Accelerate resource tagging with PowerShell Microsoft Azure Tag Report

Once, I prepared this script to quickly tag many resources deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform. There are many ways to do it quickly and easily, but I tried to make a universal solution that is easy and safe to use.

What is an HTML Tag?

An HTML tag is a piece of markup language used to indicate the beginning and end of an HTML element in an HTML document.

CI Pipelines and SemVer

CI Pipelines and SemVer. Command CI Pipelines with help of Semantic Versioning. Semantic Versioning (also referred to as SemVer) is a standard versioning system. Semver cli to decide pipelines. This semantic versioning standard is followed widely almost in all languages and artifacts.

How to Create and Delete Local and Remote Git Tag

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HTML Tables

Tables are used to display data in a tabular format on the screen.To have a meaningful way of communicating with the end-user.Table Formatting commands let you create tables and give you control over the size and alignment of the table contents.Tables enables you to control the row and columns placement of information on your page.

10 HTML Tags You Need to be Using Not all HTML tags are created equal.

Not all HTML tags are created equal. I’ll show you 10 HTML tags you may not be using or maybe even aren’t yet aware of that help to increase the semantics and maintainability of your web pages.