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Create A Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Google Cloud

I've been a big fan of Google Cloud Platform from the beginning, and they aren't even paying me to say that. A lot of critics place GCP far enough behind AWS and Azure that most people haven't bothered to consider the "third option," but this leaves much of the story untold.

Spinning up a VPS is kind of like a "hello world" for gauging cloud providers. We can learn a lot about the dumb decisions (or lack thereof) embedded in a vendor's philosophy by how they chose to design the most simple task imaginable. Let's see what we've got here.

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Create A Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Google Cloud

New Product Notification App - Facebook Marketplace

In this video I’ll show how to create a small app to email yourself to generate a notification on your phone about new products on Facebook marketplace using your own search term. To get daily, hourly or weekly updates, I use the node-cron library and have the app running on a VPS.

Edit the code to fit your needs in terms of location, price range etc etc!

Here’s the gist of code shown in the video:

Link to previous video where i explain a bit about the Facebook graphql api:

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New Product Notification App - Facebook Marketplace

Tmux - Configuración inicial típica para VPS

Tmux - Configuración inicial típica para VPS

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Tmux - Configuración inicial típica para VPS
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Jennie Hane


Deploy node Js app to Vps ( AWS ) in Hindi

⭐ Kite is a free AI-powered coding assistant that will help you code faster and smarter. The Kite plugin integrates with all the top editors and IDEs to give you smart completions and documentation while you’re typing. I’ve started using Kite and I love it!

Deploy node Js app to VPS ( AWS ) in 2020.
Guys, in this video we will deploy 2 applications to the aws server. For server we will use Aws’s EC2 virtual machine.

First of all we will build our project for production using Laravel Mix, then we will launch a new instance of EC2 and will install all required packages.
We will be covering following topics in this video.

  • How to deploy node Js to the production server
  • How to deploy MongoDB on AWS
  • How to use Nginx and it’s reverse proxy to run our node app
  • How to use git hooks server side
  • How to install free ssl certificate using certbot
  • How to configure our domain to point it to the our server
  • How to use SFTP
  • How to use SSH to login to EC2 instance
  • How to setup UFW firewall

This is video is 11th video of our pizza series.
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NodeJs crash course:
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Download Pizza menu json file:

You may download the source code for this project from here:
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Useful resources:
How to install node Js:

Install Mongo DB

Install Yarn:

Enable auth in Mongo DB:

UFW firewall setup:

Time stamps :-
0:00:00 - Intro
0:1:32 - Few fixes
0:4:23 - Add custom 404 page
0:9:46 - Production build
0:13:08 - Server setup
0:23:46 - Connect via SSH
0:32:40 - Install NodeJs
0:33:42 - Install NPM
0:35:00 - Install MongoDB
0:40:19 - Enable authentication in MongoDB
0:47:08 - Install Nginx
0:50:35 - Open ports in EC2 Firewall
0:56:25 - Deploy static website
1:04:05 - Setup Git repo on server
1:26:05 - Install Yarn
1:29:56 - Reverse proxy setup in Nginx
1:37:27 - Connect to Mongo from Compass
1:46:34 - Web socket connection fix
1:49:10 - Install PM2
1:54:31 - DNS setup
2:00:11 - Install free SSL
2:10:42 - UFW Firewall setup
2:20:02 - Wind up

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#deploynodejs #aws #vps #js

Deploy node Js app to Vps ( AWS ) in Hindi

How to install Java on Ubuntu Remote Server – Vutr Hosting VPS Example

How to install Java on Ubuntu Remote Server – Vutr Hosting VPS Example

In the tutorial, we show you how to install Java in Ubuntu Remote Server with Vutr Hosting VPS.


- Java - Vutr VPS Hosting


Create Vultr Vps

Follow the link to create a Linux Vultr VPS.


Use Putty to login Vultr VPS:


Install Default OpenJDK

- Update apt package index:

sudo apt update
  • Install the default Java OpenJDK package:

sudo apt install default-jdk
  • Verify the installation:

java -version

More at:


#java #ubuntu #vultr #vps

How to Upgrade Your VPS | Liquid Web

Upgrading your Storm® VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a simple process, and can be done in just a few satisfying clicks. Upgrades and making sure you are properly backing up your VPS are a necessity. Let’s face it, you work hard on your blog, or e-commerce store, and the traffic grows! That is why understanding Cloud VPS and maintaining it are so important. So, once you’ve optimized your WordPress site or Magento store, reward yourself with an easy upgrade process and increase the available resources to your Storm® VPS by following the steps below!

