Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, and broadcasting of moving visual images. Use more specific topic when relevant, such as for questions related to trimming and modifying videos, for questions related to editing videos into any format, and for questions related to processing videos with filtering video frames.

| Top projects that Boost your Resume for interviews

In this video we are going to see about the top projects that will help you to get a highlighted resume for you interviews Grab this details that present in the video complete this projects in you quarantine. Don't waste the quarantine days..!

Introducing the next generation of Azure Stack HCI

Scott Hanselman sits down with Cosmos Darwin to learn about Azure Stack HCI, which is a new host operating system for hyperconverged infrastructure. Delivere...

A Cyber ‘Vigilante’ is Sabotaging Emotet’s Return

During Black Hat USA 2020, Threatpost talks to Sherrod DeGrippo, with Proofpoint, about Emotet's recent return -and how a cyber vigilante is attempting to thwart the malware's comeback.

Adaptive Collaboration of Flows for Video Frame Interpolation

Adaptive Collaboration of Flows for Video Frame Interpolation. Video frame interpolation is one of the most challenging tasks in video processing research.

Azure Hybrid cloud insights | Azure Hybrid Virtual Event

In this video, you'll hear from Julia White, CVP of #Azure Marketing, and Bill Radzevych, a Partner at Bain & Company, discuss the opportunities organization...

Overview of the Azure Stack portfolio | Azure Hybrid Virtual Event

In this video, you’ll learn about the #AzureStack portfolio and how Azure Stack Hub, HCI, and Edge work together to help customers modernize their datacenter...

How to Build an HLS Video Streaming Server using NodeJS

The goal of this tutorial will be to build a robust video (or music) streaming API using Node JS. Don’t worry, its surprisingly easy since we will be utilizing a modern protocol, HTTP Live Streaming, or HLS.

A Look At How AI Is Disrupting Video Marketing

Artificial intelligence has found a home in many industries as a time-saver. AI's adoption in the video marketing industry underscores that widespread push into other sectors. Marketing,

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If you need MoTiVaTiOn, WATCH THIS (for Coding Interviews)

Rachit, an ex-Software [email protected] inspires about how we get demotivated when preparing for Coding Interviews, and the simple way to beat it and turn it to success.

Chris Vickery: AI Will Drive Tomorrow’s Data Breaches

Chris Vickery talks about his craziest data breach discoveries and why "vishing" is the next top threat no one's ready for.

Building a layout with CSS Grid video series: Part 2 – Template areas

In the second part of this screencast series, we will see how we can use the grid-template-areas to define the general cell tiles of the layout. Also, by using the grid-area we will place each component in its corresponding grid cell.

Building a layout with CSS Grid video series: Part 1 – Introduction

Bite-sized screencasts and tips about React, CSS and Javascript. Below is the first part, describing the full example and the starting files. Drop me an email at daniel at with your feedback 🙂 Expect 1-2 videos per week

Building a layout with CSS Grid Setting rows columns sizes in CSS grid

Bite-sized screencasts and tips about React, CSS and Javascript. we will see the CSS grid auto-placement in action and how we can make a CSS layout to span the full height of the screen.

Best Machine Learning Youtube Videos Under 10 Minutes

The Youtube videos on this list cover concepts such as what machine learning is, the basics of natural language processing, how computer vision works, and machine learning in video games.

Top 10 Video Calling & Conferencing API & SDK Providers

List of Top 10 Video Calling & Conferencing Solutions to Build Your Own Video Chat Web & Mobile Applications. ![best video chat api & sdk]( "top video...

Video Conferencing Integration: The What, Hows and Whys

Looking the best video call app? Here video call sdk Android is providing fascinating approaches to make use of defined apps. This is suitable for identifying on the video conference SDK apps suitable for your desires. It clearly mention with top...

Flutter Together - Recipe App - Custom App Bar and Stacks

We have a new format where Mahtab and I want to write some code together. In this episode, we will discover new features and write new challenges together. S...

How to Install OBS on Linux, Windows and MacOS

How to Install OBS on Linux, Windows and MacOS - What is OBS? OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source video recording and livestreaming software program that is written in C, C ++, and

![video conferencing]( "This is image title") You will get first class [video conference...