Raspberry Pi: Tutorial on hosting a Jupyter Notebook

we have covered how to set up port forwarding or a cloud proxy server in order for you to connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH securely. I have also covered how TCP/IP handles different incoming traffic. Now that we know how to open up our Pi and access it via SSH, we could actually replicate the same idea.

How to pull off a successful NoSQL Injection attack

From NoSQL Injection to Serverside Javascript Injection. NoSQL (not only SQL) has disrupted the usage of traditional data stores. It has introduced a new concept of data storage which is non-relational unlike the previous storage mechanisms and thus, provides looser restrictions in consistency.

Agency vs Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice? | Anyforsoft

Digital agency vs freelancer, how do you choose? It’s a common dilemma for the majority of companies. The main pros and cons of both solutions.

Using protected Access Modifier in PHP Inheritance | PHP Tutorial #82

Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of ... In the following example we have added three different access modifiers to the three

How We Paid Firebase, The Money We Never Made

Firebase, it’s cool. It’s a platform which allows you to quickly create mobile and web apps without worries more about your backend. It…

Exploring the Web Speech API

The Web Speech API is one of those web technologies that no one ever talks about or writes about. In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at what the API is capable of, what its limitations and strengths are, and how web developers can utilize it to enhance the user’s browsing experience.

How do you deploy a machine learning model as a web service within Azure? (22 of 28)

In this video, you will gather all of the important pieces of your model to be able to deploy it as a web service on Azure so that your other applications ca

Cloud App Vs Web App- Which One To Choose? And When? - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Cloud app vs Web App- Which one to choose for your business? What are Web apps and Cloud apps? Advantages of using Web apps and cloud apps.

How to make your Magento site faster | SOFTLOFT

We have already posted an article on this subject. But the issue is so sensitive that we decided to discuss it again in more detail. Magento eCommerce platform

Agency vs Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice? | Anyforsoft

Digital agency vs freelancer, how do you choose? It’s a common dilemma for the majority of companies. The main pros and cons of both solutions.

SharedFlat and Multitenant UI

IntroductionIn my previous post, I introduced SharedFlat, a library for making multitenant ASP.NET Core apps easier to build. This time I’m going to talk about how can we customize the UI per tenant. …

What should be paid attention to while choosing an outsourcing partner? | SOFTLOFT

Outsourcing cooperation is a perfect method of cost optimization and getting any type of software for affordable rate and of the highest quality. To obtain all

Top ReactJS Development Company in USA - Hire React JS Developers

Hire ReactJS developers from a Top ReactJS Development Company in USA to developing User Interfaces on ReactJS framework.

Introducing SharedFlat

IntroductionA multitenant web application is one that responds differently depending on how it is addressed (the tenant). This kind of architecture has become very popular, because a single code base …


Before we take a closer look at AR in healthcare, it is important to realize how it differs from another bird of the same feather – virtual reality (VR). Despite both being close relatives and brainchildren of our digital age, these two are not...

How to Add a Splash Screen to Flutter Web

How we can add a rudimentary Splash Screen to Flutter Web

9 meaningful web design trends for 2020 | Webflow Blog

Design is about how it works. So with this year’s web design trends for 2020, we’re looking past the grids and gradients to focus on what really matters.

React’s useImperativeHandle made simple

The general React style is to have a unidirectional flow of data and logic; That is to say, you should pass functions and data down through props and a component should only ever be able to access what is passed in as props. In cases where bidirectional or lateral dataflow is needed, we can use libraries such as Redux or React’s context API.