Benefits And Features Of Online Food Ordering App Clone

FoodStar – Online Food Ordering App Clone is the convenient way to order food from the best restaurants in your place. This app serves you
happily for 24×7 and It is exclusively designed to complete your order in less than a minute. The USP of Foodstar is one delivery at a time ensuring fast and reliable service.
Moreover, it offers profitable coupons and deals.

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Swiggy Clone | Best Swiggy Clone Script with 50% OFF - Abservetech

FoodStar is the best online food ordering business to start a business. FoodStar is embedded with powerful features
such as Real-time push notification on orders, Track rider location, online payment services, run a promo or coupon deal, Track your order,
User review and ratings, Admin dashboard etc.

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Swiggy Clone | Best Swiggy Clone Script with 50% OFF - Abservetech

The workflow of the food ordering process in Swiggy

Swiggy, as we all know food is an important part of a balanced diet instant delivery brings even more immense pleasure. 
Great cuisines fill the tummy and quick deliveries bring soulful happiness. The workflow of the food ordering process in Swiggy is continuous and very simple. 
Swiggy offers you to even order food at a very low price in a single tap with their pop-menu, no minimum order is specified. 
First and foremost search your favorite restaurants, cuisines, or dishes from the wide collection available.

Demo details:

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#swiggyclone #swiggyclonescript #zomatoclone

The workflow of the food ordering process in Swiggy

Swiggy on the path of recovery: Here’s why launching a Food Delivery App Is Lucrative

As nations begin to steer towards the relaxation of norms, economies are recovering at a slow but steady pace. With restaurants having nowhere to go, third-party delivery platforms became the need of the hour.

One crucial headline is that Swiggy, the Indian-based food delivery giant, resurrects after the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform has announced that it has witnessed 85% pre-COVID-19 levels. With Swiggy Clone expecting full recovery by the end of this year, here’s why launching a food delivery app like Swiggy can be beneficial and profitable.

Swiggy and Recovery

The platform Swiggy released a statement in October stating its recovery throughout different regions in India. Here are some key takeaways,

  • Swiggy’s sales have recovered almost 80-85% of pre-COVID-19 levels pan India.
  • In certain regions, the platform has witnessed 95% and even more than 100% of the pre-COVID-19 levels.
  • The platform claims to have added 7000 restaurants per month, a significantly higher number with 3000 more than pre-COVID levels.
  • Of the 7000 restaurants, 6000 eateries are small and medium-scale outlets, leading to a shift in intent among restaurants.
  • Before COVID-19, the platform usually joined hands with 3500 small and medium-scale restaurants only.
  • Besides, Swiggy has added more than 50,000 restaurants under its jumpstart package, helping restaurants recover from the pandemic.

Lucrative benefits

As an entrepreneur, one needn’t have second thoughts about investing in a Swiggy clone app. Here’s why,

  • Customer convenience: Customers can order from their desired restaurants and enjoy them in the comfort of their homes. This convenience factor can propel your success through the ceiling.
  • Massive customer base: Restaurants signing up with the platform can have access to a wide customer base.
  • Revenue from various sources: With an app like Swiggy, one can earn income from numerous sources, including commissions, subscriptions, ads, etc.

Wrapping up,

With Swiggy Clone you poised to reach full recovery by the end of this year, do not miss out on this lucrative business opportunity. Initiate your app development today.

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Swiggy on the path of recovery: Here’s why launching a Food Delivery App Is Lucrative

Swiggy clone app to merge with Scootsy, a premium food delivery

The well-known food delivery platform Swiggy has integrated Scootsy, and its restaurant partners in Mumbai to deliver premium culinary services for the customers in Mumbai. This integration allows the on-demand food delivery app Swiggy to deliver gourmet food to customers in a classy way.

The advantage of integrating Scootsy, a premium on-demand delivery platform is, now the users in Mumbai can access premium gourmet experiences by the delivery partners, Swiggy. It is recorded that Swiggy acquired Scootsy in 2018 for 50 crores.

What does the integration do to customers?

This integration allows Swiggy Clone app to have access to Scootsy's premium value, by understanding the niche consumer in delivering premium service offerings.

  • They have observed a change after integrating with Scootsy. Since then, they have been keenly noticing the premium category in creating a meaningful experience for the discerning users.
  • Now, they can deliver premium services to wider users in Mumbai.

What is Scootsy?

Scootsy is a Mumbai-based premium food delivery service where it delivered food from luxury hotels and restaurants like Nara Thai, Royal China, Masque, Trattoria, fruits, food stores, vegetables, toys, games, bakery items, electronics, etc. It was established in 2015, but now it is acquired by Swiggy in 2018, where it continued to function as an independent brand.

The recent update

The On-demand most trusted food delivery platform, Swiggy Clone, recently partnered with the top-.notch luxury hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and ITC Hotels. This partnership will elevate the premium experience for the users.

To be precise, Swiggy Clone is merging with Mumbai-based premium food delivery service, Scootsy into its app.

