Advice and Tips to Properly Work with Virtual Environments

Because Virtual Environments can and will save you headaches. In early 2020, I was working on a school project using Keras/Tensorflow. Everything was working great. Then, I shared my code with my teammate so he could start working on it too. However, for some reason, it was not working for him.

Python Virtual Environments

I have been primarily focusing on Python recently (if that wasn’t obvious already) and I’ve been having some trouble understanding why virtual environments exist.

How to Install Taiga on Ubuntu 16.04

Taiga is a free, open-source project management system. Taigas main advantage is it integrates easily with many services and templates, including Kanban, Scrum,, and In this tutorial, let's learn how to install the development version of Taiga on Ubuntu 16.04.

How to Install Pyenv on Ubuntu 18.04

How to Install Pyenv on Ubuntu 18.04 - What is Pyenv? Pyenv is a fantastic tool for installing and managing multiple Python versions. It enables a developer to quickly gain access to newer

“Python Virtual Environment ” in Nutshell.

I will walk you through everything about Virtual Environment in Python that you should know like from “what is virtual…

How to Set Up Virtualenv with Virtualenvwrapper on Ubuntu 18.04

How to Set Up Virtualenv with Virtualenvwrapper on Ubuntu 18.04 - Let me tell you a story. Recently, I realized that I needed to review how to set up virtualenvwrapper on top of virtualenv in Ubuntu 18.04. I have completed this process several of times on different computers, and every time it seems to be just a little bit different than before. I just got a new laptop and on the way home I read several tutorials on “How to set up virtualenvwrapper on Ubuntu 18.04”. And let me tell you – it seemed really easy because all of those tutorials were pretty straigh

Quick Start to Django Configuration

Configuring your Django web app is a necessary part of rendering your own custom templates. If you haven’t installed Django in a virtual…

Python Environment 101

Python Environment 101 .How are pyenv and pipenv different and when you should be using them

Virtualenv or Venv ? Virtual Environments in Python [Complete Guide]

In this video we will learn the basics of virtualenv or venv in Python. We will learn how to install virtualenv, activate virtualenv for different versions o...