How to Build a Screenshot Capture API Using Terraform, AWS API Gateway, and AWS Lambda

Learn how to build a screenshot capture API using Terraform, AWS API Gateway, and AWS Lambda. I used Terraform to create all of the infrastructure necessary to set it up in AWS, using Selenium, chromedriver, and headless Chrome to obtain the screenshots.

Using Serverless Technologies to Create a Simple, Low-Cost Twitter Bot

Creating a Twitter bot is relatively straightforward. In true serverless style, it is possible to build your own in a cost-effective way. This article will focus on creating a Twitter bot in Node, hosted in AWS Lambda. Using Serverless Technologies to Create a Simple, Low-Cost Twitter Bot

Deploying a Static Website to S3 and CloudFront Using Github Actions

Deploying a Static Website to S3 and CloudFront Using Github Actions - A while back I set up a personal website for myself. It was left for a while and recently I made some improvements to it. As I was doing the improvements I decided to write up how it was built since there were certain aspects of the work I found interesting.

How to Provision NGINX web server with Terraform in AWS?

Deployment and infrastructure management isn’t a simple process. On top of a lot of ever-changing, domain expertise we need to learn Yet Another Tool or a new workflow. If you have been putting this off, this article is a chance for you to get acquainted with one approach to infrastructure management. Deployment and infrastructure management isn’t a simple process. Use Terraform by HArshicop for infra management. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Provision NGINX web server with Terraform in AWS?

DevOps Crash Course (Docker, Terraform, and Github Actions)

DevOps Crash Course (Docker, Terraform, and Github Actions). In this DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure tutorial, you will learn what DevOps is and how to apply some of the most important concepts including: Docker containers, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

An Introduction to Terraform Variables

In this Terraform tutorial, we’ll take you through the definition of variables and values, declarations. Terraform variables are key to mastering the basics of Terraform. We’ll discuss specific components of tfvars, such as: Input Variables, How to Assign Values, Output Variables, Local Values, Terraform Variables Best Practices

How to Combine Terraform with Typescript

Learn how to combine Terraform with Typescript and push Infrastructure as Code to the next level. Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool created by HashiCorp. Hashicorp introduced new languages for CDK (Cloud Development Kit — which is still under development) supporting Typescript, Python, and Java.

The Terraform State File- An Overview

In fact, it’s required by Terraform, and, according to HashiCorp, “cannot function without it.” The purpose of our introductory article is to save you from getting lost in a sea of files, without having any understanding of what is happening, how to secure them, and what you can do with them.

How to Manage Terraform Secrets with Akeyless Vault

8 Things to Look for When Choosing a Secrets Management Solution ... such as Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, and others ... AKEYLESS Vault – The Secrets Management Solution Tailored for DevOps.

Deploy a Web server, DMZ, and NAT Gateway Using Terraform.

In terms of network security the DMZ aka the Demilitarized Zone serves to improve the security of an organization’s network by segregating devices, such as computers and servers, on the opposite sides of a firewall.

How to Mount S3 Bucket on an EC2 Linux Instance

S3fs-fuse project is written in python backed by Amazons Simple Storage Service. Amazon offers an open API to build applications on top of this service, which several companies have done, using various interfaces (web, sync, fuse, etc.).

Using Terraform to Deploy Your S3 Website Using Cloudfront

For this article, I am going to assume that you already have an S3 website created and just want to get it deployed to Cloudfront using Terraform. If that happens to not be the case here is the code we are working with.

Terraform Tips: My Favorite Tools

My favorite tools to use in conjunction with Terraform. This is an amazing tool from Warrensbox which you can find on Warren's website here or on the github repo here. Tfswitch allows you to switch ...

Using Terraform to Create an S3 Website Bucket

Create an S3 bucket. We're going to use S3 to store the files used on our website. Create an IAM policy document to manage bucket permissions. In order to allow the outside world to access the contents of our bucket we need to alter the default permissions. Setup Route53 to handle our domain. Stitching it all together.

Creating an EC2 Module That Filters for the Latest Windows Server AMI in Terraform

Creating an EC2 Module that Filters for the Latest Windows Server AMI in Terraform ... This means that it will grab the most recent AMI that fits the criteria ... This lets Terraform know we don't care about what text comes after ...

Infrastructure as Code vs. Infrastructure as Software

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers ... The ability to treat infrastructure like code and use the same tools as any other software project would allow developers to rapidly deploy ...

Chicken or the Egg? Terraform’s Remote Backend

Recently, we have had decided to expand our DevOps stack with the addition of Terraform for creating Infrastructure as Code manifests. It became obvious from the start that local backend is not an option, so we had to set up a remote one.

Deploy AWS Lambda and DynamoDB using Terraform

The objective of this article is to deploy an AWS Lambda function and a DynamoDB table using Terraform, so that the Lambda function can perform read and write operations on the DynamoDB table. Here, we won’t use any other AWS services to trigger the Lambda function. Instead, we’ll trigger the Lambda function using the test events that is already present in the Lambda console. In this tutorial, you'll see how to Deploy AWS Lambda and DynamoDB using Terraform

Complete Guide to Terraform: News, Updates, Tips

From Terraform to DevOps: A Modern Revolution. Before we can even begin to dive into Terraform best practices, we need to take a step back ...

Terraform Tutorial Guides: An Overview

To deploy your infrastructure on cloud, you’ll need an effective Terraform tutorial. Terraform is revolutionizing the way organizations think of Infrastructure as Code, as well as DevOps. In this article, we’ll go over resources for you to get started, including: Terraform Tutorial Basics: What is it? What are the commands to deploy infrastructure. Configuration Overview.