Innovaccer All Set To Enter The Unicorn Club With New Funding

Innovaccer to raise about $100-150 million funding from Tiger Global at a billion dollars valuation, to become the newest unicorn of India.

The Big Tech Implosion

The Australian government, for over a year now, has been making efforts to make the tech companies pay the content creators.

The Weekly Roundup - Top AI & Data Science News The Week | 20th feb

With Bitcoin soaring high and crossing the 50 K mark and Facebook's deadlock in Australia, Lets look at whats making news in the tech world this week.Today's...

AR in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continues to change and evolve year after year. Now, innovations in the immersive technology - augmented reality (AR) are being incorporated into the automotive industry. Read this blog to know more about AR in the Automative Industry.

Budget 2021: Reactions From The Tech Industry

The technology sector has been quite optimistic about Budget 2021. Here are some of the detailed reactions from the tech industry—

Digital Twins: Bridging the Physical and Digital Goods Powered by IoT

Digital Twins are here to transform the world. In this blog, we have discussed the role of Digital Twins which can bridge the gap between physical and digital goods powered by IoT.

UiPath Raises $750 Million In Series F Funding To Enable Fully Automated Enterprise

UiPath Inc., robotic process automation (RPA) startup, has raised a $750 million funding in Series F round at a post-money valuation of $35 billion.

Robinhood Redditors, Apple’s Brilliant Quarter And More: Top News

Ironically, Robinhood app, which gamified investment for the masses, went against its core principle of democratisation,

The Weekly Roundup - Top AI & Data Science News The Week | 30th Jan

Today's episode is a weekly update from the world of data science, everything from new launches, latest research, cyber threats and events that have happened...

World Economic Forum Launches Global Alliance To Accelerate Trustworthy AI Adoption - AIM

On Thursday, the World Economic Forum announced the launch of The Global AI Action Alliance (GAIA), a new multi-stakeholder collaboration platform to accelerate the adoption of inclusive, trusted, and transparent AI. The alliance includes more than 100 leading companies, international organisations, governments, non-profits, and academics working towards the greater common good. According to the WEF,…

Who Will Win The AI Race? EU, China, Or US?

While China has made quantum leaps in AI in the last couple of years, the US still holds the pole position.

Open Source: AWS Accused Of “Inconsistent” Behaviour By Elastic

All the benevolent notions of the open source community were put to a test last week, when AWS and Elastic locked horns with their license locking schemes.

Google Shuts Down Loon

Recently, Loon made TIME magazine’s best 100 inventions of 2020 list. So, what exactly went wrong?

Why Is Google Investigating Its Ethical AI Lead?

Mitchell had earlier tweeted, addressing Sundar Pichai, about the need to focus on undoing the damages done to Black women.

What Indian Tech Sector Wants From Budget 2021

Sangeet Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Addverb said he expects the government to ease the legal processes and regulations involved in setting up manufacturing facilities in India under its ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Google vs Australia, India’s Quantum Labs And Rockets On Oil Rigs: This Week’s Top News

On Tuesday, MeiTY announced establishment of a Quantum Computing Applications Lab in India with help from AWS.

Explained: The Factors Behind China’s IoT Ascendancy

The country had launched the Made in China 2025 initiative in 2015 -- modelled on Germany’s Industrie 4.0 and aimed at boosting the country’s IoT manufacturing.

MeitY & AWS To Establish Quantum Computing Applications Lab In India

It is a first of its kind initiative in the world and aims to enable India’s talented researchers to explore the unchartered applications of quantum computing.

Infosys Introduces Applied AI Cloud Powered By NVIDIA DGX A100 Systems

Infosys has announced the launch of an Infosys Cobalt offering — applied AI cloud, to democratise artificial intelligence within its workforce and expand its ability to power AI-driven transformation for enterprises.

Intel Gets A New Chief, Tesla Arrives In India And More In This Week’s Top News

Talking about comebacks, one company that is quite keen on one is Intel. The chip giant is making tectonic changes in its strategies.