They on-boarded Scootsy's services onto their app now. The reason for this integration is to expand its brand to all customers across Mumbai. Therefore, all the Scootsy users/customers will now be redirected to a curated selection on the app.

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Swiggy clone app to merge with Scootsy, a premium food delivery

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Top 7 Food Delivery App Development Companies in India

Let’s check out in detail top 7 food delivery app development companies which have made a remarkable presence in India:

1. EngineerBabu
This is image title
EngineerBabu dated back its origin 5 years ago having a crafty team of highly skilled developers, designers, strategists and is headquartered in Indore, the Cleanest City in India.
The development of products is handled and managed with extensive care by the experts’ engineers who also empower Google through Angular, Kubernetes language, etc.
Apart from providing leading solutions in mobile app development, Engineer Babu is an accomplished player in food ordering apps development that can easily collaborate hungry customers with their neighboring restaurants to get their delicious food on their plate in very less time.

The company helps various start-ups to find an accomplished foothold in the marketplace. The engineers are always helpful to be there for the start-up owners to understand their requirements and incorporate the suggested user-functionalities on the development of their food-ordering apps.
EngineerBabu develops innovative and customized food-ordering apps for several restaurants and food joints. It provides a unique interface where a customer not only gets a pleasing experience in the form of ratings, reviews and customer chat forums- an inbuilt functionality where the customer gets a sense of accomplishment from the restaurant he/she is ordering.

Engineer Babu values every business and takes time to understand their needs and requirements before on-boarding with the project of food-ordering app development. So, far now Engineer Babu has served various esteemed clients from across the globe.

2.BR Softech:
This is image title

It helps you empower various business verticals while transforming and building essential business capabilities to deliver an outstanding digital outcome. From innovative solutions to get robust software development with significant planning, budgeting, and forecasting process, keeping the business requirement and latest trends in mind. Expand your business and experience the expertise of our skilled developers.
BR Softech offers a highly interactive and user-friendly online food delivery app for your food aggregator business. Our team is a melange of well versed and proficient developers, who have years of experience in the food delivery app development.

Foodappsco is one of the premier online food ordering app development company which operates through a division of “FABIAN TECHNOLAB PRIVATE LIMITED”. Foodappsco is an offshore digital solution provider that provides food ordering app development services across the globe for the past seven years. The highly skilled team of designers and developers work dedicatedly in developing the web & mobile app solutions for the Food Industry.

The company has years of experience in developing a food ordering mobile apps to cater to the various type of needs of the Food Establishments. One such app is White Label Food ordering app, that has been implemented with Beacon Technologies for creating a strong branding presence in the market.

4. Infigic Technologies
Founded by experienced e-commerce professional, Infigic is a premier e-commerce agency which specializes in mobile commerce app development. With a team of highly qualified mobile commerce app developers, finding and implementing the best-proven methodologies become easy when it comes to launching the mobile food ordering app and getting the updates whenever needed.

Infigic has been one of the top mobile app development companies in India for food ordering since years and is the preferred choice of mobile commerce agency for most of the businesses across the U.K., U.S., India, Australia, Canada & New Zealand. Infigic develops food ordering apps for both Android and iOS platforms along with a powerful backend.

One such app developed by Infigic technology for ordering sweets online is which enables customers to online sweets at their doorstep.

5. Indglobal
Indglobal is a premier IT company for Food ordering app development in India. Their highly skilled engineering team is always there to develop the most effective food ordering mobile app for the clients businesses. The company offers a wide range of Food ordering apps development for IOS, Android, Windows platform and build customized apps that can satisfy the requirements of an individual client.

The company is specialized in developing a large number of an online portal which includes Online Food ordering apps portal. In order to make the right food ordering mobile app, the company provides a platform to connect the customers and the restaurant seamlessly and get the orders delivered and managed in an appropriate manner. The businesses want to have the good quality food ordering apps to get the orders delivered in the best possible manner.

6. Explore IT Solutions
Explore IT solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading best food ordering app development company in India that offers state-of-the-art software solutions which are easily adaptable to implement. The company works with its specialised mobile app development team which works closely to understand the requirement of its clients and provide ultimate solutions for it

7. Enuke Software
Enuke Software is a leading food ordering app development company which provides the interactive and user interactive custom food ordering mobile application for the businesses. The app is created in a manner in partnership proposition with restaurants, food joints, and food aggregator to unite together on a common platform where customers can easily find them in order to satisfy their taste-buds on the basis of their particular cuisine, location and budget.

The proficient web developers of the company develop the food ordering apps in a more interactive and appealing way that provides maximum chances of customer visits on such apps.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. holds expertise in developing food ordering apps. Travel Khana – Train Food Service is one of their build-up food delivery mobile application. Through the Travel Khana, the company offers the businesses various technical solutions that can meet their time requirements.

Alongside developing, designing and testing the food ordering apps, the company seeks to offer their clients the most useful business advisory and consulting solutions that assist them to expand their food ordering application reach to smartphone users.

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Top 7 Food Delivery App Development Companies in India