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Mariya James


Popular React Native Apps Trends For Enterprise In 2021

Why is there been a massive increase in people showing interest in React Native App in the past few years?

According to Statista, 42 percent of the developers used React Native in 2020 to program mobile apps. React Native is a robust cross-platform mobile app development tool to create apps quickly.

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Popular React Native Apps Trends For Enterprise In 2021
Muhammad  Price

Muhammad Price


Security Trends

With the rise of remote work and rapid cloud adoption, IT leaders had to pivot in the last year to keep their organization more secure. It’s crucial to stay ahead of the trends that will have the greatest impact on cloud security for this year, and the years ahead.


     Security Trends
Kabanda  Nat

Kabanda Nat


The Top Eight Web Design Trends

1. 3D Technology
It has a growing permeation in numerous spheres, and web design is no exception.
2. Parallax Animation
Apart from traditional techniques including micro animations, parallax effects have growingly appeared as a vague concept.
3. Illustrations
Accordingly, designers have leeway to craft unique characters or items that make their brands more personable and consequently leave a lasting impression on visitors. 
4. Flat Design
5. Organic and Fluid Shapes
6. Gradient Color Scheme
7. Digital Explanations of Physical Products
8. Video-Embedded Design

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The Top Eight Web Design Trends

Rakesh Sharma


10 Hot Web Design Trends To Follow In 2021

Technology changes very rapidly and the website design trends are no exception for this. Website features and design elements that were once innovative and modern may have become tired, overdone and outdated in recent years. There is a high chance of losing conversion if your website looks outdated or ignores web standards. There are nearly 1.75 billion websites on the internet. But only 400 million of them are active. These sites belong to businesses, individuals, organizations and so on. The success of a website depends on several factors like- design, user interface, technical performance, security, technologies, search engine optimization, content etc. These factors belong to the two categories- web development design, user interface and user experience design. What impacts a site’s success in 2021?

Here we’ll see some hot web design trends that will skyrocket in 2021. We hope this list makes you approach the web in a more inclusive and accessible way.

10 Hot Web Design Trends For 2021-

A strong and attractive web design is important for a successful business. The vast majority will forsake your site if it has a poor UI and user experience. A website’s design influences trust in a business and users desire to interact with it. Let’s see web design trends that will skyrocket in 2021.

1. Bold Typography-
Use of bold fonts on websites is a trend that will stay in 2021 too. Simple fonts are easy to read, clear and visually appealing. Heavy fonts allow businesses to quickly show information. You can combine simple fonts with a simple background and you’ll get a perfect and minimalist great image for your website.

2. Horizontal Scrolling-
Many websites dabble with various scrolling techniques for a unique user experience. Vertical scrolling is a typical scrolling experience. Horizontal scrolling is a UX design trend that catches users’ attention while remaining simple and functional. Designers employing horizontal scroll should consider the following points-

Use clear visual cues to indicate where content uses horizontal scroll and don’t hide these cues behind hovers
Do not force users to navigate through horizontal content- allow alternate way to navigate, like arrow buttons with clear labels.
Be insightful about what content would benefit by being shown in a horizontal scroll — a photo gallery is a good competitor as horizontal scroll would show users a small preview, and allow them the alternative to see more or keep moving down the page
Avoid the need of horizontal scroll for text that needs to be read
3. 3D In Motion-
Large and hyper-realistic 3D object that move subtly on website is a big trend in web design. It is good for selling physical products because you can show them in detail and make them real to look. Motion design is a latest technology used in web designing as businesses try to grab attention with videos. In 2021, motion design will appear more on websites themselves.

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Ruth  Nabimanya

Ruth Nabimanya


Top 10 Big Data Trends in 2021 You Can't Afford to Ignore

Big Data is increasingly growing in scope in India, affecting the way industries function as well as boosting economies in its wake. Regardless of the size of an organisation, Big Data helps to make better organisational decisions and thereby brings order to the proceedings, making the world a more habitable place in its turn. Especially the transformations happened in Finance and Insurance Industry is tremendous.

