Python Testing

To create our unit test we will be using the python standard library unittest. This way of creating test cases uses OOP(Object Oriented Programming) by creating a class that will house all our test cases.

How to Test With Jest

If you are a budding developer looking to get that first opportunity, it is important to get familiar with some of the different cloud infrastructure providers out there. ”

Building A Test Runner in Jest - A How-To Guide

I use Jest nearly every day when working, and it's a fantastic tool. It lets me ship my code with confidence, knowing that I have produced something which works as intended.

Interaction Testing with React Testing Library

Testing is complicated. I’ve certainly never been good at it. For the longest time, I’ve only been focused on basic function input-output unit tests. Why? Because they were easy — you didn’t need to render HTML, you didn’t need to query DOM elements, you didn’t need to interact with said DOM elements. But of course, React component testing is a necessity for any mature codebase. And it finally came time for me to sit down and figure it out. A window into React component testing. Interaction Testing with React Testing Library

Things to Consider when Frontend Unit Testing

How to enable frontend Unit testing as a practice, for your teams. Unit Testing is one of the essential tools every developer should use. However, I have seen many projects making it difficult to carry out this as a practice. There are many reasons for this.

How to Unit Test a Nested Callback Function

In this article we will learn how to Unit Test a Nested Callback Function. Writing unit tests can be fun but also tricky, especially if you’re testing code that may not have been written with unit testing in mind.

Testing Angular HTTP Communication

Angular has great built-in tools for making web requests. It also contains a great module for testing HTTP communication: HttpClientTestingModule. This module contains full toolbox to ensure web communication happens as intended by the developer.

Go Testing Essential Learning Path

Usually, when I start out to learn something for the first time, I hit up the usual suspects: Pluralsight, Udemy, Linkedin Learning, etc. I really love learning programming topics via video training. For me, I find the instructors usually drop little tidbits of knowledge throughout the course, which is often not included in blog posts.

Pytest Plugins to Love ❤️

My top 5 and honorable 50 out of 600+ plugins to get nicer output and faster execution. Pytest is extensible and has plenty of plugins. You don’t need to use any of them, but you might find some very useful. I love this because you have an easy time to get started with unit testing, while still finding amazing stuff when you’re more experienced 🤩

No Time for Tests? — 12 Recommendations on Unit-Testing AWS Lambdas

This is the second of two articles about writing and testing DevOps-y Lambdas. It focuses on implementing readable and meaningful unit tests that don’t require complicated setups.

Running Golang Unit Tests Inside a Docker Container

Before we get started, this post can absolutely apply to any language where you have a need to run tests inside a Docker container. However, for this post, we’ll be looking at a Go project where I found myself in need of this very thing. Running Golang Unit Tests Inside a Docker Container

Testable ViewModel Using Mock

If you’re using MVVM architecture in your iOS project you probably have a ViewModel that gets data from the network. So how can we write tests for that kind of ViewModel?

Unit Tests — Argument Captor with Mockito

Unit Tests — Argument Captor with Mockito. Argument Captor is a Mockito feature used to capture arguments from functions called within a test.

Unit Test Networking Code in Swift, Without Making Loads of Mock Classes

Subclassing URLProtocol to mock URLSession network requests

Unit test vs. Programmer test vs. Integration test

What are Programmer tests? See a clear example of each kind.

Rethinking Unit Testing in Software Development

When it comes to unit testing, there is always two side for the coin. Does unit testing pay off? Is it worth it?

How to Write a Minimal Unit Testing Framework in C++

A Functional C++ Unit Testing Framework in Under 70 Lines of Code

Free .net core hosting on Heroku through Docker and GitHub. Deploy with Unit-tests

This guide by Yulia Sevostyanova is a follow up of the previous article about the deployment on free .net core hosting on Heroku through Docker and GitHub to configure continuous integration. Today’s goal is to adjust the process, so that deployment occurs only when all unit tests have been passed. Also, the article raises the issue of monitoring the process of continuous integration.