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How to Upgrade Your VPS | Liquid Web

How to Reboot a Server in Manage

Rebooting a VPS server in Manage has been made incredibly easy, and only takes a few clicks. Furthermore, multiple servers can be rebooted simultaneously!

Preflight Check

  • These instructions are intended specifically for rebooting Cloud VPS servers via Manage.

  • If you don’t know how to login to Manage, visit our tutorial: How to Login to Manage.

  • Be sure to follow our Proactive Server Maintenance Checklist, Prior to Reboot as well!

#reboot #server #server administration #server management #vps

How to Reboot a Server in Manage

How to Resize Your VPS Server

Upgrading your Cloud VPS server is a simple process, and can be done in just a few satisfying clicks. Upgrades are a necessity. You work hard on your blog, or eCommerce store, and the traffic grows! Once you’ve optimized your WordPress site or Magento store, reward yourself with an easy upgrade process and increase the available resources to your Cloud VPS by following the steps below. This process can be followed for Cloud VPS Server or Cloud Dedicated servers.

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How to Resize Your VPS Server

akbari abili


virtual private server

Pars Pack virtual worker is offered in two gatherings: Linux and Windows; In the event that you need more highlights in dealing with your sites and root access for Linux worker or administrator access for Windows worker, purchasing Pars Pack virtual worker can be your most ideal alternative in building up your business. Pars Pack VPSs( extraordinary working frameworks in Iran and Germany are offered with magnificent uptime and quality. Purchasing a vps permits you to update your assets to 72 computer processor centers and 256 gigabytes of Slam in the event that you need more space with the assistance of cloud innovation; By picking a vps worker reasonable for your necessities, you can utilize the new administrations of Pars Pack.

What is a virtual worker?

VPS yet by and large in Persian, the term: virtual worker is utilized to acquaint this item with the universe of data innovation, which because of its numerous applications and advantages has been generally invited by worker supervisors. To put it plainly, we can say:

virtual worker; Part of a worker asset that is isolated by a virtualizer and conveyed to the client explicitly with a custom working framework.


In the event that you have an online store with high month to month traffic that requires more extra room and assets than a common host, purchasing a VPS will be a decent answer for you. In the event that you need a mail worker that doesn’t have a cutoff on the quantity of messages sent every day, you can get one (VPS) rather than a mutual host. In virtual workers, because of the restrictions that exist in shared facilitating, you can without much of a stretch introduce and utilize any kind of programming you need. Likewise, on the off chance that you need an IP outside of Iran because of authorizations, you can get a VPS abroad.

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How to Manage Your Hosting Packages in WHM

This article will teach you how to create, modify and delete hosting package presets within WHM. While you can configure each option individually when setting up an account on your VPS server or Dedicated server, you may find yourself using the same handful of overall settings for a lot of your sites. By creating hosting packages you able to define preset packages with varying resources, making account creation that much quicker.

Create a new Package

With WHM opened in your browser, type ‘package’ into the search box(a), this will sort the menu options for you. Then find and click “Add a Package”(b).

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How to Manage Your Hosting Packages in WHM

How to create your first VPS on DigitalOcean

In this post I want to guide you through the process of setting up your first Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) on DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean is one of the most famous VPS services.

DigitalOcean has a 1-click installation process for the most famous applictions and operating systems, it provides a global network of data centers and CDN locations. It’s also very reliable and with a 5$/m starting point it’s also convenient.

I consider DigitalOcean to be one of the most affordable and easy to use solutions, and I use it for various services.

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How to create your first VPS on DigitalOcean

Container Types and Use Cases

System and application containers in nested architecture: certified containers, elastic VPS, custom Docker images, native Docker Engine and Kubernetes cluster.

There are two types of containers that are oriented to solve different problems.

