Create an Eye-catching GitHub Readme (🅰🆆🅴🆂🅾🅼🅴 Svelte)

Learn how to create an eye-catching GitHub Readme with Svelte. I discovered the revolutionary front-end JS framework called Svelte. And to help Svelte’s upward trajectory, I launched an 🅰🆆🅴🆂🅾🅼🅴 Svelte page. There were two prior Awesome Svelte pages but they fizzled away. I wanted to create an amazing list to ensure that Svelte enthusiasts can always find useful resources.

Create a Video Help Chat With Node.js and Svelte

A use case like a video help chat for your website makes a great argument for a front-end framework. Maybe the rest of the site has nothing to do with video chat, or maybe you want to use the chat in multiple places or with multiple configurations. For a variety of reasons, it’s the kind of thing you probably want to build in a component.

Create Your First SVELTEJS App | Beginners Tutorial

In this video we create our very first Svelte JS web app, we create a todo application to leverage its CRUD functionality. We cover svelte loops, two-way binding, click events and we even cover keyboard events. We learn to pass props and manipulate data in SvelteJS.

A Svelte application with authentication and storage

Svelte has been seeing increasing amounts of traction lately but there are sometimes a bit of a dearth of examples of how to use it to build real-life applications. This tutorial illustrates how to build a minimalist application that stores its data in a database and requires login.

Let’s talk about Svelte baby!

The MMT Tech Meet-up in September 2020 was all about SvelteJS, and I’ve summarised below a quick recap of the event.

Svelte.js — An Introduction to the Compiler as a Framework

Note 1: A French version of this article is available. Since the release of its version 3 in April 2019, the Svelte “framework” is more and more talked about. Due to its lightness and its approach being at odds with the main frameworks like React or Angular, the rising star developed by Rich Harris promises you simplicity and speed for a better user and developer experience. And you, will you be tempted by Svelte.js?

Resize your images client-side with svelte.js

So, you have started your next big project, it has a feature to allow users to upload pictures, your team agreed to call it Ultragram You have started your next big project, it has a feature to allow users to upload pictures, your team agreed to call it Ultragram (You can judge my lack of creativity later). Ultragram is great, you’ve got users, and everyone is happy.

Using Environment Variables with Svelte JS

“Process is not defined”, the compiler just slapped you in the face again. You are tempted to hardcode your environment variables values in your code, then you realize just how much of a bad idea this is! The default configuration of the sveltejs/template starter project doesn’t allow the use of environment variables out-of-the-box, The purpose of this article is to show you how you can change that.

How To Use Svelte JS with Tailwind CSS

Coming from React, I was amazed at how easy development with Svelte was, some of the features that required loads of libraries with React. We will be using PostCSS in this tutorial, head over to this link to learn all about it if you are new to this.

Svelte Beginners Intro - How To Make a Basic Svelte App

In this tutorial video we'll make a simple svelte app and learn how to use it. SvelteJS is an example of a new approach to build frameworks. In it's approach it looks more like compiler and not conventional framework like React or Vue.