Swift is a general-purpose, open-source programming language developed by Apple Inc. for their platforms and Linux.

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Firestore Objects to Swift Structs and Back, With Complex Types, Enums and Arrays

Within our app written in Swift and using SwiftUI, we needed a way to read our data from Google Firestore into the app, and then write…

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets.Static vs. dynamic widgets, smart widgets, intent donations, and more

How to Get Out of (or Completely Avoid) the Tutorial Trap

How to Get Out of (or Completely Avoid) the Tutorial Trap. This post comes from my 2.5-year experience in the Tutorial Trap. This is an experience where new programmers continuously complete tutorial after tutorial, but never break out of their comfort zone to build something on their own. It can be scary to stop following the ‘pros’ and try things for yourself — but this is where the real growth happens.

What’s the Difference Between Strong and Weak IBOutlets in Swift?

What’s the Difference Between Strong and Weak IBOutlets in Swift?Learn when you should use each one. In this article, we’ll learn the difference between Strong and Weak outlets and will remove any confusion on when to use which.

The Memoirs of Swift: The Enigma called Unit Testing

The Memoirs of Swift: The Enigma called Unit Testing. And Unit testing is that…..” I even once heard that 200 fully armed developers took on this quest centuries ago and not one returned. I then sit and ...

Create Explosive Particle Effect for iOS with SCNKit

This is the story of a humble App until they met a powerful particle effect that added a so much needed wow! effect.On our XCode project, we create a new Group (with a folder) named particles and we add a SCN file inside.

Refactor UIKit Views to SwiftUI Using the Adapter Pattern

Reusing all of your app’s business and presentation logic. With SwiftUI receiving a lot of support from Apple and Swift community, more companies are starting to use it in production. However, older projects will have a lot of UIKit code and will want to refactor that to SwiftUI.

SwiftUI GroupBox for iOS

Group boxes can be used, to group content together. With SwiftUI 2 they are also available on iOS. A default GroupBox has two possible states. Without a label, the background size depends on the content. With a label, the background pushes to the side.

Generic Data Model with Codable Type Alias

Generic Data Model with Codable Type Alias. Codeable is a type alias for the Encodable and Decodable protocols. It can be used to Serialize and Deserialize remote web service data for that matter.

Colour, Hue, Saturation, and Brightness

Using color with SwiftUI. Did you know that the Apple II, launched in 1977, was the first PC that had colour? It was a lead that Apple somehow dropped with an incomprehensible twenty-year gap before anybody seem to get their act together.

Custom Paging UI in SwiftUI

Create animated index views with the new PageTabViewStyle. SwiftUI 2 introduced a new TabView style called PageTabViewStyle that enables developers to easily create horizontal Pagers (aka Paging) ...

A Simple Drag Dismiss on Presented ViewController Tutorial

Dismiss a ViewController as the user drags their finger.We will first add a PanGestureRecognizer to the view of the View Controller. Add gestureRecognizer in your View Controller. Create a objc handleDismiss function. Created the variable, switch case and the function to handle the translation.

Views and Controls — The SwiftUI 2 Documentation

Updated for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7, and MacOS Big Sur. At the start of 2020, I wrote a long Medium post called The Complete SwiftUI Documentation You've Been Waiting For. This was my way of sharing what I learned when I tried to fill in the gaps left by the insufficient documentation provided by Apple.

iOS 14 – Biggest Announcement made by Apple at WWDC 2020

In this blog, we have mentioned the most notable announcements made by Apple regarding Features and Release Date at WWDC 2020

Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn

The top programming languages you must learn for landing your first job. If you're looking for a job in Web, AI or mobile development, this video is for you.

Open URLs in your SwiftUI app and let the user change the browser.

With SwiftUI 2 you can open URLs with the new Link structure. You can also open URLs in-app with a SFSafariViewController . But maybe you want to give the user the choice, if he wants the link to be opened in-app, in Safari or even in other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Resources are Coming to Swift Packages

You can now add resources to your swift packages in Xcode 12. What does it mean?In one of my previous articles, I mentioned how SPM (Swift Package Manager) changed the way I build and maintain my Code. I praised the deep integration Xcode 11 has with Swift Packages and how easy it is to create a tremendous modular Code.You cannot add images, data files, or even a storyboard.

Deep Links, Universal Links, and the SwiftUI App Life Cycle

Learn how deep links are handled in the new SwiftUI app life cycle, and discover an elegant way to manage them

Create custom info HUDs in SwiftUI

Create custom HUDs to display information quickly and not interruptive to the user

Build Your First iOS Widget — Part 3

Making a user-configurable widget with SiriKit