How to Send Email in ASP.Net VB

The following example will demonstrate to you how to send email in ASP.Net VB using the SMTP class. VB.Net allows sending e-mails from your web application. The System.Net.Mail namespace contains classes used for sending e-mails to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server for delivery.

【】 CSVファイルの読み込みの際のパスの受け渡し


VB.NET,SQLServer |teratail

前提・実現したいこと現在VB.NETでログインフォームを作っており、DBの接続やDBからの値取得はできているのですが、DBのデータをComboBoxへの格納の仕方がわかりません。 コンソールログでは値を出すことに成功しています。 発生している問題・エラーメッセージComboBoxに値を格納する方

array that changes length at runtime in

In, how can i declare a array without mentioning size? and it changes the size as the input comes?

how to update column in database MySQL

I am trying to update my database column, using data from datagridview column. I am using MySQL for database and for program.

is it recommended to have more than one condition in my if statement?

i currently am writing a if statement with a couple of conditions. is there a better or efficient way to write what i have now? Is writing separate if statements better?

VB.Net Save button not adding data to text file

I'm still new to VB.Net and have been stuck on this for a little over an hour. I'm trying to create an inventory management system where a form opens up for the user to enter pc specs and when I click save will save to the text file, so that it is read into the Inventory Tracker screen. Where each text box is disabled and appends the text as it is updated.