DevOps Pros Salary on the Rise, VMware Adds Mesh 7 to Portfolio

DevOps Pros Salary on the Rise, VMware Adds Mesh 7 to Portfolio. Devops Pros Salary on the Rise Despite the Effect of the Pandemic. Thanks to an all-time high in demand for fast digitization, DevOps professionals also saw an all-time high in salary increments.

Why Did Dell Spin-Off VMware?

The Chairman and chief executive officer of Dell Technologies, Michael Dell, will continue to remain the chairman of the VMware board.

Why Choose a VMware Cloud?

Why Choose a VMware Cloud? In this tutorial, we explore the pros and cons of multiple VMware cloud solutions including Private, Public, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud.

Why Is VMware Acquiring Mesh7?

With Mesh7 on board, VMware can leverage its contextual API behaviour security solution with Tanzu Service Mesh.

How to Share a Local Folder with a Remote Host Running on VMWare

In this article, we are going to see how to share a local folder with a remote host running on VMWare Workstation. If you are someone wondering what VMWare Workstation is, it is a hypervisor that runs on X64 Linux and Windows operating systems providing features to run virtual machines.

開発者の観点から見たVMware Tanzu Service Mesh

VMwareチームのDeepa Kalani、Ramiro Salas両氏が先週のSpringOne 2020 Confereneceで、Tanzu Service Mesh(TSM)プロダクトについて講演し、Global Namespaceによるアクセスコントロールとセキュリティポリシ実装の支援や、アプリケーション中心のメトリクスを表示する可視化ツールなどについて解説した。

Microsoft は Azure Spring Cloud の一般提供を発表

先日、Microsoft と VMWare の両社は、Spring Boot アプリのためのフルマネージドサービスである Azure Spring Cloud の一般提供を発表した。このサービスを利用することで、企業は JAR やコードをそこにデプロイできる。そして、そのサービスはアプリを Spring サービスランタイムに繋げるプロセスを自動化する。

What is Configuration Management?

Configuration management is the process by which a company or organization defines and tracks the state of its infrastructural resources. Encapsulated in those resources are both physical hardware and software.

Azure Spring Cloud: A Comprehensive Overview

In this article, you will learn about Azure Spring Cloud and its main features quickly and with ease, through a very down-to-earth approach.

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh from a Developer's Perspective

Deepa Kalani and Ramiro Salas from the VMware team spoke at SpringOne 2020 Conference last week about the service mesh product and how it helps developers with Global Namespaces to implement access control and security policies, as well as visualization tools to show application-centric metrics.

Running Your React Native App on a Physical iPhone

For one reason or the other, be it convenience (to continue using a workstation), financial or pure choice; you have decided to develop IOS apps on a non-mac machine.

GoogleがCloud VMWare Engineの一般提供開始を発表

このリリースにより、VMwareベースの既存アプリケーションを、リファクタやリライトすることなくGoogle Cloudに移行できるようになる。

Kubernetes’ Helm gets full CNCF approval

Helm, the Kubernetes package manager for deploying predefined “charts” of applications into Kubernetes clusters, has now graduated from incubation at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a fully-fledged CNCF project.

Microsoft announces next evolution of Azure VMware Solution

Today, I’m excited to announce the preview of the next generation of Azure VMware Solution, designed, built, and supported by Microsoft in close partnership with VMware.