At some point in the past, this was not the reality. Data was not always this “Big”. Only large-scale corporations had access to data then because only they could afford the technology that could process this data. In any case, their requirement was for a data analytics system that could take care of massive amounts of data, so they had hardly any choice in the matter.

Since that time, data has evolved at a terribly fast rate, allowing even smaller organisations to make use of the data they gather – all thanks to the internet and cloud technology. With big data cloud solutions, since they offer remote access to data using just the internet, there no longer remains any need for elaborate setups or data experts (who are not easy to acquire), thus saving these small organisations a fortune in internal spending.

The nuances that come with Big Data can now be handled just as easily by organisations that are intent on leveraging the value that it can bring. Moving beyond a simple IT Trend – as these things come and go, but mostly go, without being sustainable for development – Big Data has forged itself into the veins of the tech world, becoming one of its most prized assets.

And even as we write this, we are aware that Big Data is not one monolithic thing. It grows and changes to meet the demands of the various industries that it is a part of, seeking to solve its problems.

Table of Contents

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Top 10 Big Data Trends in 2021 You Can't Afford to Ignore
Gerhard  Brink

Gerhard Brink


5 Trends that will Determine the Future of Big Data Technologies

Big data software will witness substantial changes to keep with the growing industry

Big data is one of the most disruptive technologies of our time, that is shaping the industrial world. With data being everywhere, it’s useless for organizations without big data. By using big data technologies, organizations can gain insights and make better decisions that lead to greater ROI. To leverage this technology, the software is designed to analyze, process, and extract information from the heaps of unstructured data. Data professionals are familiar with Hadoop, Spark, NO-SQL, Hive, etc., but with so many advancements, it’s crucial to understand the future prospects of big data technology to evaluate which one is the right fit for an organization.

Breaking down Big data technologies
Upcoming Big Data Technology Trends

1. The Power of Cloud Solutions

2. A Big Shift within Traditional Databases

3. Hadoop will Stay with New Features

4. Real-time Speed will Determine Performance

5. Simplicity will Make Tasks Effortless

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5 Trends that will Determine the Future of Big Data Technologies
Kabanda  Nat

Kabanda Nat


Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

The 1st web design trend in 2021: 3D
3D technology has a growing permeation in numerous spheres, and web design is no exception. Although 2D design still accounts for some certain shares, the high application of its 3D counterpart cannot be overlooked and seemingly thrives in subsequent years, thanks to the advancement of 3D-friendly inventions (Figma, one of the top mobile app design tools, or Adobe Dimensions CC). Ranging from three-dimensional colors that use gradient schemes and shading to give flat objects a 3D feel, the technology is used to create illustrations and interactive content in both static and dynamic forms.

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Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

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2021 MARKET TRENDS - Spectrum Markets

You don’t need a crystal ball to name at least two big investment themes that will impact the markets this year: Brexit and Covid-19. Many people are reluctant to listen, but from an economic point of view, the next phase from now - the medium and long-term consequences of Brexit and Covid-19 – will be very exciting from an economic point of view and should offer some investment opportunities. However, there are other issues to consider at the same time.


The Covid-19 epidemic seems likely to be overcome by the end of this year due to the global vaccination rollout. This will lead to the full opening of local and global economies. Many people are eager to travel again, visit restaurants and other leisure facilities, or participate in cultural or sporting events. Therefore, the relevant industries are likely to benefit massively. You can call this a return to normalcy. Indeed, whilst many countries are still struggling with high infection rates, some countries have lifted restrictions and expect to allow international travel soon.
However, of equal interest are areas which may not revert to the habits of the past. E-commerce, for example – online trading has been booming since the outbreak of the disease. In the future, there should also be significantly more people who work at home at least temporarily instead of going into the office – the crisis has finally shown that this is possible. The same situation can be applied to some areas of education. In short, Covid-19 once and for all shows that digitization can enable radical change, with the correct focus placed upon it. We should see considerably larger investments than before in IT and digital infrastructure.


