Google vs Australia, India’s Quantum Labs And Rockets On Oil Rigs: This Week’s Top News

On Tuesday, MeiTY announced establishment of a Quantum Computing Applications Lab in India with help from AWS.

Researcher: I Hacked Trump’s Twitter by Guessing Password

Trump’s weak Twitter password and lack of basic two-factor authentication protections made it shockingly simple to hack his account, Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers reported.

New Study on TikTok’s Algorithms and Trump’s Tulsa Rally

New Study on TikTok’s Algorithms and Trump’s Tulsa Rally. The event illustrates how TikTok’s algorithms can make mass political communication more accessible, but it is still no democratic utopia.

A Social Media Analytics View of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Is QAnon a grassroots phenomenon, or is it largely driven by a few influencers? The social network is deleting groups, pages and accounts linked to the conspiracy theory movement.

Voter Registration ‘Error’ Phish Hits During U.S. Election Frenzy

Phishing emails tell recipients that their voter's registration applications are incomplete – but instead steal their social security numbers, license data and more.

Can AI Predict the 2020 Election?

Can AI Predict the 2020 Election? Finding insights from past election data.

Twitter API Data Visualizations with Pandas and Plotly

First, How to read this chart, because I know it’s easier to have it explained than to guess. Red and blue lines are Trump and Biden tweets over the past week Red and blue bars are Trump and Biden cumulative retweet totals over the past week

TikTok on the Clock, but Microsoft’s Not Letting the Party Stop

TikTok on the Clock, but Microsoft’s Not Letting the Party Stop: We cannot live without content. It’s true! We have been consuming it for years, even if you think the internet hasn’t been there long.

Sorry, Trump. Tiktok Isn’t Going Anywhere.

OnFriday July 31st, Trump announced that he planned to ban TikTok from the United States as soon as August 1st. The president stated he was concerned about the lack of security measures the app had in place, and how Chinese governments could have harvested data over time.

All vectors are UNequal, but some are more UNequal than the others…

Searching for meaning in Trump’s tweets. Part II.Continuing on from where we left off in Part I and diving into vectorised text. Discussing the problems of using text vector representations and setting up the scene for the final part, where we are going to try and fix them. In part I, we have set up the problem and gone through some basic exploratory analysis of the dataset.

Searching for Meaning in Trump’s Tweets.

It’s harder than you might think. An in-depth NLP analysis, using LDA, TSNE, Spacy, Gensim, and XX-Berts for good measure (although the latter is not really necessary).