The ultimate guide to modern web application performance

When I started to write this article I did not thought that it will be so long. Anyway I hope it will help you to boost your application performance. After reading this you will be able to boost your application speed beyond the limits. Good luck!

Increase App Performance — Tame Tag Managers and Take Back Control From Third-Parties

Javascript application performance can be tricky, even if the application has been well-tuned for speed — there’s a big area that engineering does not own and has little control over.

How To Boost JavaScript Runtime Performance

There’s lots of advice, but it seems to taper off when it comes to advanced performance tactics. I’ve read the articles, but it’s either too vague, too broad, or just basic stuff I have already done.

STATIC POWER | Solid-State Power Switching

In this article I will quickly summarise the concept of the ‘static’ website: what it is, and what its benefits and drawbacks are.

Improve Your Web App Performance By Serving Static Files in Compressed Format

I am new in web development and I find it very useful to implement this in production build for performance improvement. And here, I’ll try to share this and hopefully it will be useful for you too!

A lazy-load util function you will get addicted to

A modern function that gathers the latest JS features and makes everybody happy. This is not a secret. Web performance is one of the most important goals of every web site whatever their kind : e-commerce, institutional, information.

Basic overview of throtting and debouncing

Let’s imagine you are doing a test in a class and every single time you write something, your teacher tells you to “hurry up”. Doesn’t that sound annoying? What if you want to limit the amount of times your teacher tells you to hurry up when you are doing your test in a specific time frame?

Vue 3 UX Wins with Async Components & Suspense

Lazy loading components is a easy way to improve the user experience of your app especially if your code bundle is big or if users are on slow connections. Vue 3 has introduced several new features to help you achieve this easily and with great UX through the improvements to the async component API and the new Suspense component. Vue 3 UX Wins with Async Components & Suspense

How a Pool of Web Workers Helped to Solve the UI Performance Issue?

We can achieve multi-threading in JavaScript with the help of HTML Web Workers API. A web worker is a JavaScript that runs in the background, independently of other scripts. To know more about web workers please read here

Lazy Loading Images in React for Better Performance

In some cases, we need to load a list that contains a lot of images on a single page. Most of the images not even visible on the screen when it is loaded. We need to scroll down to see them. By default, when we open the page, the browser would load and request all the images on the page regardless if it’s visible on the viewport or not.