Ways to enhance your online taxi booking business

Now anyone can instantly start their online business venture with Abservetech's Uber clone app (RebuStar).

Uber clone, an online taxi booking app, helps people book a cab right away in a few clicks.

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Ways to enhance your online taxi booking business

Launch Uber Clone Script with Abservetech instantly

Are you the one who has a plan to start a taxi business but doesn't know how to begin?

Your solution is one step away!

Abservetech offers Uber Clone - a taxi booking script with many efficient features incorporated.

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Launch Uber Clone Script with Abservetech instantly
Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain


Built a Taxi booking App Like Uber

HireMe Taxi app is a pre-fabricated  Lyft / OLA / Didi / Uber clone script that is an entirely white label taxi app and can be customized based on business requirements. Please connect with us for a live demo.
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Built a Taxi booking App Like Uber

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Right time to get 50% offer on our Uber clone script
Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain


Launch Your Uber Like Taxi App

Grepix Infotech is a leading mobile app development company based in India. We've several ready to launch products and help startups to launch their ventures in the market with minimal cost and timeframe. Please contact us for FREE of cost consultation.
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Launch Your Uber Like Taxi App

Jammy Shan


What are the risks of starting a taxi business?

There are hazards when beginning a business, just as there are when starting any other. However, if you know what you’re doing in the taxi sector, you can control these risks very well.

Because everyone nowadays uses smartphones and has become digitalized, the so-called taxi business is also offering mobile apps such as Uber Clone to avoid losing their market share in the On-demand raid-hailing industry.

So, if you are new to the taxi business, you must ensure that you have prepared the finest business plan for your mobile app in order to stay sustainable and competitive.

Allow me to provide you with a brief summary of the revenue-generating methods in the Uber Clone, which may assist you in avoiding the risk of losing your place in the On-demand taxi business.

Increases in Prices: Uber clone has the ability to hike fares in extraordinary scenarios. For example, demand for cabs is higher during peak hours on business days or during a festival. Your Uber clone can boost the price and profit from the demand-supply imbalance using these algorithms.

Cancellation Fees: Although most passengers find the cancellation fee to be inconvenient, it is an extra revenue stream that ensures your Uber clone business stays afloat.

Automobile Leasing: Drivers who do not own a car but wish to use the Uber Clone app’s services can do so by leasing a car from the business owner who will provide it. These vehicles can be leased at the market’s lowest prices, benefiting both parties.

To my knowledge SpotnEats Uber clone, a pioneer in the App development firm for years offers these features in their On-demand Ride-hailing app at a low cost which helps many small companies to overcome the tackle they face with the big sharks in the taxi business. You can also visit their website for more information at hello@SpotnEats.com

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What are the risks of starting a taxi business?
George David

George David


Reshape Your Taxi Booking Business with Uber Clone App Script

People today can smartly book their taxis online simply using their own mobile phone at any time. It all happened after the entry of the app-based Uber taxi service into the marketplace. The successful business platform was inspired by many industries later onwards.

Even though there have been a lot of on-demand service bookings available in the market, online taxi service booking is still in its top position with high-level business growth. Such a revolutionary app-based invention is the best alternative for the old traditional way of taxi bookings.

Read more at : https://georgedavid02.medium.com/reshape-your-taxi-booking-business-with-uber-clone-app-script-901a91528045

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Reshape Your Taxi Booking Business with Uber Clone App Script

Which Is The Best Uber Clone Script For Your Ride-Hailing Venture?

Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry in the past years and has grown its business impressively. The uniqueness and simplicity of the app usage offered an easy cab booking experience to customers with diverse needs. The success of Uber in providing ride-hailing services has offered great scope for new businesses wanting to venture into this market because the demand for cab-hailing apps increases as more users seeks cab services for their transportation needs. To ensure the success of your Uber clone app, you need to adopt a simple and scalable business model with advanced features that can adapt to the changing market needs. The Uber clone app development, when done right, can fetch you a good deal of profits.
Below listed are some of the best Uber clone scripts to start your ride-hailing venture.

WEBNEXS - Ride-Hailing

Ride-Hailing is a Uber clone taxi booking script that is developed by the Webnexs app development company. The clone app is developed by loading with many astonishing features to ensure the safety and convenience of the users. One of the best features of Webnexs Ride-hailing clone is the RTL support. The Right to left text direction feature allows the user to enter their pickup and destination location with ease.

