Creating variables correctly in Python

This article will be discussing the process of creating variables in Python.

Python Variables are Pointers Not Containers!!

Variables are the first thing you use when you start programming. Its the first thing you learn in any programming language. Syntax of assigning value to a variable differs language to language . For example, in C you will specify a type of variable and then assign a value with a ‘=’ sign.

Rules to follow when naming an Identifier in JavaScript

What is an identifier in JavaScript, and what should we call them?

Data types and Variables in Python

In this article let’s talk about data types and variables in python.

Variable Hoisting in Javascript

Hoisting is a tricky and very important topic in javascript. Lot of questions asked in javascript interviews are based on hoisting. In this article, we will go through variable hoisting in javascript and see how it affects the desired output.

Variable Types in Machine Learning

Variable is any characteristic, number, or quantity that can be measured or counted. In machine learning, we need to understand all types of variables so that we can handle them accordingly in Machine learning pro-processing steps.

Scala Beginner Series (1) : Basics

In this article, take a look at the first post in a Scala beginner series where we start with the basics. This series is all about the Scala and is best suitable for all the newbies in Scala. This article will cover the fundamentals of the Scala language.

Variables Naming Saves Lives

Seriously learn how to name your variables, you could save someones life! I recently got put onto a project with code from another dev house. The problem I have with the code isn’t the fact that it’s from another dev house. It’s usually got to do with the fact that the processes, testing, variable naming etc… are completely different, or non-existent.

Still, Confused? var or let in Javascript

Are you still thinking about whether to use var or let in javascript? Let me show you a comparison chart of why let makes more sense and how you could avoid potential issues by making use of let. Still, Confused? var or let in Javascript. But as Javascript evolved, there were some potential issues popping up which needed some modifications in the current way of development.

Global, Local and Nonlocal variables in Python

irst of all, I’m not the one on that image above. I’m just a benevolent writer who is here to talk about one of the most confusing concepts in Python programming “Global, Local and Nonlocal variables”. I know after reading the title you will be like “Why should I even worry about this”. Well, the answer is sometimes not knowing these teeny tiny itsy bitsy would cost you a lot. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What are Environment Variables in Rails?

What exactly are “Environment” Variables in our Rails applications and why do we use them to store sensitive Rails application data? When I was learning about developing Rails applications, I learned that we should keep our application’s secret keys in the application’s ‘environment variables’. Environment variables are not tracked by Git, therefore they won’t be committed to public repositories. As a result, our keys are kept safe and our applications are secure.

Introduction to Scope in JavaScript

Understanding scope is crucial to writing successful code, and can help you avoid introducing bugs that are hard to trace. I made the MONUMENTAL mistake of using a bunch of global variables in my first project at Flatiron School, which made it very difficult to trace where the issues in my code were coming from. It is safe to say that making mistakes and failing at something is a powerful teacher. I will certainly never forget that lesson. Anyways, here I will introduce the concept of variable scope in JavaScript.

Variables — What are they?

Variable is a quantity that may vary from object to object. For example, we measure heights of 50 mango trees in a selected plot and

Golang Tutorial #2 - Variables & Data Types

This Golang tutorial covers variables and the different data types in go. It talks about the different ways to create variables and what the type of these va...

JavaScript Variables

Learn what variables are and how to declare, initialize, set, and get values from them.