Software testing is any activity aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system and determining that it meets its required results.

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Spark Testing Base : ScalaTest + ScalaCheck

Apache Spark is a large scale distributed computing framework used for analytics and BigData processing. Distributed computing programs are tricky to test in your local or with smaller dataset. Testing a Spark code is made easy with few base classes provided by Holden Karau : Spark Testing Base Spark Testing Base The library uses property based testing philosophy to produce the fuzziness in Spark RDD, DataFrame and DataSets among other common base classes. Base classes which are handy: SharedSparkContext : Provides a SparkContext for each test case RDDComparisons : Base class to provide functions to compare the RDD RDDGenerator : Generator for RDD object DataFrameGenerator : Generator for DataFrame object DataSetGenerator : Generator for DataSet object

API with NestJS #9. Testing services and controllers with integration

We continue writing tests for our NestJS application. This time, we look into writing integration tests.

Writing E2E Test Automation… in Deno?

I'm pleased to see Deno like Rust and other languages has tests built in. I'm to show you how to begin to write E2E test automation in Deno, and provide an honest appraisal of Deno's test tools so you are aware of the current pitfalls.

Data-driven testing in Postman

Data-driven testing can be a very effective approach in testing an API against different data-sets. Postman collection and the data file: https://gist.github

Designing a solid and beautiful code base

Designing a big application can be challenging and not an easy task to do, as requirements adding up, we expect a lot from big

Testing asynchronous code in Swift

Unit testing asynchronous Swift code. When starting to work with tests, there's one problem in particular that almost every developer runs into - how to test asynchronous code.

Golang Integration Testing

A strategy for integration testing with Golang. Golang makes testing extremely easy. In most cases, all that’s needed is to create a file called appended with _test.go, then write a test function.

Diving Into Automated API Tests

What comes to mind when thinking of automation? Robots making robots, large factories producing products, vehicles driving themselves, or maybe some other thing far into the future? Well, automation is already far more than this. Let's dive into autmated API tests.

Testing with Jest | Dallas Vue Meetup

Lucy McGuigan teaches us about the basics of unit testing with the power and simplicity of Jest! Follow along and learn how you can add meaningful test to yo

Testing Quadrants In Agile

In this blog you will learn about testing Quadrants In Agile.

Focus Areas of Healthcare App Testing and Common Mistakes

How do we reflect market feedback to the app design?

Open-redirection leads to a bounty

Hey guys Pratik this side. In this writeup, I’m going to share some of my open-redirection hunts and what resources I use to find

Jmeter-Extract data using Postprocessor Part-I

Jmeter is used to perform load testing. I have already discussed how it is easier and how can we use Jmeter in my earlier blogs. So let’s move some common pro

Rest Controller — Unit Testing

Get Started with Spring

Learn Jest JS Unit Testing in Arabic #20 - Outro And Where To Continue

Outro And Where To Continue https://elzero.org/category/courses/jest-unit-testing/ ============================= Support Me on Patreon to Help me Create More

Unit Testing in Python — Patching, Mocks and Dependency Injection

Improve your testing skills by learning how to patch dependencies away, how to use different kinds of mocks and what dependency injection

How We Turned Our Cookie Recipe Testing Into Exciting Content

And built interest and engagement while at it

What you need to know about automation testing in CI/CD

"If things seem under control, you're just not going fast enough." —Mario Andretti Test automation means focusing continuously on detecting defects, errors, and bugs as early and quickly as possible in the software development process. This is done using tools that pursue quality as the highest value and are put in place to ensure quality—not just pursue it.

How to Test Your NPM Module in Multiple Environments

1 npm registry, 1 git repository, multiple environments