Clone & Migrate data Between Kubernetes Clusters with Velero

Clone & Migrate data Between Kubernetes Clusters with Velero. Learn about the platform velero supports. Kubectl CLI and the Helm package manager installed and configured to work with your both Kubernetes clusters.

Monitoring Velero Backup and Restore with BotKube

This blog post discusses how to monitor Velero backup and restore with BotKube by sending notifications and alerts on Slack, Discord, Mattermost, or Teams.

Velero backup/restore for K8s Stateful Applications managed by Operators

Velero is a backup and restore tool for Kubernetes, the most widely adopted and used container orchestrator. Kubernetes has evolved as a saviour for the developers who have embraced the world of containers which has shortened their sprints and made life easier.

Velero by Example

Exploring the open source Kubernetes backup and restore solution through a concrete example on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Having mostly worked on smallish Kubernetes installations, I never understood the need for a Kubernetes backup and restore solution.....

Reconfiguring Your Kubernetes Backups Taken with Velero to A New Location

Reconfiguring your Kubernetes backups taken with Velero to a new location. Modifying backup and snapshots storage locations kubectl -n velero edit backupstoragelocations default. Identify and modify your restic repo velero restic repo get.