Trying the REST Client Extension for VSCode

I recently stumbled upon a tweet by Lars Richter who mentioned and linked to a REST client extension in VSCode. I had a more detailed look and was pretty impressed by this extension.

Remote Pair Programming with Visual Studio Code and Live Share

In this article, we'll look at some of the benefits of pair programming and how you can use technology like the Visual Studio Code Live Share extension to continue to pair program remotely with your colleagues.

Better Console Experience for Your Devtools!

Better console experience for your DevTools! The way to solve some of the infuriating DevTools console issues. Introducing BetterConsole - an improved console experience for your can drag all around the window and resize the view to your needs. #webdev #webdevelopment #programming #code #javascript #vscode #typescript

10 Most Useful VS Code Extensions For Web Development

This article will cover 10 developer problems those can be solved by below extensions and help you to become 10x engineer.

VS Code Remote Development with Docker Compose

VS Code Remote Development with Docker Compose: Developing services in Standalone and Integrated Modes. VS Code remote development is a brilliant feature from the VS Code team.

A VS Code Extension to Accelerate The Process Of Solving Problems on Codeforces

Catalyst is a VS code Extension to accelerate the process of solving problems on Codeforces. It automatically fetches the problem and displays it, parses test cases, runs and evaluates your code on test cases. You can edit/add/remove test cases as you like, and when you are done, it can submit your code and then track the submission in realtime.

My Visual Studio Code Extensions (2020 Edition)

In this video, I'll be showing you all of my Visual Studio extensions 🔴 Subscribe for more

How to Create Custom Emmet Snippets in VS Code

Hello, my friends and fellow developers, in this video I have talked about a new feature in VS Code. That lets you create snippets for emmet, which is very helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you want more VS Code videos or any other videos. And like the video, if you like it. How to Create Custom Emmet Snippets in VS Code

VS Code Extensions to have for HTML

Hello everyone, here is a video on extensions that you have to have for HTML coding in VS Code.

Top 10 VS Code Extensions for Web Development (2020)

You need these 10 VS Code extensions! If you're doing Web Development with VS Code, you're going to want to install these 10 extensions. Otherwise, you're just flat out missing out! Top 10 VS Code Extensions for Web Development (2020)

VS Code vs WebStorm - can a code editor stand against an IDE?

In this post we'll be comparing 2 very popular coding environments VS Code vs WebStorm . This time it'll be the most likely known to you VS Code and WebStorm - a web development IDE from JetBrain's IDEs family. Let's dive in!

How we created a GitLab Workflow Extension for VS Code

Now you can leverage GitLab from within Visual Studio Code with our official GitLab Workflow Extension.

How to Develop an ASP.NET Core Application Using Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a free, cross-platform, and lightweight source-code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It is a source-code editor while Visual Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment). VS Code supports development operations such

10 Pretty Light Themes for VS Code

Light, lighter, lightest. In this article, I’ll be sharing 10 awesome light themes for those of you who don’t like to code in a dark theme. The best part about it is that you could start using one of these themes right now. Let’s go ahead and optimize your coding experience!

Publish a Deno module in 3 steps

One of the core features of Deno is that it doesn’t rely on a centralized package server like Node.js did with npm. Anyone can publish a module to their own server and it’s very simply to use them, thanks to Deno resolving URLs for modules. Let’s see how to create, publish, and use our first Deno module.

My opinionated VS Code setup

A tour over my personal VS Code setup with all the themes, settings and extensions included 🤔 #VSCode #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Code #Programming #JavaScript #TypeScript

Enhance your Azure ML experience with the VS Code extension

The VS Code team is excited to announce releases of the Azure Machine Learning extension which aims to help you manage your core machine learning assets from directly within your favourite editor!

Why VS Code is so popular?

Demystifying the reasons behind Visual Studio Code immense popularity. #VSCode #JavaScript #JS #TypeScript #TS #Software #WebDevelopment #WebDev

4 VS Code Extensions REQUIRED For Blockchain Development

In this video, you'll see 4 VS Code Extensions REQUIRED For Blockchain Development

Visual Studio Code October 2019

Welcome to the October 2019 release of Visual Studio Code. As announced in the October iteration plan, we focused on housekeeping GitHub issues and pull requests as documented in our issue grooming guide.