Learning Python: Tuples

The tuple is one of the least known and least understood of data structures but tuples can be useful in certain situations when lists or dictionaries aren’t quite right. In this article I’ll discuss what tuples are and how to use them in Python.

How to Unzip List of Tuples in Python

To unzip a list of tuples in Python, you can use one of the following ways. Using zip() and * operatorUsing List Comprehension.

Returning multiple properties in a C# method with ValueTuple

Tuples get a lot of hate in the C# world where they rarely see implementation, in part because of the obscurity of the “tuple” in certain programming languages such as C#, but also because the objects inside traditional C# Tuples are accessed as “Item1”, “Item2” and so on.

TypeScript 4.0 finally delivers what I’ve been waiting for

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release candidate of TypeScript 4.0. And with that comes Labeled Tuple Elements, which is the answer to the title of this post. A list of generic params with good labels! In this post, you'll see TypeScript 4.0 finally delivers what I’ve been waiting for

A tour to the Scala Tuples

In Scala, a tuple is a class that gives us a simple way to store heterogeneous items or different data types in the same container.A tuples purpose is to combine a fixed and finite number of items together to allow the programmer to pass a tuple as a whole. A tuple is immutable in Scala. Click here to know more about mutability and immutability. An example of a tuple storing an integer, and a string value.

Tuples in Python | Python Tutorial Series

In this video, we are going to learn about tuples in python.

Enumerations, Tuples, and Generics in Swift

A brief discussion on how to uses enum, generics & tuples in the swift programming language.

Basic Python Data Structures

There are quite a few data structures available. The builtins data structures are: lists, tuples, dictionaries, strings, sets and frozensets. Lists, strings and tuples are .