System Design Interview Checklist — A Gateway to FAANGs

This is my strategy to drive a System Design Interview which helped me crack a bunch of FAANGs. You could try the same! Drive the interview. FRs and NFRs. Clearly call out the Functional and Non-Functional requirements. Capacity Estimation. Plan. HLD. Must Haves. Walkthrough the design.

System Design Interview: Twitter

In the previous note: System Design Interview Tips, I mentioned how to do a conduct system design interview from an interview from the candidate’s perspective. In this note, we will use “Twitter” as an example to walk you through a complete system design interview.

Choosing the right Database

Imagine — You’re in a system design interview and need to pick a database to store, let’s say, order-related data in an e-commerce system. Your data is structured and needs to be consistent, but your query pattern doesn’t match with a standard relational DB’s.

HeadStart System Design — Design Pattern Intuitions

Intuitions about which Design pattern to use based on the input you have providing and the functionality you want. The other day, a friend asked me on how I go about choosing a design pattern in a given scenario, because it was not always very clear.

3-Min Intro of Database Sharding

DB sharding is an important concept in the system design and a topic that is brought up often during interviews. No matter what you are specialized in, front-end, infra, or mobile. This is something worth having a decent understanding.

Design Patterns 101

How tough is it to learn about design pattern, really?

Microservices — not a silver bullet

Learn about basics of microservices architecture and considerations before opting for it.

System Design Interview Tips

The system design interview provides the key signals that differentiate a tech lead from programmers. Here’s some tips may help you ace it. ![Image for post](*NZGjsIPEFwTxgfyBy_AUZA.jpeg) Image...

BEING HONEST an essential UX interview tip

It’s simple, just be humble… well, this might sound like a very simple tip but it seems that not many junior designers know about it.

The complete guide to crack the System Design interview

Template to answer any system design question — Links to all the resources attached.

Work Through my Solution to a System Design Interview Question.

In this blog, we focus on a step by step approach to solve a system design interview question.