Autonomous Driving Dataset Visualization with Python and VizViewer

Exploring the Lyft Prediction Dataset with a novel visualization toolkit .Autonomous Driving Dataset Visualization with Python and VizViewer

How to do visualization using python from scratch

In this article, I will be covering the visualization concept from the basics using python. Below are the steps to learn visualization from basic,

Using an ObservableHQ plot in JavaScript with your own data.

This article aims to describe the process in which you can select a visualisation from the many available at Observable, apply your own data, and place them on your own website.

Why Processing is the best way of learning Python

Why Processing is the best way of learning Python. Learning Python with all of the perks and none of the drawbacks

A few tips to improve you data presentations

Example in 7 simple steps. In this article, I will present an example on how to improve a results graphic. Let say you worked on improving some kind of neural network by modifying its sparsity and the usage of dropout (it could obviously be something else).

All About Decision Trees from Scratch with Python Implementation

Learn decision trees, Gini, pruning and much more from scratch with hands-on in python. In this article, we are going to cover just that. Without any further due, let’s just dive right into it.

A Name Across Time and Numbers

This post is a loving tribute to my daughter, whose eyes are shining stars in these dark and troubled nights. Names evolve. Parents would take ...

Predicting the spread of Covid-19 using networks in R

Generating network features and making predictions. We are going to use this network to generate features about each area. We will finish by using these features to create a model to predict the number of Covid cases an area will get in the coming week.

Build a LIME explainer dashboard with the fewest lines of code

A comparison of Flask, Plotly Dash and Streamlit to build dashboards that provide LIME explanations for classification results. The goal of this post is to show how to build an explainer dashboard (using any one of three frameworks) that takes in a trained model, and outputs LIME explanations for the prediction made by the model.

Detect and Handling Outliers

Outlier detection is one of the analysis and cleansing data. On several cases, these outliers disturb our model like in the regression model. So, here I want to tell you how to detect outliers and handle it well. By handling properly, it makes our model will perform better.

Introducing Hiveplotlib

Introducing Hiveplotlib. Better Network Visualization in Python with Hive Plots

The 5 Mistakes I Kept Making While Learning Tableau

The 5 Mistakes I Kept Making While Learning Tableau. These mistakes can be avoided. These are the five biggest mistakes I made while learning Tableau and how you can avoid them to successfully and efficiently master this popular BI tool.

Generalized Pairs Plot in R

Visualize Your Data with Correlation Matrix. The generalized pairs plot offers a range of displays of paired combinations of categorical and quantitative variables.

Ranking recovery of US states after COVID-19 first wave, using Google mobility data

In this post I focused on overall state level analysis, for each of 51 US states. However, data source also has information for several regions within states, and for other countries.

Mapping Wildfires with the Wolfram Language

Mapping Wildfires with the Wolfram Language. Exploring and Mapping NASA Wildfire Satellite Data

How to Map Data on the County Level in Tableau

In this article, we will explore the following: Identifying states and counties with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes; Mapping a dataset without geographic coordinates; Animating geodata maps in Tableau Public.


Charticulator. Microsoft Research has quietly open-sourced a game-changing visualization platform

UpSetR is the Greatest Set Visualization Since the Venn Diagram

Learn about UpSetR, a new R package for seeing the intersections within complex data. Venn Diagrams make me smile, but UpSetR makes me feel powerful. UpSetR can visualize data Venn Diagrams can only dream about.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Analysis of diamond dataset categorical and continuous features. This article analyzes the correlation between these factors and depicts with visualizations.

Employee Retention using Data Science

In this article, we will implement Data Science techniques to improve the human resources department.