Features of the Webnexs Uber clone script are listed below

  • Easy Registration
  • Social Media Signup
  • Select your Location
  • Choose your car
  • Driver Tracking
  • Cab Pre-booking
  • Auto Tariff Calculation
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Fare Estimation based on the distance
  • View Scheduled Pickup
  • Cab Availability Check
  • Accept or Reject Ride Requests
  • Email Templates
  • PayPal Integration
  • Credit/Debit card acceptance
  • RTL Text (Right to Left) Support
  • Facebook & Twitter Sharing

ARIGYA – Taxi Picker

Taxi picker app is a clone app developed by Arigya app development company. The specialty of this clone script is, it is optimized from the search engine point of view.

Features of the Taxi picker clone script are listed below

  • Unique Signup
  • Social Media Signup
  • Email Templates
  • Car type Selection
  • Car listing
  • Availability of Cars
  • Wallet
  • Payment Gateway
  • Language
  • Confirmation Setting
  • Cities
  • Fare Estimation and
  • History Details

CLICK LABS – Taxi Hawk

Taxi Hawk is an Uber clone script developed by Click Labs development company. Click lab is one of the top development firms that creates many applications with different app functionalities.

Features of the Taxi Hawk clone script are listed below

  • Track the status of the cab
  • Instant Booking
  • Cashless Payment
  • Manage Profile
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • View Scheduled Pickup
  • Invoices after reaching destination
  • Payment Management
  • Review the Driver’s statics

ZOPLAY – Uber for X

Uber for X is a taxi booking app script developed by the Zoplay app development company. The company provides demos to get a complete idea of the design and functionality of the clone app.

Features of the Uber for X clone script are listed below

  • Live Tracking
  • Book Later Function
  • Promotion and Referral code
  • Status and Location of the cab
  • Ride Estimate
  • Instant alert on ride status
  • Auto-estimate of arrival time
  • Track Transactions
  • Feedbacks for Drivers and the users
  • Social Login
  • User Wallet

APP JASMINE – Uber for Taxi

Uber for Taxi is a clone app of Uber developed by App Jasmine app development company. The distinctiveness of this app is that it employs IoT(Internet of things) technology. The IoT devices collect and transmit the data via the internet, with which the user can track the cab and get details of the taxi in their nearby location.

Features of the Uber for Taxi clone script are listed below

  • Admin Control
  • Track in Real-time
  • IOS and Android Apps
  • In-App Payments
  • Fare Estimator
  • Driver Approval
  • ETA
  • Language Translation
  • Pick Up
  • Ride Notification

APP SCRIP – Roadyo

Roadyo clone app is developed by App Scrip development company. The app has the multilanguage feature that helps users to swap languages as per their convenience.

Features of the Roadyo clone script are listed below

  • User Registration
  • Store Credit Card details
  • Referral Codes
  • Spot Vehicles Live on Map
  • Trip Confirmation
  • Promotions
  • Delivery Flow
  • Book For Later
  • Booking App
  • Live Tracking
  • Accept/Reject booking

APPIE- Taxi Booking App Builder

Taxi Booking App Builder is a clone app developed by Appie. The app has a real-time integrated mobile payment that ensures the payment for the signed-up drivers is made properly.

Features of the taxi booking app builder clone script are listed below

  • Register Card
  • Track Driver
  • Pickup Location
  • Select Cab type
  • Fare Calculator
  • Live tracking
  • Automatic Payment
  • Add Payment
  • Booking History

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Which Is The Best Uber Clone Script For Your Ride-Hailing Venture?

What Is An Uber Clone?

The advent of technology has taken over all the fields, including the business world. The generation is inclined towards digitization, and ease of access is expected in everything by the customers. The availability of services has been simplified by introducing an app for a specific task. There are many apps present in the market currently for services like food delivery, shopping, etc. an app for availing a taxi ride joins the club. It has many advantages to the customers and business owners, and in a way to the drivers as well as it opens many employment opportunities and offers a good paycheque. A taxi-hailing app simplifies hailing a cab without waiving your hand on the street sides. The cab-hailing app has captured its limelight because of the demand by many people who use taxis as a means to travel. Now availing a ride has become just a few clicks away.

