End-to-End Encrypted Chat with the Web Crypto API

By reading this tutorial, you’ll learn how end-to-end encrypt data in web applications using nothing but JavaScript and the Web Crypto API, which is a native browser API.

A Beginners Guide to Text Classification Using TensorFlow Hub

In this section, we will be answering some basic questions like: What is text classification? How does text classification work? What are the algorithms used for classifying text? What are the most common business applications?

Working with NLP datasets in Python

Tutorial: Comparing the new HuggingFace Datasets library with the TensorFlow Datasets library and other options. In this post, I will review the new HuggingFace Dataset library on the example of IMBD Sentiment analysis dataset and compare it to the TensorFlow Datasets library using a Keras biLSTM network.

What is Node.js and why you should learn it

Discover what Node.js is all about and why it can be an asset to your tech porfolio. Watch the complete series to begin your Node.js developer journey!

Web Scraping with Python and Object-Oriented Programming

I am going to elaborate the reason for choosing the chosen coding structure. I am assuming you have a basic understanding of Python and HTML.

Build a Monitoring Dashboard With QuestDB and Grafana | Time Series Data, Faster

In this tutorial you will learn how to use QuestDB as a data source for your Grafana dashboards and create visualizations using aggregate functions and sampling

How SQL Server Stores Data Types: sql_variant

How SQL Server Stores Data Types: sql_variant. In this article, see how SQL Server stores data types.

Google Meet Attendance Bot -Sarvesh_Wadi

In this tutorial, I ‘ll walk you through the project step by step to create your own Google Meet Attendance bot.

Configuring Java Apps With Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Helm

This tutorial will show you how to develop Java microservices that use Kubernetes ConfigMaps, see how ConfigMaps are used, and update them in the app with Helm.

How To Use Syntactical Expressions And Dispatch In Julia

How To Use Syntactical Expressions And Dispatch In Julia. The bread and butter of Julia: Syntactical expressions and multiple dispatch

Handling Imbalanced Datasets: A Guide With Hands-on Implementation

In this article, I’ll be discussing the way to achieve balanced datasets using various techniques, as well as compare them.

How to Create a reusable Modal component in Angular 9 using ng-bootstrap

As I was way into my first full-time position as a Junior Web Developer, I realized that my co-workers were creating a separate component for each dialog required in the application. To me that was unacceptable, so I decided to develop a reusable modal component that would fit the application’s needs. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Create a reusable Modal component in Angular 9 using ng-bootstrap

The 5 Mistakes I Kept Making While Learning Tableau

The 5 Mistakes I Kept Making While Learning Tableau. These mistakes can be avoided. These are the five biggest mistakes I made while learning Tableau and how you can avoid them to successfully and efficiently master this popular BI tool.

How Use Array Methods to Handle API Data

In this article, we'll explore some common ways to work with data in Javascript. To follow along, you'll need to be working with code in either Node.js or the Browser.

Getting Familiar With Loops In Julia

Getting Familiar With Loops In Julia. An introduction to using loops in tandem with conditionals in the Julia programming language.

Joins with Power BI

In this article, I will show you how these joins can be done using Power BI’s Power Query and also in R using dplyr.

Selenium Grid 4 Tutorial For Distributed Testing

Selenium Grid has been an integral part of automation testing, as it lets you perform test case execution on different combinations of browsers, operating systems (or platforms), and machines. It also enables you to perform parallel execution to expedite the cross-browser testing process.

How to Integrate Reactjs with SpringBoot Tutorial - loizenai.com

I introduce an example "How to Integrate Reactjs with SpringBoot RestAPI tutorial" with detail steps and 100% running sourcecode.

Generating Suitable ML Models Using LazyPredict Python Tool

I’ll be discussing how to implement LazyPredict for regression and classification models with just a few lines of code.

An Introduction To Conditions And Methods In Julia

Today we are going to take a look at actually writing functions to deal with our types, as well as a broad overview of how conditionals work inside the Julia language.