VSCode Keybinds to Speed up Your Work

Visual Studio Code keyboard shortcuts to speed up the mundane task

7 tips for transforming testing

For businesses that are transforming their development practices, testing, as ever is either overlooked, or the last thing to get a makeover. So how do you go about providing real value with changes to your testing practices.

10 Amazing Tips & Tricks to Work with Linux – TecAdmin

Linux terminal can seem quite overwhelming for new users and even for experienced users without the knowledge of Linux tips & tricks. Linux is an incredibly flexible operating system. However, it is difficult to remember all the commands and their appropriate usage. Our amazing tricks will allow you to use Linux like a pro! Take […]

Best Easy JavaScript Practices— Writing Comments

Make your JavaScript code more readable with comments. Adding comments in the source code is purely a personal choice. Some engineers believe that comments in the code help them and others to understand their code with ease. Some of them believe that the code should be written in such a way that it is self-explanatory. In either case, we want our code to be readable and easily understandable.

Android One-row Home Widget Tips

Hi guys, I would like to share my story about what I experienced when developing android widget. This article will be in the format of a…

11 Things You Should Know When Starting Android Development

In this article, I’m going give you exactly what you should know when starting Android development.

The 10 best Angular tips selected by the community

Waterplea and I took an interesting challenge this June: we wrote an Angular tip every day on Twitter. It was warmly welcomed by the Angular community. I decided to write an article about 10 tips and tricks that have the most likes and explain their concepts in more detail.

My Favorite JavaScript Tips and Tricks

Most of the programming languages are open enough to allow programmers doing things multiple ways for the similar outcome. JavaScript is no way different. With JavaScript, we often find multiple ways of doing things for a similar outcome, and that's confusing at times. Some of the usages are better than the other alternatives and thus, these are my favorites. I am going to list them here in this article.

What Does the `New` Keyword Do “Under the Hood” in Javascript?

In this article, we will talk about the different topics that will lead us to understand better what the`new` keyword does in JS.

Learning what you don’t need to learn

Software and Web development is a career path that provides developers with the opportunity to explore numerous languages and technologies.

Cool CSS box-shadow Example and Hover Effects | Quick CSS Tips, Tricks

Cool CSS box-shadow Example and Hover Effects | Quick CSS Tips, Tricks

What Does the `New` Keyword Do “Under the Hood” in Javascript?

What Does the `New` Keyword Do “Under the Hood” in Javascript?. In this article, we will talk about the different topics that will lead us to understand better what thenew keyword does in JS.

Developer Interview Tips

Developer Interview Tips. Here are two things that have helped me a lot in interviews to get a job. These two things will help you stop being nervous and focus on a successful job position.

Drupal Multisite for B2B - How It Works | Anyforsoft

Learn the specifics of Drupal multisites that can help your own B2B solution overcome many unnecessary business obstacles, cutting cost and time expenses.

Thomas N Salzano - Tips To Use When You Need Information About Travel

Travel can be one of one of the most stressful parts of life, however likewise one of the most fulfilling. Being ready as well as understanding what to anticipate on the road, mixed-up or airborne is important to having a good journey. Read these...

Hey Interviewer, don't make it Complicated!

The term Interview is not alien to any of us. By Definition, An Interview can be described as, An interview is a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out if they are suitable for a job or a course of study. An Intervi...

Beginner’s Guide to Coding Projects

Starting something new is always difficult. When I working on my first coding project, I was wondering where to begin. I wondered what technologies I should use and whether I would come up with a good project idea

3 Advanced Python Features You Should Know

As a Data Scientist, you are already spending most of your time getting your data ready for prime time. Follow these real-world scenarios to learn how to leverage the advanced techniques in Python of list comprehension, Lambda expressions, and the Map function to get the job done faster.

3 Tips to Write SQL Queries That Are Easier to Read and Modify

3 practice tips to write SQL queries which are easier to read and modify even after six month and one year. Use this tips to write professional quality SQL.There is no doubt that writing code is more art than science and every coder cannot write beautiful code which is both readable and maintainable, even with the experience.