Uber has fulfilled 40 million rides per month in the US. It has a global market value of 72 billion. Also, given the situation due to the global pandemic, many opt for personal rides and avoid buses or trains to avoid human contact. It implies there is no better time to invest in apps for hailing cabs than now.

Let us get a better idea about the taxi app, and then let’s see the advantages of this app.


To briefly put out the working of an uber clone app, it basically consists of 2 apps for it to function. One app is held by the user and the other by the driver. When the user wants a ride, they simply enter the location from where they are to be picked and the destination, then the user selects the type of vehicle based on the number of passengers and comfort. After this, the user is directed to the payment gateway for a smooth transaction procedure. When the transaction is completed the request will be sent to all the nearby drivers holding the app. If a driver accepts the request then the ride is confirmed and the driver comes to the location to pick the passenger and drop them at the destination.

The following are the advantages of using the app

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Cheaper
  • Professional service
  • Safe and flexible for taxi drivers
  • Increase in employment opportunities


If you are looking for uber clone app development then turnkey town provides replication of apps like uber and delivers you with a cab-hailing app that holds similar features to uber. They have a readymade script for uber and are 100% customisable and extra features can be added based on your suggestions or requirements. Let us get a better idea about the taxi app, and then let’s see the advantages of this app.

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What Is An Uber Clone?

Van Dijk


Best On-Demand Taxi App Development To Improve Your ROI

People around the world start using On-demand Apps. One of the best on-demand applications is the taxi booking app. Many of them are starting to live luxurious life and the services they expect are top-notch.

Developing a platform for people who use private transportation services regularly to get the doorstep transportation application. The best on-demand taxi booking app is Gofer providing solutions to Entrepreneurs.

The Uber-Like App is developed with the needed functionalities and features to improve the business and it can be only possible if the features are updated properly.

This is image title

Resembling features of Taxi Booking App

Simple signup / login
Instant notifications
Live track
Multiple payments
Rating & Reviews
Estimated time of arrival
Automatic Fare Estimation
Multiple Currency
Surge Pricing / Peak time Pricing
Chat Option
Multiple Languages
Schedule Ride
Fleet Management
Manual Booking
Multi-Vehicle Option
Ride Sharing
Gender-Based Preference Ride
Handicap Seat Accessibility
Child Seat Accessibility

Gofer has a simple signup & login option for all its users. Riders can register themselves to the gofer with the Phone number, Facebook, Google, Apple Id. Drivers can sign up for their account using the phone number to ensure security with a verification code.

Instant notification will be sent to both driver & rider instantly in Gofer. Using Google Firebase API the users of the Gofer App will be benefited from uninterrupted communication service.

Gofer has live tracking for both drivers & riders. Drivers can easily track their path from their current location to the rider’s pickup location to the destination location. Riders can monitor each and every move of the driver.

Gofer allows its riders to pay comfortably out of their choice. PayPal, Wallet & Cash are the options in payment for riders.

Promo code is one of the fascinating marketing words to attract the users of a product. Gofer has the option to create code in the admin panel. Riders can apply a promo code or gift code for the ride, the amount will be reduced from the total ride amount.

Ratings & reviews will surely help the business to increase the trust among new users of the product. Both the riders & drivers can share their reviews and rate each other for the trip.

ETA is one of the needed features of all taxi booking services to acknowledge the riders about the waiting time till the arrival of their vehicle. It makes the riders more comfortable to know the exact time of their trip.

Riders can view the estimated fare after entering the from and address. This will help them to choose the cost-effective vehicle in the available list.

Gofer has multiple currency options so that the riders can pay in their preferred currency. It will help the owner of this product to enhance their business in the worldwide market.

Admin can choose the prior peak time in before hands and charge the surge amount in the commute for a reasonable cause. This feature highly concerns the driver benefits too.

Under the security roof without sharing the phone number, both drivers and the riders can have a separate room in the app itself to communicate between themselves.

Gofer supports multiple languages in both mobile & web applications. That is according to the location, the user preferred language will be changed manually.

The navigation option has been included effectively in the app to help the drivers to avoid confusing the routes. By integration with google maps, drivers can easily navigate in the correct path.

SOS helps to overcome the negative happenings in emergency situations. The riders can share their location and their details instantly to the emergency contact numbers included in their profile.

The options like ride now, ride later are available for the riders to book the ride instantly or to schedule the ride. Eventually, the driver will also be triggered out by the request and the cab gets booked.

