Integrating HMS Analytics Kit to Flutter Projects and Sending Events

Integrating HMS Analytics Kit to Flutter Projects and Sending Events. Huawei Analytics Kit. Configuration in AppGallery Connect. How to Generate SHA-256 Fingerprint? Integrate HMS to Your Project. Add Signing Configuration. TO-DOs in Project-level Build.gradle. TO-DOs in App-level Build.gradle.

Angular Translations Have Arrived

The AngularPwaMessenger now uses the new Angular i18n features and will serve as an example of one use of the features. Having a development translation file (dev.json) helps when developing new features, fixing bugs, etc. This file is primarily used while developing the application, ...

Go Generics Revisited

First, I'll define critical in terms of programming language features/libraries: anything I can't reasonably write software without. In the last chapter, we discussed some of the benefits of generics:Type safetyEliminates the need to write repetitive, boilerplate codeReuses and shares code.

Some Helpful Extensions When Dealing With Types in .NET

Check if a Type Is Deriving From Another Type. Deriving types is a common practice. Get Type of T From IEnumerable<T> Sometimes, one needs to know the item type of an IEnumerable<T>. Check if a Type Implements a Certain Interface. Find a Type in an External Assembly.

Connecting Angular to the Spring Boot and Slash GraphQL Recommendations Engine

In this article, I fine-tune the original recommendations engine, add a secondary data source, and write an Angular client to consume the data. In this tutorial, you'll see Connecting Angular to the Spring Boot and Slash GraphQL Recommendations Engine

Moment.js Date Time Subtractor App Full Example in Vanilla Javascript 2020

Moment.js Date Time Subtractor App Full Example in Vanilla Javascript 2020

Top 12 Bug Tracking Tools

This article is about tools that help you to report, prioritize, ans deal with issues and bugs on a daily basis. In today’s online world, almost all companies face bugs in their products and wonder how to manage them. What tools should be used? How to set up processes? In this article, we will take a closer look at these issues.

Nullable Reference Will Not Protect you, and Here Is the Proof

Have you ever wanted to get rid of the problem with dereferencing null references? If so, using Nullable Reference types is not your choice. Do you want to know why? This will be our topic today.

Top 12 Best Alternatives To PhoneGap

It has been one of the most popular choices when it comes to cross-platform app development. But “Nothing is permanent but change”, as we say. Find out more!

The Rising Era of Web Application Development With PWAs

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are hotly debated at the moment. What exactly are progressive web apps, and what are their advantages over native apps?

How to Become a Faster Developer?

For this post, I want to share some tips (small things) you can implement right now to be able to work faster as a developer.

How To Add Tab On Admin Side Using The Plugin In nopCommerce 4.3

In this article, you will see how you can add tabs on a nopCommerce admin side using a plugin. Let's directly dive into the implementation part because I believe when developers search for this type of article, they are looking for solutions that will help them to learn or troubleshoot issues.

How JavaScript Engine Works?

To understand the JavaScript engines you have to understand what goes into it when we compile and execute our code. Once you completely read the article, you’ll be able to write an excellent piece of code. The article is about JavaScript engines, which will help you to understand the performance of JavaScript engines and its most valuable features.

How to Refactor Big Alloy Controllers

How do you restructure messy Alloy Controllers into a well-structured file again without rewriting the entire thing? It is easier than you might think.

Example of Automatic Speech Recognition Without Pickup UI

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) can recognize speech not longer than 60s and ... Real-time result output; Available options: with and without speech pickup UI ... Intelligent conversion to digital formats: For example, the year 2020 can be ...

Improving ui-select Control

The idea of this post is to show you an aproach to how add a paging feature to ui-select directive. it's not the only way to implement.

Book Review — Effective Python, by Brett Slatkin

Book Review — Effective Python, by Brett Slatkin. An overview of Effective Python, by Brett Slatkin (principal software engineer at Google), reveals 90 specific ways to write better Python code.

XinFin vs Ethereum — What’s the Better Alternative?

Learn the difference between these crypto giants and if XinFin is a better Ethereum alternative in this full XinFin vs Ethereum guide.

How To Reduce Android App Size During Development?

Let us explore other ways to reduce android app size during the app development lifecycle. Find out how!

Test Your Website on All Mobile Devices Using These 10 Tools [Updated] - DZone Web Dev

A look into 9 great tools that web and mobile application developers can use to ensure that their applications are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.