Since the referendum was held in June 2016 there have been intense debates about how Brexit will affect people’s lives in the UK and continental Europe, the international flow of goods, and certain industries. However, the various scenarios essentially remained theoretical until the transition phase of leaving the EU ended at the turnoff the year: Great Britain is now no longer part of the EU internal market and the customs union. And what we are now experiencing will probably keep the markets busy for many months, if not years: Due to the new trade barriers, some pan-European supply chains are at risk, there are bottlenecks, although the Corona-related lockdown in Great Britain is currently defusing the situation. In addition, due to tariff surcharges, some prices are no longer competitive, so many British companies have had to stop exporting their products to the EU. As in 2020, some British companies will probably relocate their headquarters to an EU country or establish branches in the single market, notably a number of financial firms.
The economic damage to Great Britain is likely to be considerable, not to mention putting jobs at risk. The British public are now also feeling the effects of Brexit in their wallets: Imported goods from the EU are more expensive due to tariffs and food prices are rising. It remains to be seen how big the final sales impact will be for EU companies.

Crypto currencies

For several months now, crypto currencies have been on everyone’s lips – and will remain so. Of course, that’s because Bitcoin and numerous Altcoins are currently reaching new heights against fiat currencies. In fact, Bitcoin’s value grew to more than $ 60,000, the highest point in its history. However, the deciding factor is that depending on their function, tokens have actually been used or applied, and virtual currencies are increasingly becoming established as a new asset class. The financial sector in particular had historical reservations. The fact is that both private and institutional investors around the world are investing enormous sums of money in cryptos because payment transactions that are independent of banks, governments and authorities appear attractive and could have a future. If you want to invest in a crypto currency, you must first familiarize yourself with the associated risks.


At present, there is much speculation about a potential period of higher inflation in the market. In fact, as governments around the world have launched economic stimulus plans and central banks have injected cheap funds into the market to support the economy that is suffering during the pandemic, many people are waiting for inflation to come. However, due to numerous compensatory and off-setting effects such as a rising savings rate, rising asset prices or the sharp rise in demand for digital offers during the pandemic, the inflationary effect remains to be seen. As a result, it is by no means certain that the central banks will raise interest rates significantly this year. In fact, the Federal Reserve pledged to keep interest rates anchored near zero until inflation rises consistently.

Stock markets

The stock market rallied very quickly after the February / March 2020 crash, and this recovery continues to this day, despite occasional setbacks. This has much to do with excess funding and aid programs. Above all, investors seem to be looking far ahead into the post-pandemic period, for which many are expecting a veritable economic boom. This view may have some merit, especially since there currently seems to be little alternative to the potential gains on the stock markets.
A certain degree of nervousness cannot be denied, and short-term volatility must be expected at any time. Stocks chosen from highly regarded industries generally outperform the market during periods of market turmoil, helping to protect investors’ investment portfolios. In addition to spreading the risks over different low-correlated asset classes, less risk-averse investors can exploit volatile phases for short-term trading and take short positions, provided they have the appropriate experience.


Internationally, the further development of the tense relationship between the USA and China is of crucial importance. Joe Biden, the new US President, moved into the White House in January, and the world is now looking forward to his dealings with Asia’s strongest economic power. The EU’s reactions to Biden’s election in November last year were mostly positive as the former Vice President stands for close political and economic cooperation with Europe.

Bottom Line

At this stage of a market outlook, it would usually be appropriate to provide a GDP forecast or a view of similar metrics. The reason why we are not offering this here is not because it is harder to predict this time around– we just think that, from a market perspective, the value of current information is limited. Some economists have predicted, even in the context of recent events, a global growth of 6% in GDP. Then again, the extent to which the economic stimuli that governments and institutions provided and will continue to provide will translate into effective demand, can’t be predicted seriously. It’s reasonable to assume that this support will remain in place as long as it takes. Thus, a scenario of sustained inflation is not necessarily inevitable; in contrast, the shortage of interest-bearing assets, may well persist for some time.

