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How to Add a Translation feature to your Next.js App

For the past few weeks, I have been working on adding a translation feature to my Next.js App. I don’t see too many tutorials to start with and come across a lot of problems during the process. Therefore, I decided to write down this article for my own reference and hopefully, it can help you too! How to Add a translation feature to your Next.js App. Part 1: Set up the next-i18next package

Modeling a Language Translation System using LSTM for Mobile Devices or Web

Now, to convert our TensorFlow model to the TensorFlow Lite model, we first need to build and train a TensorFlow model. Here, we will train our language translation model then finally we will convert our model to TensorFlow Lite so that we can utilize it for our mobile devices.

How to translate text with python

We will explore different possibilities to translate a text or word using python. From my experience, this is very helpful if you want to automate the translation of many paragraphs, sentences or words.

How to Translate PDF with Python (Google vs AWS Translate)— extract and translate text

A step by step guide of how to read and translate PDF files with Google Translate API and AWS Translate API. This article is part one, and it focuses on how to read your PDF file, extract text, and translate it. It looks at two ways to translate the text — using Google Translate and AWS Translate.

Attention is all you need

In this post, we will study the key components of the transformers in order to understand how they have become the basis of the state of the art in different tasks.

Performing Optical Character Recognition with Python and Pytesseract using Anaconda

What is is Pytesseract and how reliable is it ? That one line should most probably leave you extremely pleased. I mean come on. Google? And OCR ? That’s the point when you know it’s good.

Computer-Assisted Translation Systems Versus Machine Translation

What’s the difference and why does it matter? We’re all familiar with Google Translate and have probably used it at one point or another. But do we really know what’s behind it and what the language industry makes of automated translation tools? If you’re an individual or a company stakeholder considering using a translation service for your documents or website, in particular, you should be aware of these technologies to make an informed decision.

Localize This! This is exactly where Localization comes in

Building software for distribution on the internet opens your product up to almost everyone on the planet, but here’s the catch… this limitless pool of potential customers don’t all speak your language. This is exactly where Localization comes in.

The Ultimate Linguistic Guide to Software Localization for Developers

In this comprehensive guide to software localisation, we look at the impact of l10n on your UX design and writing process.

Software Localisation vs. Standard Translation

How do they differ, and why does it matter? Software has become such an essential part of our world that it’s impossible to imagine a life without it.

Automating React Internalization

The ability to use a system across different locals based on the region. Internalization is often written in English as i18n, where 18 is the number of letters between i and n in the English word.

Neural Machine Translation: Demystifying Transformer Architecture

Can the transformer do what RNN couldn’t? A basic Seq2seq model consists of an encoder and decoder. The model takes input sentence with T tokens into the encoder.

Which Translator Using Data Science ?

Using Data Science to Investigate the Styles of Haruki Murakami’s Translators.The main translation is by Jay Rubin but it also appears as a short story in 'The Elephant Vanishes', this time translated by Alfred Birnbaum.

Implementing multi-language Angular applications rendered on a server (SSR)

This article will teach you what you need to know to successfully implement multi-language Angular applications rendered server-side.

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Angular: How to package translation (ngx-translate) with custom library

Hello dear developers, Today in this post I am going to address most important topic about translation service i.e ngx-traslate. Most of the...