How to build a Taxi Booking App? A complete guide.

If you want to invest your time and money in developing a taxi booking app, this article is for you.

The detailed guide on building a mobile taxi app with key features and cost estimates will let you know.

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How to build a Taxi Booking App? A complete guide.
Rushabh Patel

Rushabh Patel


10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)

Hiring a taxi online is the latest trend for both personal and business trips. Public transport may not be the perfect choice during urgency. Check the list of the 10 popular taxi apps for iOS and Android users. 

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10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)

Charles ken


The Experts Guide On Taxi Dispatch Software To Assist You In Business

The on-demand taxi service business today is renowned by all. We can smartly book taxis by using our own smartphones from anywhere in the region. Such a digitized solution for all the old traditional ways of taxi booking offline bought a revolutionary change in times. Focusing on its massive success online, businesspersons investing in the same marketplace increased nowadays. When you are also one of them, the Taxi dispatch software is a need-to-know app source for you to be an achiever in the respective business area.

Continue reading the article @ Experts Guide On Taxi Dispatch Software To Assist You to Achieve in Business

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The Experts Guide On Taxi Dispatch Software To Assist You In Business

Driver Booking App UI Kit | Draftik

Aber Driver UI Kit is a high-quality pack designed for Taxi projects based on Uber, Grab & Go-Jek apps. To know more visit

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Driver Booking App UI Kit | Draftik
George David

George David


Taxi Dispatch Software, Transportation Dispatch Solution

Taxi dispatching software from SpotnRides is a ready-made app solution for your new taxi business startup. The pre-made app possesses all the advanced options that exist in the current taxi app industry market online. Considering such a natural design, you don’t need to do any specific analytics about the existing features or options that are required to be included in your new business app.

Its easy-to-accessing app design makes your business app users feel too smooth on the overall app usage experience. Its smart social media sign-up option provides new users the option to get quick access to the taxi booking process through your new app. The drivers can easily reach the customers’ exact location points on time by using the geolocation mapping indication inbuilt to your taxi business app.

You can also get multilingual options through that your app could be used by people from various regions. They can use your new taxi app in their comfortable local languages. The different payment gateway available with your business app allows the passengers to complete their payment online or offline.

Along with these cores, by the use of the complete custom app solution provided by SpotnRides, you can also modify anything in your new taxi dispatch software while it is in development progress. Right from a decade of various industry’s business app development completions to the different clients all around the world, our expert team always be with you to technically assist you to furtherly enhance your startup through business app upgrades.

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George David

George David


How Does a Uber Clone, Taxi Booking Script Make Money

Taxi application is one of the highest revenue gain services in the on-demand industry. Online taxi app solutions earn a worthy profit with the help of their flexible revenue schemes. Taxi owners are able to gain their revenue with the help of an online taxi booking app solution as follows.

Commission - Online taxi services used to earn their primary revenue in a form of a commission charge on every ride that takes place on their platform. Services like Uber don’t own any cars. Therefore, they just act as an intermediary to the riders and drivers. Each ride fare transaction will be divided between the company and the driver.

This commission fare can be fixed by the owner of the application. An app like Uber, Lyft used to charge a commission of 20% to 25% from each transaction. In Uber clone, you can easily customize the commission rapidly according to the seasonal time and keep your service updated in the market.

Surge price - When the demand for the taxi service is high in a particular area, then the price of the taxi service will be high. But, an app like Uber changes the strategy, the price will be changed automatically according to the number of drivers and ride in that particular area. This helps you gain additional revenue in the low drop areas and rapid book from the high drop areas in the region.

Different car models - The price also varies according to the type of the car rider books from the Uber clone script. The Uber clone app lets you list out various types of cars you have equipped and let the riders choose one from it for the ride. The price variation will be listed out after the rider chooses the destination.

These are the three types of revenue schemes you will be benefited from using the Uber clone app. There are a lot of Uber clone crips available in the market. Choosing the best service will let you gain visibility and help you to reach out to the customers.

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How Does a Uber Clone, Taxi Booking Script Make Money
George David

George David


How to Build Uber clone App for Taxi Business

Creating an app like Uber is a long term process for which one has to work from start to finish with utmost commitment at least till the releasing of a beta version. For a hassle-free app development, plan your app development before starting.

First of all, there are three versions of Uber like app that can be developed.

The basic version of Uber like app consists of all the fundamental feature for the driver, rider and admin app.

Most advanced feature app, as the name suggests, all the stakeholders will be loaded with highly advanced features. This version will be released once you get a hold on the business.

The third version of the app is simply an extension of the second version. Some more features at the request of the admin will be added.

It is up to the stakeholder to decide the type of app for development. Also, the cost of creating the app is different depending upon the versions. Some may think of hiring dedicated developers to create the app from scratch. Developing an app from scratch is a costly affair. Not everyone can afford that especially if you are bootstrapping the business.

Those who want to develop an app from a shoestring budget, there is a provision of creating a clone app. For taxi business, we can develop a Uber clone app. Very few including SpotnRides are having a dedicated team to create Uber like app clones.

Sometimes, it is imperative to outsource the work to a dedicated team and it is the clients who should select the team. To decide the number of resources, you should first know the scope of your work.

Cost of hiring dedicated developers for creating an app from scratch:

For a basic version of the app you need:

  • A project manager
  • A backend developer
  • 1-2 UI/UX designers
  • 2-4 developers
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Tester

For an advanced version of the app with many features you need:

  • A project manager
  • Team lead
  • 2-3 UI/UX designers
  • 3-4 developers for each platform
  • Quality assurance engineers
    Admin panel
    2-3 backend developers
    You need somewhere between $20,000 to $40,000 to create an app from scratch. The cost increases if the app is designed for multiple platforms.

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Joe Brian

Joe Brian


How to choose the best Uber clone app for your business?

Uber clone is a readymade on-demand taxi booking application used by entrepreneurs to start their online taxi business instantly.

Uber clone has every unique features that you need to start your business.

How to choose the best Uber clone app for your business?

There’re plethora of Uber clone scripts available in the market. Choosing the best one is like finding needle in a haystack. So we’re going to simplify the process for you.

Tips to choose the best Uber clone app

Choose the Uber clone app that,

  • Has the best tech stack
  • Has the best features and functionalities
  • Is affordable
  • Offers 100% source code

Searching for the one that satisfies all the above requirements?

Check out Wooberly. Wooberly is built with latest technology Flutter and has all the required features to scale your business globally.

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harvey h

harvey h


How to Monetize Cab Booking App?

Technology advancement has contributed towards an increased dependence on technology. Due to lockdown, we started to spend more time on gadgets, OTT platforms, Social Media. We even tried our hands-on cooking, we all became chefs. Lockdown was the major factor that contributed to changing our habits. From Taxi booking to Food delivery to grocery delivery, even we got used to Medicine Delivery App. However, the current time is the ideal time for investing in Ride Sharing App.

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 How to Monetize Cab Booking App?
harvey h

harvey h


Taxi Booking App Development Company | Uber like app development

Build your own Taxi Booking App like Uber, Ola and earn a hefty profit from your own taxi business. Be a reputable taxi industry leader in your region with a customized taxi app development solutions or a white-label readymade Uber clone application primarily built by top Taxi booking app development company in India

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Taxi Booking App Development Company | Uber like app development
harvey h

harvey h


Major reasons why you need a taxi booking app for your business

Taxi business is one of the most fruitful and money making business in the current scenario. They have become a major part of our lives with the increasing requirement of constant transportation. A taxi truly solves a customer’s problem of travelling from one place to another in anytime, anywhere. But with advancement in technology, taxi mobile app has become a necessity. Here are few reasons why you need a taxi booking app for your taxi business:

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Major reasons why you need a taxi booking app for your business
harvey h

harvey h


How does the taxi dispatch software beneficial for taxi booking app owner? by Ronak Patel

A taxi dispatch software is a way of allocating jobs to drivers. In this system, customers map with drivers for travelling a certain distance from the pick-up location.
Dispatch is a white label dispatch software designed and developed as a Comprehensive solution inclusive of the mobile app.
Dispatch systems are designed to help automate routing and scheduling processes, providing a more straightforward way to coordinate routes and deliveries efficiently.

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How does the taxi dispatch software beneficial for taxi booking app owner? by Ronak Patel

Niketa Sharma


Basic Functionality Of Online Cab Booking App

Online cab booking apps are getting popular over time following the long list of benefits that it offers to the riders. It ditches the concept of stepping out to get a cab. Instead, the users can easily book a ride at the comfort of their home, making it a preferred option for commuting from point A to B.

There are numerous cab booking applications airing in the market following their unique strategies. However, a lot of things are to be considered in the development phase of a taxi booking application.

This is image title

If you are curious to invest in the taxi booking app development, then this article is right for you. After reading this article, you will get a clear picture of the features to integrate into your cab platform to hike up its chances of success.

Features Of Online Cab Booking App

Listing down the features can get challenging for the beginners. Refer to the points that are mentioned below that form the basic features of any taxi book application.

User Guide

Nothing can be more dramatic than a situation where the customer is clueless about the navigation of the app. A basic design is not the ideal solution, but a well laid out user guide is. It can make the most complex of the interface easy to navigate.

A cab booking app with a well-laid user guide not only enriches the user experience but also encourages mouth publicity.

Easy Sign-Up

Due emphasis should be laid on providing easy sign-up experiences. Asking for payments or card integration should be avoided during the initial stages.

An easy sign-up process includes user registration by using a phone number, email address, or any other social networking account. After the user successfully registers the account, it should be able to create a user profile by adding their basic details for effective account management and recovery.

Convenient Bookings

The booking part is the most important aspect of taxi booking software. It is the main purpose for which a user is accessing the application. Hence, convenient taxi booking facilities should be considered as the topmost priority.

The customer should be able to book a cab either by using the GPS capability of the mobile for detecting the location or by manually entering the pickup location. Also, the app should feature detailed maps to enhance the experience.

User-Friendly Interface

The Taxi booking app development company should focus on delivering a user-friendly experience. This can be achieved by making the application feature-rich.

Also, focusing on integrating features that allow users to easily book their ride in a matter of a few taps when in a hurry. Also, the users should be able to save the most frequently opted locations from saving themselves of the repetitive booking sessions.

Flexible Booking Options

Another feature of great importance and relevance is the inducing the application with flexible booking options. This means the customer should be able to opt between instant riding or scheduling the ride for a future event.

Also, the users should be able to select from a variety of riding options based on the requirements. It will ensure that the customer will get the ride at the desired time no matter how crowded the platform is, eventually elevating the user experience.

Estimated Time Of Arrival

A feature holding great importance in the cab booking application is the display of the estimated time of arrival. It is a beneficial feature that aids in keeping the user informed and hence enhancing the overall cab booking experience.

Fare Precision

Landing up in price clashes with the driver used to be a common sight in the earlier days unless the arrival of a cab booking platform. Now, the cab book apps that are deployed show precise fare estimates before confirming a ride.

The prices are subjected to rise or fall depending on the certain pre-decided criteria depending on the cab availability and the amount of user traffic that are availing the services during that time.

Also, the app should allow the customer to select from a variety of payment options like digital or cash. The payment facility should also offer prepaid or postpaid rides.

Final words

The features that are mentioned above are not the end but just a glimpse of the optimal features for a user-friendly experience. However, under the guidance of an experienced taxi booking app development company, you will discover several uncovered aspects that are related to the development phase and can boost up the chances of success.

Talking about the cost of app development, a demo app with basic features can cost as low as $20000 and go up to $30000. However, an advanced application with modern features increases the complexity of app development, and so does the price. An advanced taxi booking app can be developed at a price that can go as high as $150000.

Depending on the nature of the business and business strategy, a dedicated panel of the software development company can suggest the best features to incorporate and the cost of the whole project development for better accountability.

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Bruce Oxenford

Bruce Oxenford


Taxi Dispatch Software | Taxi Dispatch System | Taxi Booking Software

There’re some taxi dispatch software that are available for commercial use. But you have to choose wisely.

To choose the best software, verify the following,

  1. Technology
  2. Useability
  3. Scalability
  4. Features

Our taxi dispatch software helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to start their business.

It helps manage the fleet efficiently with a powerful yet simple dashboard. It is built with Flutter to enhance the platform capabilities.

It is scalable, so you don’t have to worry when your user base increases and can be used to manage fleets of any size.

Check out the product page of our taxi dispatch software solution for more information on features and a free demo.

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Taxi Dispatch Software | Taxi Dispatch System | Taxi Booking Software
Bruce Oxenford

Bruce Oxenford


Top 5 taxi app developers of 2021

There has been a huge demand for taxi apps in recent times due to the grand success of Uber and other ride-sharing companies.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are trying to build their taxi booking app to start their online taxi business.

In this article, we’re going to witness the five best white label taxi app developers that you can contact now to build your taxi booking app like Uber.

Read more at - Best Taxi App Developers 2021

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Top 5 taxi app developers of 2021