  • System Containers — one of the oldest container types, which is quite similar to virtual machines. It is a stateful, operating system-centric solution that can run multiple processes. System containers are usually used for traditional or monolithic applications, as they allow to host architectures, tools, and configurations implemented for VMs. There are different implementations of system containers: LXC/LXD, OpenVZ/Virtuozzo, BSD jails, Linux vServer, and some others.
  • Application Containers — a relatively new container type, which commonly runs a single process inside. It is a stateless microservice-centric solution that is easily scalable horizontally. Application containers are the most suitable for immutable and ephemeral infrastructures. Several application container implementations are available at the market: Docker, containers, CRI-O, and some others.

main service

Talking about containers nowadays, people often think of Docker technology, as it was highly promoted and adopted during the last years. Most cloud vendors offer Docker application containers inside Virtual Machines. Each VM includes Guest OS with its memory, CPU, and disk footprint that increases the number of required resources to run the application and thus makes its hosting more expensive. In the case with Jelastic, Docker technology is running inside system containers within the same kernel. Thus they share OS resources from the host operating system and reduce consumption. And while being more lightweight than VMs, these nested containers are still highly isolated and secure.

system container

Jelastic PaaS uses Virtuozzo system containers and Docker application containers in a nested architecture. Within the platform, different container types can be used for various use cases:

  • Certified Managed Containers
  • Elastic Virtual Private Servers (Elastic VPS)
  • Custom Docker Containers
  • Docker Engine CE (Docker Native)
  • Kubernetes Cluster

Below we will review each case in detail, as well as provide some hints on what options can be more appropriate for your project.

#cloud #docker #vps #virtual machine #kubernates

Container Types and Use Cases
Bartar VS

Bartar VS


خرید سرور مجازی ترید در بایننس ؛ سرور مخصوص متاتریدر و سایر نرم افزارهای Trade
برتر وی اس اولین ارائه دهنده سرور مجازی ترید با انواع نرم افزار مختلف همچون متاتریدر و یا ترید در بایننس می باشد.
سرورهای مخصوص برتر وی اس که با قیمت بسیار ارزان و مناسب ارائه می شود، برای افرادی که قصد ترید کردن در صرافی های معتبر جهان را دارند بسیار مناسب میباشد.

فروش ویژه سرور مجازی برای معامله و ترید در صرافی‌های بین‌المللی
ریسک بلوکه شدن دارایی‌های خود را به نزدیک صفر برسانید
اگر یک معامله‌گر یا همان تریدر آنلاین باشید که در پلتفرم‌ها و صرافی‌های خارجی معامله می‌‌کند، حتماً می‌دانید که به دلیل تحریم‌های بین‌المللی علیه ایران، تقریباً هیچ‌کدام از سایت‌های معاملاتی خارجی (اعم از بایننس، ای‌تورو و صدها بروکر و صرافی دیگر) به کاربران ساکن ایران خدمت‌رسانی نمی‌کنند. بارها مشاهده شده که حساب ایرانی‌ها در این سایت‌ها با تمام دارایی‌هایشان مسدوده شده است. سرور مجازی امن‌ترین راهی است که این مشکل را حل می‌کند و ریسک معامله‌گران را تقریباً به صفر می‌رساند.

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Vultr Coupon Code 2020 - $150 Free Hosting Credit

Vultr is a big player in the cloud hosting space. This article is going to explain server types at Vultr and share Vultr coupon codes, free hosting credits and discounts with readers.

Vultr Server Types

Cloud Compute

A Cloud Compute instance at Vultr is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with shared CPU. A VPS is a virtual machine (VM) running on a physical server, which uses hypervisor software (such as KVM) to divide CPU, RAM resource and disk space, so as to run many instances of VPS. This is the most common entry-level server among hosting companies.

Each VM has a fixed amount of RAM and disk space to run its own operating system. Customers have root access to their own VPS and can install almost any server software as they see fit. The drawback is that CPU time is shared with other VM. If a VPS instance suddenly gets a lot of traffic, it can impact the performance other VPS instances running on the same physical server. This is known as the noisy neighbors effect.

High Frequency Compute

A high frequency compute instance at Vultr is a premium version of Cloud Compute. It is equipped with 3 GHz+ CPU and NVMe SSD to achieve blazing fast performance.

Dedicated Cloud

A Dedicated Cloud instance at Vultr is a VPS with dedicated CPU. It’s designed for CPU-intensive workloads such as CI/CD, video encoding, machine learning, game servers, databases, data mining, and busy application servers.

Bare Metal

Also known as dedicated server, a bare metal server is a single tenant physical server. Bare-metal servers do not run a hypervisor, are not virtualised. The customer has exclusive access to all resources on the server.

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Vultr Coupon Code 2020 - $150 Free Hosting Credit