Stop Using Medium Code Cells For Your Technical Post

Presenting your code clearer with Github Gist. Sadly it doesn't work on my cell phone. ... And how to write inline code and embed code for syntax highlighting ... the common convention of starting a code block with triple back-ticks. ... You can also highlight code inline by selecting it, then clicking the ... I only write about programming and technology.

What Is Asynchronous Programming? and How to Achieve It? (in Python)

How to achieve Asynchronous Programming in Python? Let's take an example code of synchronous programming first.

Regression Algorithm Part 1: Linear Regression Using R Language

What is a Linear Regression? Linear Regression is one of the supervised machine learning algorithms to predict values within a continuous range.

YouTube Data Analysis Using Hadoop Tools

In Today’s world as the 4 V’s of Big data (Volume, Variety, Velocity & Veracity) are very rapidly increasing it has become a must to come up with meaningful insights in order to project

Active Record Validations

When I was first learning Ruby, I used a variety of if/else statements to “validate” user input and prevent breakage in my CLI applications. I’m sure you can understand this was not the most efficient way to go about safeguarding your code — though it was prior to learning the ultra-powerful, time and energy-saving, omniscient Active Record. In this post, I’m going to outline the importance of using validations and some of my most used Active Record Validations helpers.

Data Manipulation using Tidyr : Part 2

In this blog, you will learn how to perform data manipulation using the tidyr R package. The tidyr package has been designed for the specific task of taking our data in its messy format.