15 Tips and Tricks for Jupyter Notebook that will ease your Coding Experience

Jupyter Notebook is a browser bases REPL (read eval print loop) built on IPython and other open-source libraries, it allows us to run interactive python code on the browser.

Python Programming Tips For Beginners.

Python Tricks to become a better Programmer. In this article, we shall be discussing tips required to become a beginner to advance level python programmer which I myself have been trying to implement and follow for several years.

Convert Your Python Code into a Windows Application (.exe file)

From now onward, every time you want to share your excellent work with the wider community, you don’t have to worry about setting up the Python environment on their systems. They will be able to use the application, just like you do on your system.

How to NOT pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam

The best of bad advices about CKA. You will find a lot of articles with good tips on how to ace the CKA exam. You should definitely read them! When preparing for the exam, it sure helped me a lot.

How to manage Jenkins from Slack

Test automation is not just automating the application. I would say that even sharing the test results programmatically with the team is part of Test automation. So, the team does not depend on any individual to get the results. The team can also take further action based on the test results without any delay. In this article, we are going to see how we can share test results in Slack. Also how you could trigger an automated test suite execution in your Jenkins/CI tool.

Efficient PyTorch — Supercharging Training Pipeline

Why reporting only the Top-1 accuracy of your model is often not enough. The final goal of every deep learning project is to bring value to the product.

Advice and Tips to Properly Work with Virtual Environments

Because Virtual Environments can and will save you headaches. In early 2020, I was working on a school project using Keras/Tensorflow. Everything was working great. Then, I shared my code with my teammate so he could start working on it too. However, for some reason, it was not working for him.

Introduction to Rack middleware

What is Rack and how can we use it?. Being on the beautiful journey that is Software Development, and working as a Rails Developer, I often get curious about the different building blocks of this beautiful framework. Whenever I get time I like to go deep on one of these subjects, read about it and try to understand them, how to use them, and leverage that knowledge into producing better apps.

Java Tips & Tricks

Java…. So you all reading this know that it is one of the most popular programming languages around the world and designed to keep running on any stage incessantly. Be it Windows applications, Web Applications, Mobile, Network, consumer electronic goods, Java is everywhere.

8 Tricks To Quickly Learn Any Programming Language

Second and Last One Will Land You a Better Job. As an increasing amount of employers and companies are acknowledging the need for workers who have technical skills.

AWS Lambda Performance: Pro Tips and Tricks

How to diagnose and optimize your functions.Lambda is a serverless cloud compute service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The service enables you to run backend code on AWS services without managing infrastructure. The code you run on AWS Lambda is called functions. You can use your own functions or pre-made functions. Once your function is loaded, you select an AWS event source. You can set up events according to your needs, and then let Lambda run automatically.

Handling Null JSON Arrays in Golang (Go)

One of the most frustrating things with Go is how it handles empty arrays when encoding JSON. Rather than returning what is traditionally expected, an empty array, it instead returns null.

FAQs on Ruby and What is the difference between a class and a module?

Ruby 2.7.1 Mar 31, 2020.Ruby is an open-source pure object-oriented programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. The first version of the language (0.95) was released in 1995, and in 2011, version 1.9.3 was released.

Plugins used by Data Scientists

To ease-out tedious tasks performed on GitHub. Github is an open-source project hosting platform that many students and Data science enthusiast will be exposed to it.

5 tips to boost your Power BI development

One of the things that I like most about Power BI is rapid report development. In just a few clicks, results can be visible and ready for analysis.

6 Lesser-Known Yet Awesome Tricks in Pandas

6 Lesser-Known Yet Awesome Tricks in Pandas - Tricks I wish I knew sooner to get more value out of Pandas

iOS Dev 101 : Dynamic UITableViewCell

As iOS developers, it is a common practice to put your list of data in the cells within the UITableView, but one problem always come up to

Dear Refactoring: I Think We Need Some Time Apart

Dear Refactoring: I Think We Need Some Time Apart - Setting boundaries so that my love for refactoring doesn’t get in the way of shipping code on time

Do you know these habits of programmers?

There are two types of programmers - Programmers and Good Programmers. A programmer is what we are all till now. Now is the time to be a good programmer. Here I compile the most efficient tricks to turn yourself from category A to B