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2021 MARKET TRENDS - Spectrum Markets

12 Important Software Testing Trends for 2021 You Need To Know

Software testing and QA teams can leverage Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their automated test strategies and keep pace with recurrent releases—with the aid of analytics and reporting. For instance, software testers can use AI algorithms to discover and prioritize the scope for additional automated testing. Besides sorting out software tests’ workloads, AI-powered test apps can optimize test suites after identifying unneeded test cases and ensuring optimal test coverage by inspecting keywords from an RTM.

The pillar on which smart automation rests is ML. As per the Capgemini World Quality report, 38% of companies have planned to execute Machine Learning projects in 2019.

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12 Important Software Testing Trends for 2021 You Need To Know

2021 Software Testing Automation Tools and Trends Overview

To answer the above question for Software Testing Automation testing myths, let’s look up what Automation testing is and what we will achieve in upcoming years in automation testing. Testing is of two types.

  1. Manual Testing
  2. Automation testing
    To Go through the reality behind the myths mentioned above, Automation testing is responsible for completing repetitive tasks with better accuracy and less time span. So testing is not all about automation. It is the process that creates automation of tasks for which scenarios and cases are prepared manually after understanding the whole working functionality.

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2021 Software Testing Automation Tools and Trends Overview
Kabanda  Nat

Kabanda Nat


30 Web Design Trends To Look For in 2021

The web design industry is in constant change and heading towards attaining an exceptional edge over traditional methods. Web design has reached a level where it has become crucial to render highly-engaging and communication-oriented websites to the users to accomplish their needs_. _One can not deny the fact that these modern website design trends play a pivotal role in business conversions.

So, it is necessary to find out what website design trends are a perfect fit for your type of business.

As we said, the web design industry is constantly changing! Every year, the industry showcases various types of trends and it confuses web designers to find the best ones from the long lists.

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30 Web Design Trends To Look For in 2021
Were  Joyce

Were Joyce


Here's Why Java Is Still Alive And Kicking

Java in 2020 is overgrown with new features and was released twice right on schedule, despite the global turmoil. Java will remain one of the main platforms for developing enterprise applications (that is, corporate applications used by large companies to make money.

Every year they predict a quick death to Java, but this doesn’t happen, and it won’t happen very soon (it will never happen!, anonymous note). Java in 2020 is overgrown with new features and was released twice right on schedule, despite the global turmoil.

Naturally, there are global trends, and the main one is “Covid-19 and how to get out of it”. This very “how to get out” and corrected to some extent with IT trends and now about everything in order. So let’s start with what awaits our favorite language directly, and then — what awaits the IT sphere. The development of which, of course, affects such tools as Java.

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Here's Why Java Is Still Alive And Kicking
Nick Webdev

Nick Webdev


Top eCommerce Trends That Will Rock in 2021

If you fall in the business bracket where you want to revamp e-commerce, bringing hefty traffic to a website, sales queries are not new. For that, you need to understand the top trends in the eCommerce industry that’ll be a massive hit in 2021. For ample reasons, this will be unleashing opportunities.

As the pandemic brought several changes across industry verticals, and acceleration is expected to continue in the same capacity. eCommerce is one of the best things you would ever find in the digital marketing arena. For extensive reasons, this will hold the key.

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Top eCommerce Trends That Will Rock in 2021
Nick Webdev

Nick Webdev


8 Useful Tools For Web Developers In 2021

Are you looking for the best web development tools? Well, in this article, I’ll share with you some useful tools for web developers in 2021. These tools will make your work easier.

Using web development tools always makes your work easier and smoother. Web development is an area where you often need them, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list so that you can bookmark this list and check out any tool you’re looking for.

Well, there are many tools available, so we don’t pretend that this list is complete. You can share your favorite tools from the list in the comments section below.
Let’s move on to the tools.

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8 Useful Tools For Web Developers In 2021