A Guide to Positive Reinforcement in UX Design

How to use positive reinforcement in UX design. Michiel Mulders explains the meaning of positive reinforcement in terms of UX, and offers practical tips for improving the experience of website visitors.

Website UI Design In Adobe XD | UI Design For Tourism Website

Learn How To Make Website UI Design | Travel Website UI Design In Adobe XD. You will learn to make a modern travel / tourism website UI Design (User Interface) In Adobe XD. Subscribe channel to watch more videos on UI design and UX design.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Developers and Designers Deals

A list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions and discounts for developers - mdbootstrap/black-friday-cyber-monday-2020

WordPress Development Company India | CMS Development Services

WWT as a leading WordPress website development company india provides custom theme, plugin, design, and Wordpress cms development services at the best cost.

Build Facebook Profile with MDB | Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0 tutorial

In this video, I'm going gonna show you, step by step how to build a Facebook Profile with the use of MDB5. More tutorials ➝ https://mdbootstrap.com/docs/sta...

Bootstrap 5 Alpha 3 Released!

Great news! Bootstrap 5 third alpha release has landed with tons of updates to our components, utilities, docs, forms, JavaScript, and more. This is a larger...

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5 Things to Consider before hiring Right Shopify Developer

On social media, in person, or anywhere on the internet, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides you with everything you need for…

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Top 20 JavaScript Shorthand Techniques that will save your time

The shorthand techniques of any programming language help you to write more clean and optimized code. Shorthand techniques improve readability of your code and you can achieve your goal with less coding. Let’s discuss some of the shorthand techniques of JavaScript one by one. In this tutorial, you'll see Top 20 JavaScript Shorthand Techniques that will save your time

Users Make Decisions Based on Predictable Subconscious Patterns

We like to apply labels to users: they’re irrational, lazy, unpredictable, rushed, and so on. We don't follow these patterns out of laziness or because we're scatter-brained. It's quite rational to take advantage of heuristics as a user ..

How I added a loading screen to my React Slack Clone

Over the weekend I decided to revisit a full-stack Slack Clone I had built. I wanted to add some new features to it like adding emojis to messages and a view ...

Stop Making Incomplete Inaccessible Forms!

One of the most common problems with websites I’m called in to fix are broken malformed incomplete inaccessible forms. There are few things that prosecutors or the lawyers of disabled plaintiffs laser-focus on as a form that users with disabilities cannot use for whatever reason.

Web Development in 2021: What will be the Best Architecture?

In the dynamic website approach, the server-side render all the content on every click. But Loading new page results in a new request and then you respond to the page being generated on a server.

How to Animate with CSS

From the moment I first started learning CSS, I was simultaneously excited and terrified of learning CSS animations. On the one hand, animations are maybe the most exciting and fun aspect of CSS. The simplest animation can breathe life into a user interface and completely transform it. How to Animate with CSS. Animation vs. Transition

The Ultimate HTML Guide for Beginners in 2021

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Leaflet Javascript Library Point Coordinate Styling and Design

Most of us who are involved in GeoSpatial technologies have come across the opensourced library known as “Leaflet” at some point in our software development journey. This is just a simple article to…

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As a leading WooCommerce development company India, WWT offers customized WooCommerce web development services to your business needs.

The Ultimate CSS Guide for Beginners in 2021

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In this article, you will learn how to revamp your HTML website to WordPress by manually or automated and which tools are best for you.