User Experience

The user experience is the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership, but also a person’s perceptions of the practical aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency of the system.

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The Rise of Designer Communities: Has the Algorithm Lost Its Rhythm?

Take your design hat off for a moment, and imagine you’re a farmer. You’ve spent ages cultivating the perfect aubergine, and are ready to take it to market.

Enhance Your User Experience With the Modern Browser JavaScript APIs

4 Powerful APIs to give your user a better experience while navigating your website. Nowadays the web has become more important and more powerful than ever. One of the important aspects we try to achieve when building a website is providing a good user experience. Enhance your user experience with the modern browser JavaScript APIs. 4 Powerful APIs to give your user a better experience while navigating.

Monster List of UX Books: July 2020 Updates

Check out these long overdue updates to the Monster List of UX Books.

How Do You Diagnose a Client’s UX or Design Problem?

User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create products ... Learn about the history of UX and what it means to be a UX designer here. ... it. Similarly, UX designers don't just focus on creating products that are usable; we ... In software designs, you will need to ensure the product's “substance” comes

11 things that go wrong on a UX project

What to look out for when you inherit a Pain Project

How Medical Ultrasound May Become the Preferred Imaging Method with AI

Diagnostic ultrasound is a popular imaging method used for a variety of screening and diagnostic procedures such as pregnancy monitoring, thyroid screening, blood flow evaluation or breast cancer detection.

Improving the UX of React apps with Skeleton/Content Loader

Get rid of loading mask as some places in your apps and replace it with content loaders for better user experience. A skeleton screen is a version of the UI that doesn’t contain actual content/Information but it contains a mimics of how the page will look like when the actual content is displayed. It means that it will display the actual shape of how the layout will appear when all the information is loaded on the screen.

Design Systems: React Buttons with the Base + Variant Pattern

Composing React buttons for design systems with the Base and Variant pattern. Design Systems are made to make the designs consistent across products. But they shouldn’t become a bottleneck for creativity. Some room for experimentation should be present. Let’s see how we can tread this fine line between flexibility and consistency using the base + variant pattern.

Why Easy-to-Use Apps Are Complex to Build

Most people think “this app is easy to use, therefore it must be easy to build”, it’s just the opposite

How to Give Your ViewController an Activity Indicator

An Activity Indicator is a spinning wheel that indicates a task is being ... Select the Assistant Editor and make sure the ViewController.

Mind the (Pay) Gap: 53.5% of Designers Are Women

The Design Economy 2018 report highlighted that just 22% of UK designers are women. A bit odd, considering women make up 63% of all…

Workbuddy — Improving Our Reading Culture Through Gamification

Gamified at the readers' level: the product needs to incentivise professionals on a recurring basis like a gym, tracking and growing the readers'

How to lead a creative team through experimentations

So, how to guide your team through experimentation? Set up an experiment. As you set an experiment, you are advised to craft, review, and choose the right questions or hypotheses if any.

User: going beyond the four-letter word

User: going beyond the four-letter word. In design, all the 'User'-based words signify the relationship between people and tech systems, viz. products, features, and services. ... products, features, and services as 'product' itself

Bad(?) UX to fight phone-addiction

Not doing what you’ve been taught about User Experience may be the best way to help people reduce screen-on-time.

Bowing Down First — How to get the best out of a user interview

You need them to bring out their thoughts and being the interviewer, you have to take the backseat…

Five Things They Didn’t Teach Me In School About Being a User Researcher

Graduate school taught me the basics of conducting user research, but it taught me little about what it’s like working as a user…

Inline Editing and Validation in Tables

Tables are an essential part of the user interface that helps users to visualize large data at once in an organized form. Providing an…

An Intuitive Approach towards Understanding A/B Testing-II

How A/B Testing is carried out in a planned and controlled manner with a real-world example. Does that imply all those should be worked upon? Let me remind you that A/B Testing is time-consuming and has costs associated with it and hence a good ROI (Return on Investment) is a must to convince the higher management into this.

An Intuitive Approach towards Understanding A/B Testing-I

An Intuitive Approach towards Understanding A/B Testing. We are presented with 2 choices A and B(known as ‘variants’) out of which we have to figure out the best-suited option for our use case. Here’s a simpler and precise explanation of it without including any fancy jargon or Greek alphabets.