An Introduction to GitOps

Let's find out about the new Ops trend in the industry - GitOps! DevOps has become a digital transformation strategy for many organizations. It is about

Manage Your Server and Site with CentOS Web Panel (CWP)

Manage Your Server and Site with CentOS Web Panel (CWP). You get the Cloud VM and install every software manually. This can be time-consuming and you need a little bit of sysadmin skills. The easy way – you get the Cloud VM and install CWP. And, then you install the required software through a GUI. It will take a lot less time than doing it manually.

Elasticsearch Indexing Data Flow

How docs get into the cluster. This article is about how that’s done, focusing on basic new data inserts and the data flow from request all the way down to the disk.

Monitoring Plus System Metadata

Monitoring is great, but it’s not enough. Especially when the sh*t hits the fan and things are slow, misbehaving, or worse. You need more and better information to solve real problems.

14 Open Source and Managed API Gateway for Modern Applications

An API gateway is an important concept in microservices architecture. It forms an entry point for external clients(anything that is not part of the microservice system). It is a component that acts as an entry point for an application.

Nmap installation on Linux with Real-time Usage Examples - Geekflare

Nmap stands for "Network Mapper", is one of the best open-source utility available now for network discovery and security auditing.  Nmap sends packets and analyzes the response it gets to discover hosts and services on a computer network. It is one of the most widely used port scanners available today to help you find open ports and detecting security risks on a network.

An Introduction to Trending Ops - SysOps, DataOps, DevSecOps, AIOps, ITOps

In this article, I will talk about the new Ops trends which are getting adopted by many organizations. DevOps DevOps has been a game-changer domain in the

Google CAMP, DevOps, AWS, Azure, GitPod, Terraform, and more

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How to Capture and Analyze Network Traffic with tcpdump?

tcpdump is an amazing command-line tool for network sniffing. It is an industry-standard for capturing and analyzing TCP/IP packets.

10 Terraform Best Practices for Better Infrastructure Provisioning

Terraform is a very popular open-source IaC (infrastructure as code) tool to define and provision the complete infrastructure. Although Terraform was launched in 2014, the adoption of this tool has grown globally. More and more developers are learning Terraform to deploy infrastructure in their organization. If you have started using Terraform, you must adopt the best practices for better production infrastructure provisioning.

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An Introduction to Terraform for Beginners

Wondering, what is Terraform? Let's find out about it. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a widespread terminology among DevOps professionals.

DevOps, Kubernetes, OpenJS, AI, Firewalls, RabitMQ Hosting

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Зарплати українських PM, HR, DevOps, Data Science та інших ІТ-спеціалістів — літо 2020

Представляємо фінальну статтю циклу про зарплати. У попередніх ми розглядали розробників і тестувальників. У цій статті подивимося на менеджерів, ейчарів, дизайнерів, маркетинг і сейлз спеціалістів, девопсів, сисадмінів та інших ІТ-фахівців. Серед респондентів зарплатного опитування їх було 3745 осіб.

BootHole Bug challenges Windows and Linux systems 

Cybersecurity researchers revealed a new vulnerability that can affect devices in billions globally. Due to buffer overflow, the attackers can execute arbitrary codes inside the UEFI environment. Next, they could run malware, patch the operating system kernel directly, alter booting, or execute other malicious activities. The security concern is of high risk, and it is dubbed as 'BootHole' or CVE-2020-10713.

Awesome Kubernetes Command

Tips for you to kubectl like a pro. Kubernetes administrators spend most of their time keying kubectl commands and writing YAML manifest files.

Top 14 Container Orchestration Tools for DevOps

Let's talk about some of the popular container orchestration tools available in the market. What is a Container Orchestration? In this post, you'll see Top 14 Container Orchestration Tools for DevOps

7 Kubernetes Management Software for DevOps - Geekflare

Managing Kubernetes shouldn't be hard.In the previous article, we talked about managed Kubernetes platform, but I understand not everyone is ready to go for it.

Good bye Cronjobs; Welcome Gitlab pipeline

or how I run automatic database backups with Gitlab CI/CD