The Balancing Act: When User Experience Crossed Paths With Seo

It's the right time to give a headstart to converge SEO and UX efforts for not getting separated like chaff from the wheat by Google and the users.

The power of email clients: why did we redesign Thunderbird?

We’re happy to let you know, that our Thunderbird redesign idea is now a working theme and can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, it is available for Linux only for now.

The 2020 UI Design Fundamentals Crash Course

In today's video you'll learn all about the 7 fundamentals of UI design that will make you a better UI designer by 2020.

How to visualize complex, real-time IoT data: Design and UX principles

You may already know from our blog and this post that here at Monterail, we have our own Internet of Things R&D team, which I am happy to be a part of. We have done tons of research about the current state of IoT market, platforms, devices and technical details.

Thunderbird Starts Working on Improving Its Interface

Our latest post on the Thunderbird redesign drew a lot of buzz from industry press. Now we're working on changing its default theme. Take part in a survey!

“Should I Consider PWA?” Possibilities of Progressive Web Apps with Examples

These Progressive Web Apps examples provide the experience of an app without abandoning the Web. See why you should consider PWA.

Innovating Car Parking Systems Around the World While Solving Real-Life Problems

The interview with Jaco van der Merwe and Devon Beynon from Admyt—a car parking system software operating in 14 premier malls across South Africa with 30,000 users. Their mission is to provide a seamless user experience and we asked them how to do it.

Discovery Workshop: Aligning Your Vision and An Actual Product

How can you make sure that your vision is reflected properly in the finished product? The best way to do it is to take part in the Discovery Workshop.

5 Rules for Clarity in Data Visualization

Data is a powerful weapon to be used in discussing strategic business directions. Here are 5 rules that can help you maintain clarity in data visualization.

Crafting Visual Stories Using Data and Information

Data visualization makes data information. Information turn into knowledge and create insights that will be used to make business decisions of any kind. In this article, we'll show you proven practices of a smooth cooperation between design and data.

8 Fundamental Chrome Extensions For Designers (With Bonus)

Digital product design isn’t only about creating. Every designer needs tools to handle their daily work - see 8 essential chrome extensions Monterail's Head of Design recommends.

How to Sell Your HR App — Good Practices in HR Software Communication

Communicate your HR app wisely to let it stand out on the HR tech market. See what to embrace or avoid when creating HR software communication in 2019.

How to Design Your HR Tech Software—Good UX and UI Practices

Get a grasp of good design practices you should follow when building your HR software. See how design can help you work more effectively as a team.

How UX Interviews Help Develop a Better Software Product

Whether you're at the early stages of the development process, or thinking of changing your app's features - UX interviews will provide insights every entrepreneur should listen to.

The Most Interesting UX Conferences You Should Be Attending in 2020

Every year brings its share of new UX conferences. Monterail design team identified the ones we think are worth paying a visit to in 2020.

Logging As a Last Resort

Design your application in a way that it reports errors as part of its normal operation. One should only need to look at logs if all else fails.

Designing a User Experience While Planning For the Future

Designing A User Experience for Now, While Planning For the Future

Balance User Experience and Security to Retain Customers

Balance User Experience and Security to Retain Customers. Long-lived sessions improve UX while reducing password reset costs.

Ebay Rearchitected Their Android App to Leverage App Bundles and Dynamic Feature Delivery

Ebay engineers worked with Google to rearchitecture and reimplement their mobile app to take advantage of several new technologies, including Android app bundles (AAB) and Kotlin. They also took the chance to improve test automation, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and overcome global infrastructure limitations.


@AdobeのデザインシステムSpectrumのデザイナーNate Baldwin氏が、オープンソースのカラージェネレーターであるLeonardo 1.0をリリースした。Leonardoは、コントラスト比に基づいて生成された色を使用して、アクセス可能なアダプティブカラーシステムの作成を自動化することにより、デザイナの生産性とエンドユーザエクスペリエンスの向上に努めている。Leonardoは完全なテーマ生成もサポートしており、デザイナとエンジニアの両方を対象としている。