Symfony refers to both a PHP framework for building web applications as well as a set of components on which the framework is built.

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How Symfony 4 will make life easier for developers

This article relates about a non-exhaustive description of the topics I saw during the Symfony Day in Verona about the super cool Symfony 4.

Symfony Vs Laravel Framework – What to Select

Wondering if you want to choose Symfony or Laravel for your project? Let's have a look at some key points of Symfony Vs Laravel comparison to help you choose a framework for your upcoming project.

10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony

10 tips of the most useful tips for performing functional testing with Symfony: Testing with Data Storage Tier, LiipFunctionalTestBundle, Cleaning the database after each test, Data Creation, Replacing Services in A Container, SQLite Execution in Memory, In-memory SQLite Execution With tmpfs, Elasticsearch Level Testing, Using Xdebug Filters to Speed Up Coverage Reporting, Parallelization Tools,

Use Cases for The __destruct Method in Vanilla PHP

Discovering the PHP __destruct Magic Method and a few somewhat practical use cases for implementing it.

Symfony Or Laravel: Prolonged Battle in Web Solutions Development Persists

Many popular languages for web development have their 'default' framework, such as Ruby on Rails ... PHP Frameworks: Choosing Between Symfony and Laravel ... class PostRepository extends EntityRepository { public function persist(Post $post) ... and it helps to build your application following SOLID design principles

Sending Emails with Swift Mailer

In this tutorial, you will find explanations and examples of sending HTML emails with Swift Mailer, with images and attachments via an SMTP server, as well as configurations for the most popular ISPs.

Terminal - An Elegant Wrapper Around Symfony's Process Component

Terminal - An Elegant wrapper around Symfony's Process component. If you run Terminal from the Laravel's Artisan command, you may send the output to the console by passing an instance of the Command to the output method. If you run Terminal from the Symfony's Console command, you may send the output to the console by passing an instance of the OutputInterface to the output method

Use Prometheus metrics with Grafana and measure your app's performance

If you want to optimize your app, implementing Prometheus metrics with Grafana can go a long way. Find out how to do that.

GraphQL between Angular and Symfony

GraphQL between Angular and Symfony: What is GraphQL? Add GraphQL to Symfony. Add GraphQL to Angular and how to request data. GraphQL is a query language for APIs.

Hiring Backend Developer

Actually, **[Hiring Back-end Developer]( "Hiring Back-end Developer")**, that is, one who can construct your data architecture and define your business...

Top Vue.js Developers in USA

Vue.js is an extensively popular JavaScript framework with which you can create powerful as well as interactive interfaces. Vue.js is the best framework when it comes to building a single web and mobile apps.

Web Development Services in USA

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia goal is to get the app downloaded millions of times, generate revenue and featured on app stores.

Best PHP Frameworks (2019)

In this article, we will be discussing the best PHP Frameworks along with their pros and cons in great depth so that one might get a clear understanding of which one to chose. Our comprehensive research would include some Latest PHP Frameworks.

Symfony PHP Framework Tutorial - Full Course

Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP components/libraries. Learn how to use it in this full tutorial course for beginners.

How to use a custom collection in Symfony 4

I want to use a custom collection class for my Symfony 4 application. The following scenario is an example of what I am trying to achieve:

Add CSS to DomPDF

I've got this code to export some data into a pdf. And I would like to add css from an external css file (which is not mentionned in the html used)

Date handling does not work on Internet Explorer but does work on Chrome and FF

In a symfony 4 project, I have a form element that works in Chrome and Firefox but not in Explorer and I can't see why. Rendering seems to be identical, so it has to be the way I'm handling the field on form submission, but again there's nothing obvious to me about why it does not work.

How can one use a defined channel, in monolog handler from a tagged service?

I have the following monolog handler definitions: