Why Are You Ahead As CS Graduate

Why CS degree is important for developers. Great question. The earlier you start preparing yourself on your journey to pursue your bachelor's degree in Computer Science, I believe, the better off you will ...

What is DevOps and How Does it Influence the Digital Transformation of Companies?

When we talk about DevOps we mean the set of process automation practices in the software and IT departments. DevOps is a movement, or work philosophy, also defined as a culture of shared responsibility or systematic thinking, whose ultimate objective is none other than to work based on collaboration between members of the software development and IT / operations teams to achieve better and more agile results.

What Web Development Agencies Get Wrong

The agency problem The problem for agencies is that they have to follow a process. This process involves business development personnel, project managers, and teams of programmers. They have to plan their human resources to remain profitable. This inevitably creates a problem that I call redundant complexity.

Unconventional AI: In the Beginning, Was the Chaos and the Chaos Was God

Unconventional AI: In the Beginning, Was the Chaos and the Chaos Was God. Soft skills are key success factors in Omdena projects and patience might be the first in the ranking.

Restcaperoom is an Interactive Exercise for Programmer Interviews

When you are looking to hire skilled programmers, how do you know if the person you are interviewing indeed has the capabilities he or she is talking about? Well, just let them show you!

Why “science-types” are so special, and why they’re not

How developers and non-developers complement each other. You ever happen to be talking to someone, trying to explain something to them.

What I learned about communication from a virtual Zoom workout

Anyone who knows me is painfully aware that I’m a self-professed fitness junkie — hell, I’m pretty sure I even mention it in my LinkedIn bio. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the majority of my writing draw parallels between [insert random topic here] and the principles of fitness. I wish I could tell you that this article is going to be different: my breakthrough moment, my quantum leap into new topic territory — but of course I would be lying.

Why teamwork is the only skill you really need - Debug Everything

Most of your programming career will be working as a team with other people. Value teamwork as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits.

Data Scientists, Why It Feels Your Teammates Are Smarter Than You

Data Scientists, Why It Feels Your Teammates Are Smarter Than You. One reason you don’t understand what your colleagues are talking about and what you can do about it.

How to Scale Your Data Team with Confidence

Hint: it takes more than a few fancy algorithms. COVID-19 has forced many companies to tighten their belts and invest in only the most necessary functions — fortunately, data is often one of them.

Product Management: 5 Lessons Learned While Working with Engineers

There is probably no more important relationship for a successful product manager than the one with your engineers. — Marty Cagan.

How to Explain Data Science to Mere Mortals

What Business Teams Understand When You Speak Their LanguageMy work takes me across multiple domain specific fields in which the audience already has a preconceived notion about “data science”. This can be a setup for disaster if left unchecked.