How FMCW Is Transforming Lidar Technology - Analytics India Magazine

How does Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Lidar technology improve autonomous vehicles, and why has Elon Musk's Tesla rejected it?

Enabling Connected Vehicle Ecosystem With Machine Learning: Sibros

Sibros OTA Deep Updater executes full vehicle Over-the-Air software updates while logging vital vehicle data in real-time.

Tesla On Top, Big Tech Blockades And More In This Week’s Top News

On Monday, WhatsApp new privacy policy was met with uproar by the users who are now migrating to Signal, an app promoted by Elon Musk.

A Decade Of AI: Most Defining Moments 2010-20

Be it access to world standard courses, platforms, libraries, frameworks, hardware, this was the decade when AI went mainstream.

Top AI & Data Science Stories From 2020: AIM 10 Best Reads

In 2020 we published a total of 3500 stories, which generated a cumulative view count of more than 18 million. Here are our 10 stories that were most read in 2020. These stories from 2020 generated more than a lakh views each. 1. 11 Best Firms In India For Data Scientists To Work For –…

From Imagination to Reality, EMBRACE INNOVATION with Self Driving Cars!

Self Driving cars are going to be the new normal anytime soon. Tesla and major leading companies like Google, Uber, Zoox are coming up with advanced cars tha...

Homepage da Tesla com ReactJS | UI Clone

Faala dev! Vamos recriar a homepage da Tesla com ReactJS! 🔧 Extensões do VSCode

Can Language Models Drive Computer Vision Models Out Of Business

Transformers have become the go-to solution for many natural language processing tasks but applications to computer vision remain limited.

Microsoft is authorized by OpenAI’s exclusive GPT-3 model,

Today, we are excited to announce that Microsoft has reached a cooperation with OpenAI and obtained the exclusive authorization of GPT-3, allowing us to develop and deliver more advanced artificial intelligence solutions for users.

Is Tesla Entering Machine Learning As A Service Market?

Tesla may be introducing machine-learning training as a web service with its upcoming ‘Dojo’ supercomputer, CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter. Project Dojo was initially revealed by Musk last year and is a supercomputer which Tesla has been working on. The supercomputer has been designed to ingest massive amounts of video data and perform massive…

Tesla Might Soon Set Up A Research Centre In Bengaluru

If everything goes well, the world’s most valuable carmaker may come to India soon and will be the second country outside the US to have a research centre.

What to expect from Tesla's Battery Day?

After the much-hyped Neuralink event, we are now approaching to witness another Elon Musk’s other exciting invention — Tesla’s upcoming Battery Day, which ha...

What To Expect From Tesla’s Battery Day? - Analytics India Magazine

Amidst numerous speculations and theories, we are bringing out a few of the likely innovations that we can expect to see at Tesla’s Battery Day:

Why Tesla Won’t Use LIDAR

And which technology is ideal for self-driving cars. Almost every single company working on self-driving cars right now uses LIDAR. Uber, Waymo, and Toyota all use it, but not Tesla. I want to go over what the two competing technologies have to offer and what we should expect from self-driving cars in the future.

"Virgin Galactic is the next Tesla" - Cal Evans, Noonie Nominee for Learning

Learning how to code is one of the most difficult and rewarding tasks you can do. While this journey may be a tough and long one, our 2020 Noonie Nominee Cal Evans from United States can help you out.

What Luminar Technologies $3.4Bn Deal Mean For Autonomous Industry

Luminar technologies claims to have built LiDAR systems from ground-up that are cost-effective

How Tesla has been Optimizing its Software

Please be advised that the flow of this article is leaned towards providing intuition and technical insights about Autopilot AI as opposed to storytelling.

Why Tesla will win the race to full self-driving.

An analysis of why Tesla is likely to beat Waymo and other competitors to Level 5 autonomy, hype aside. Before I start, I should add a quick disclaimer. I am not a soothsayer.

Tesla AI Head Andrej Karpathy Creates His Own Mini GPT

Using this library, the Tesla AI director believes that developers can replicate the results of GPT-1 and GPT-2.

Tesla's Virtual Power Plant: Re-Envisioning the Electric Grid

Tesla engineers created a virtual power plant that relies on open source and digital twin technologies to ensure resiliency when using renewable energy.