Gofer has a separate panel for the company to handle their vehicle set. So that the company could manage the entire fleet, including payout and others.

Multiple riders of the same path can share vehicle seats using a ride-sharing feature. Verified riders can book a maximum of 2 seats according to the vehicle’s seating capacity for each trip.

In Gofer Rider App, if the rider updates gender as female, they can prefer female drivers for their ride. This ensures extra security for females for a safe ride

For the differently-abled, Gofer offers a separate space for seating in the car. The rider can filter the available vehicles with a handicap facility.

Child seat accessibility can be used to keep the children safe during the ride. This provides safety to the children and the rider can choose based on the need.

Start your own Uber Clone app to improve your business. Contact sales@trioangle.com or visit the website and give the requirements from your side to start your business immediately.

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Bessie joans


Why start an app like Uber Taxi?

In the digitized world, we all using ondemand app available at markets to satisfy our needs. Traditional business is shifting towards the ondemand economy to sustain and compete on their business niche.

Car rental services are one of the traditional businesses that have extended broadly with technological advancements. Those days we use to go and book the cars for rental, but that too should be done in an advance.
Whereas today we can book cars instantly anywhere without any geographical barriers with help of the taxi services like Uber Taxi.

Challenges Faced by Traditional Taxi Rental
Increasing Competition
Regaining lost customers
Balancing independent taxi services at cheaper rates
Government intervention
Support from local taxi booking industry
Speed and efficiency in hiring a taxi
Location alerts and smart route planning
Vehicle Maintenance
To overcome all the challenges faced by the taxi rentals people started using Uber, Lyft, Careem, & Ola, etc.

The ride-hailing app helps both the users as well as car owners in various ways. Both benefit from using the platform on listing the vehicle and booking cars using these.

Uber Taxi is popular on the taxi booking app that has huge riders through this platform. Taxi booking App is an online marketplace where users able to search, find, and book cabs available nearby them instantly.

Why start a ride-hailing app like Uber?

Uber would be a large company among other on-demand apps in global markets in ride-hailing services.
In 2017, the value of the taxi booking app market was around $ 36,000 million, which is expected to rise at a CAGR of 16.5 percent by 2025, taking the figures up to $ 126,521 million.
Uber has attained the heights of success in less than 10 years and already has a market value of USD 72 billion. According to the Report of statistics, it is estimated that around 110 million users actively used Uber each month in 2019. Uber has been the largest ride-sharing app with around 45,000 drivers & 3.5 million riders in the united kingdom.

Starting a Taxi booking app like Uber Taxi would be a futuristic business plan. You can start your ride-hailing app with the readymade Uber Clone Script to launch an app like Uber Taxi.

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Why start an app like Uber Taxi?

harvey h


Taxi Booking App Development Company | Uber like app development

Build your own Taxi Booking App like Uber, Ola and earn a hefty profit from your own taxi business. Be a reputable taxi industry leader in your region with a customized taxi app development solutions or a white-label readymade Uber clone application primarily built by top Taxi booking app development company in canada

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Taxi Booking App Development Company | Uber like app development

Unboxing the Ideas to Get a Global Recognition in Service Marketplace 2021 via Uber for X

After the successful launch of the Uber for X business model, the service booking industries are getting numerous benefits and they can be fit to handle service-related requests timely and allow the service professionals and the service seekers to interact in a hassle-free manner.


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Unboxing the Ideas to Get a Global Recognition in Service Marketplace 2021 via Uber for X

Anfisa chris


Uber Clone - A Quick Way to Start Business & Grow like Uber

Examining the achievement of Uber, it is a smart thought to begin a business with a Uber clone instead of building an app without any preparation. The reason behind going with the uber clone script is the achievement of Uber. For beginning and building up an app without any preparation requires cost and time just as different assets. Consequently, a Uber clone is totally adaptable for a business visionary as one can dissect with the Uber business model and can likewise coordinate for certain new highlights if necessary.

Uber has made a decent revenue generation by offering various types of assistance online. One can teach with the most recent highlights into the uber clone app to develop your business like Uber. It gives various approaches to new companies to create their revenue differently. As a startup one can create revenue by paid promotions, flag advertisements and so forth One of the incredible ways is relying upon the commission model, revenue can be created by taking commission on per ride.

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Uber Clone - A Quick Way to Start Business & Grow like Uber