Python: A toxic work environment (tox & poetry)

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Data Scientist’s Starter Pack

Must-have tools to master with working on data science projects. In this article, I will mainly focus on some of the most important tools to have and work with, tools which allow better and cleaner codingand faster way of collaboration.

Duplicate Your Mac Workflow on Windows 10

Duplicate Your Mac Workflow on Windows 10. Working with pyenv Virtual Environments and GitHub on Your PC

Why pipenv over venv for Python projects?

Why pipenv over venv for Python projects? So, basically the Python(parent) installed in your local machine gives birth to another Python(child) on your machine and you can use this environment for a specific project.

A Minimal Guide to Understanding and Creating Python Virtual Environments

Most serious data science projects should take place in a Docker container or a virtual environment.

Link Your Virtual Environment to Jupyter with Kernels

Start prototyping immediately. When I first started using Python, the concept of a virtual environment was extremely elusive to me.


Learn how to create Virtual Environment using venv and activate using executables. What is a Virtual Environment? Virtual Environments help create, manage and isolate environments for the project, each one using same or different versions of the executables.

Advice and Tips to Properly Work with Virtual Environments

Because Virtual Environments can and will save you headaches. In early 2020, I was working on a school project using Keras/Tensorflow. Everything was working great. Then, I shared my code with my teammate so he could start working on it too. However, for some reason, it was not working for him.

How to Setup a Virtual Environment With Different Python Versions:

A complete step-by-step tutorial from start to finish. A virtual environment allows your projects to operate independently from the main Python environment. It provides an effective way to prevent version conflicts between dependencies of different projects.

Creating Python Virtual Environment ,How to Add it to JuPyter Notebook

Creating Python Virtual Environment ,How to Add it to JuPyter Notebook - This is a feature in Python (also integrated to most IDEs) which allows you to create projects in such a way that each project has its own dependencies.

“Python Virtual Environment ” in Nutshell.

I will walk you through everything about Virtual Environment in Python that you should know like from “what is virtual…

Venvs and Pyenvs and Pipenvs, OH MY!

A deep dive beginner’s guide into different python virtual environments, the benefits of each, and how to get started using them