Software testing is any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system and determining that it meets its required results.

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Using Playwright to Test Next.js Applications

Using Playwright to test Next.js applications. The testing setup I have been dreaming of is finally a reality. Testing Next.js with Playwright. In this step we’ll change our tests to run against our own Next.js application, instead of against playwright.dev. My favourite new testing setup with the best mocking ever and visual regression testing.

Testing a Component in Vue.js

Applying TDD to develop a list display component. This article talks about Testing a Component in Vue.js

A Wrapper Around Pytest for Assessing Flakiness and Runtime Regressions

A wrapper around Pytest for executing tests to look for test flakiness and runtime regression. This project uses Python3.9, pip to manage dependencies, and runs in a virtual environment.

Vegeta Load Testing: A Quick Walkthrough

Load testing can be done in multiple ways, there are many different SAAS for load testing too. Still, locally installed tools are a great way to load test your application or API. To start with, simply provide a URL and give it how many requests per second you want the URL to be hit with. Vegeta will hit the URL with the frequency provided and can give the HTTP response codes and response time in an easy to comprehend graph.

What Remote Debugging Means For Java Applications

What Remote Debugging Means For Java Applications. Remote debugging is becoming a best practice for cloud application development due to gaps with logging and breakpoints, so how does this work for Java apps?

For Your E-Commerce Business, A/B Testing

You’ve probably had times when you’re visiting a website or using an app and notice something just slightly off. Maybe the colours seem a little off, or maybe the layout of the app has changed just a tiny bit. Only for it to fix itself the next time you go back.

In 2021, keep an eye on these nine API testing tools

This article provides a list of the best API testing tools (open-source & commercial) that testing teams can select to suit their needs. Ever since the technology and procedure have progressed a lot, organizations or teams prefer to have quicker testing feedbacks. Since we can notice with the shift-left trend to DevOps, Application Programming Interface testing has become a significant and crucial factor on CI/CD.

Field Testing With HeadSpin: Bring Your Own Devices

In this tutorial we cover a simple setup that will let you use, automate, and collect user experience data from a device anywhere. There are many possibilities of how you can use this to accelerate your ability to test and measure user experience and performance. The article will dive into a single use case of using the bridge to connect devices in the field for debugging and testing.

How to Conduct Accessibility Testing on Android Devices

The value of accessibility testing for Android applications in the development process and its impact on enhancing the app's availability among users. We’ll learn about these tools and their functions in detail, but, first, let’s understand more about accessibility testing and adding accessibility features to your existing applications.

Testing Streamlit Apps Using SeleniumBase

Once you’ve created a Streamlit app, you can use automated testing to future-proof it against regressions. In this post, I’ll be showing how to programmatically validate that a Streamlit app is unchanged visually using the Python package SeleniumBase

Cloud Testing: Everything You Need to Know

New to cloud testing? Find out everything you need to become an expert with our elaborate tutorial. Discover easy examples and much more.

Types Of Performance Testing and When to Use Them

Performance testing allows developers to determine the efficiency of their sites under all conditions. Listed here are some of these tests and tips on how and when to use them.

What Are Different Strategies for Security Testing?

The software security testing key objective is to determine all possible weakness and loopholes in the system before it starts used by the users. It is significant to consider the security tests in every single stage of the SDLC (Software development life cycle) and it is required to cover the authentication, integrity, authorization, availability, non-repudiation, and confidentiality of the system.

Ebay Open-Sources Package to Reduce Test Flakiness Using Swift and Xcode

Targeted Auto Retry is Ebay's approach to dealing with test flakiness that aims to make a continuous integration pipeline more resilient to flaky test steps. To make this approach straightforward to use, Ebay has open sourced a lightweight framework for the Swift language that can be used with Xcode unit testing framework.

How to add A/B test significance level to Google DataStudio dashboard in 5 minutes

For those who display A/B tests in Google DataStudio, there is an easy way to integrate significance level. Many Data Scientists use an automated tool for A/B tests, like Google’s Firebase or Optimize. These tools let you choose which metrics to pay attention to, and they automatically tell you when your test reached significant levels.

A/B testing statistics: true and estimated value of conversion rate

The A/B test is one of the most popular user experience research methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of UX or UI changes on your website or mobile app. So say you changed something, started the test — and it seems the modified version wins. But can we be sure of that? And what percent out of 100 we sure?

React Testing Library Overview

The React Testing Library is a very light-weight solution for testing React components. The goal was to provide a replacement for the popular JavaScript testing library, Enzyme that is more lightweight and eliminates the possibility of ‘damaging testbases’.

Data Science Interviews: 7 A/B Testing Questions and Answers

In this article, we’ll take an interview-driven approach by linking some of the most commonly asked interview questions to different components of A/B testing, including selecting ideas for testing, designing A/B tests, evaluating test results, and making ship or no ship decisions. Specifically, we’ll cover 7 most commonly asked interview questions and answers.

5 Tips for Android Automation Testing to Avoid Slowdowns in Development

An effective Android application automation testing strategy can increase save time and money while increasing test coverage. Mobile devices, mostly Android, account for half of web page views. Since Android dominates the OS market, for QA testers should be fluent in Google’s digital language.

Quality Sense Podcast

This interview cover's one QA lead's philosophy and approach to software QA testing before, during, and after development. Today’s Quality Sense guest is an inspiration for any test engineer who wants to drive their organization’s quality engineering and shift-left testing practices, working in a way that devs and testers can best collaborate.