10 basic VS Code (Visual Studio Code) Extensions for beginners.

There are tons of useful extensions in Visual Studio Code. I will introduce 10 of most basic useful and must install extensions here for beginners.

Use Visual Studio Code on Any Device, Anywhere

Create a virtual machine you can access anywhere

5 of the Best Themes for VS Code

Make your coding environment look beautiful

Automatically Execute Bash Commands on Save in VS Code

“What if I could automatically run specific terminal commands for different kinds of files whenever I save?”

10 VS Code Extensions for FrontEnd Engineers

Visual Studio Code, has a whole lot of extensions, they come with a kind of Extension-store (just like App store for your apps) called…

VSCode Keybinds to Speed up Your Work

Visual Studio Code keyboard shortcuts to speed up the mundane task

VSCode's Python Interactive mode is AMAZING!

The interactive Python mode in VSCode is Amazing! I've gone from serial Jupyter Notebook user to someone that almost never uses them and it's all thanks to VSCode's interactive mode for Python. Check it out!

Using VS Code To Build An Azure Function And SQL Database App With 

This post details the process of developing an Azure function and SQL Database app using .net core with VS Code on a Mac laptop and deploying it to the Azure cloud.

VSCode Extensions You Need To Start Using Right Now

VSCode Extensions You Need To Start Using Right Now - VSCode is lightweight and extremely powerful when you combine it with the right extensions. But there are tons of extensions available on the VSCode Marketplace, that it’s difficult to find the best extension for your needs.

The Different Comment Syntaxes of React

Which Comments to Use in Different Parts of Your React App . Recently I tried to comment a line in my ReactNative application, and the comment broke it. I was confused because I used the Mac shortcut for commenting a line cmd + /...

Top VSCode Extensions for React, React Native, JavaScript and Productivity

Bunch of VSCode Extensions that improve quality of your coding time no matter what stack you are using. In this post, you'll see Top VSCode Extensions for React, React Native, JavaScript and Productivity

Create your custom snippet in VS Code

I recently started learning React and usually find myself repeating the same lines of code whenever I want to create a new component.

Has VS Code Become the Best IDE for Python?

Has VS Code Become the Best IDE for Python? - Visual Studio Code is a modular code editor, so extensions are mandatory. You use them to get essentials like language compilers, and useful tools like code formatters, linters, and profilers. Look closely, and you’ll even find an extension for emoji support.

iOS Development on VSCode

The steps needed to enable VSCode for iOS development are basically 3: Enable Swift language support; Add iOS framework support.Using an IDE other than Xcode for iOS development until recently was a rather lonely path. This however tends to change with recent…

6 VS Code Tips Will Improve Your Productivity

These 6 tips make me more productive when writing code with VS Code, and I believe they will definitely increase your productivity too. Multi-line and Multi-cursor Editing, Exclude Redundant Files And Folders, Prop and ctor snippets, Make Your Life Easier When You Deal With Brackets, Add Icons To Make The Project Layout Informative, Postfix Completion

How to Configure VS Code Like a Pro

Your ultimate guide to VS Code productivity. I have been using VS Code for almost two years now and I really love the development experience. With that said, it was just a few months ago that I really started using some of the features in VS Code that kicked my productivity and development process into high gear. This is the purpose of today’s article: to showcase the advanced features that VS Code has to offer in order to make your life easier and more productive.

The language server with child threads

Improve the stability and performance of VSCode extensions. For single-threaded languages such as JavaScript, it might be a situation when a long-running operation blocks the entire application.

Visual Studio Code C++ Extension July 2020 Update

The July 2020 update of the Visual Studio Code C++ extension is now available. This latest release offers brand new features, such as the visualization of Doxygen comments and support for Logpoints while debugging (GDB/LLDB), along with a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes.

11 Best VSCode Extensions For Programmers

One of the most impressive parts of Visual Studio Code is customizability, especially via extensions. A set of reliable vscode extensions play a major role in your programming efficiency. For all of us, visual code extensions can be considered as invaluable to speed up your work without reducing the quality of your output.