Monitoring Legacy Virtual Machines, and Its Applications — the “Kubernetes Way”

I won’t be covering KubeVirt itself with too many details, but how to monitor your virtual machines similarly to how you monitor your containers inside k8s. KubeVirt has an awesome user-guide if you want to know more about it.

A Beginner's Guide to Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Amazon EC2 is a service that allows you businesses to run their application in AWS cloud. You can easily set up a virtual machine and perform all your computation on it. In this post, we will teach you the basics of Amazon EC2.

On Learning To Use A Virtual Machine

Never used one before the course required me to use one. You might have heard JVM (Java Virtual Machine) coming with the JDK (Java Development Kit) and JRE (Java Runtime Environment). And we have Oracle’s Virtual Box that is equipped with having multiple virtual machines being stored and used if necessary. Now, let’s go into details about how you can use various virtual machines.

How to Build an Emulator for a Fantasy CPU in JavaScript

Emulators are cool pieces of technology that allow users to run a totally different system on top of another one. Here, we'll explore how a CPU works and how its software can emulate one by implementing a simple machine that will run programs written for a fantasy CPU.

The Essential Guide to Installing a Local Magento 2 Environment with Docker

When I just started developing PHP applications I used Mamp or Xamp to set up a local Lamp stack. Later this became Vagrant in combination with VirtualBox and eventually Docker. The main advantage of Docker is portability, performance and it is scalable. This pays off, especially when you work in a team.When using commerce with Magento 2 it is possible to use the Magento Cloud Docker environment.

16/32/64 Bit Assembly Programs

Ok so before we move on and jump into writing and running 64 bit programs (because all programs today are 64bit these days no? j.k.) let's have a look how to compile a simple program for each of those architectures. This knowledge should also help you better understand how to start a nano VM and "debug" problems that might arise.

Hashicorp Vagrant 101

Vagrant is a tool for managing pre-configured Virtual Machines (VM). The emphasis is on management; Vagrant doesn’t build them, it just manages VMs created by existing hypervisors such as VirtualBox. It simplifies the process of downloading VM images and configuring them.

6 easy ways to manage and harden VM Images in Azure

Managing VM Images may be a nightmare. Here are 6 simple approaches on how to seamlessly build, share, test, and copy images in Azure. And as a bonus, you also get how to build image notifications based on Event-Driven-Architecture. Problem Whether you are managing 100 Virtual Machines or 1000+ that build and harden VM images, do you manually manage your images?

Converged Platform for VM’s and Containers? Journey to KubeVirt!

In both of these scenarios, the common problem would have cost, and skill set. You would need to spend money on two different platforms (if you choose to go with enterprise editions of vSphere and Kubernetes probably).

How To Use a Low-Cost Cloud Compute Instance

A cloud compute instance is one of the best ways to get access to high-end software without having to expend large amounts of money for tangible hardware.

Android: Dalvik vs ART

Basic insights on Dalvik & ART virtual machines.In this article, we will talk about the Android runtime environment. Notably, we promise to be brief and explain in short ART and Dalvik (DVM) differences in Android.

Speaking of Bare Metal

Cloud providers are booming lately and we have seen more than a couple of times when customers have to fall back to the VM

Docker Containers!What is a Docker Container?

I never knew anything about dockers till about 7–8 weeks ago (as of writing this). I had come into contact with dockers only because of a…

Getting Started with Swift on Ubuntu

Did you know that Swift files can be compiled on Ubuntu? Heres a simple guide to set up a Swift compiler on Ubuntu machines.