the launch of its supercomputer at its virtual Build developers conference and stated that the infrastructure would be available on Azure.…