Telemedicine App Development - Features, Cost & Technology Used

Telemedicine is the trend of the decade. In 2019, the global telemedicine industry was valued at $41.4 billion and was expected to rise at a CAGR of 15.1% over the next five years. And with COVID-19 disrupting human life, telemedicine has never been in more demand.

Impact of COVID 19 on Telemedicine market size

Developments of information and communication technology in telemedicine make healthcare affordable and accessible for all over the world. Telemedicine refers to healthcare delivery at a distance. The increase in the number of e-visit, the expansion of telemedicine in cardiology, radiology, etc. is ...

Custom Mobile App Development Services India, USA

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Telemedicine App Development - Trends and Features 2021

Telemedicine App Development - Explore the trends and features of telemedicine apps which acts as a supporting agent of the healthcare industry and how it serves for both patients and doctors.

Why invest in a telemedicine app:11 Reasons

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into prominence a technological development that has seen a lot of interest over the past few years but has never really taken off — telemedicine.

This Algorithm Uses Selfies to Reliably Screen People for Heart Disease

They developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that detects heart disease by analyzing four pictures of a patient’s face. It could be a useful way to screen people from afar.

6 Technologies for Building a Successful Telemedicine App

Top technologies for a telemedicine app — Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Remote Patient Monitoring, Cloud Storage, Blockchain & Data Analytic

Features in a Telemedicine app

Learn about all the features that your telemedicine app needs, both from a patient’s perspective as well as doctor’s. Telemedicine is defined by the WHO as.

Telemedicine App Development UK | Telemedicine Software Solutions

Telemedicine app development and software solutions have become an essential requirement for the hospitals and clinics.